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#3981242 [06.10.11] SM Town in Paris - 1st concert

Posted by Antino on 15 June 2011 - 07:57 AM

I have nothing better to do rn^^ so i'll just write down everything i can remember :)

Ok, it was thursday evening, one day before the 1st concert. I'd packed everything and was ready to go Munich's central station taking the train to Stuttgart, where my friends and me planned to meet us at 3am. From there we wanted to drive to Paris with my friend's car. I arrived at ~1:30am... <= as i said we "planned" to meet us there AT 3am... but in the end I had to wait till 4am coz someone overslept *cough* JINZI *cough* T_T the drive took us 6-7 hours, i was so hungry and my butt hurt... (If you're wondering why i didn't take a train from Munich to Paris: tooooo expensive... xD)

Finally, we were in Paris searching for our hotel... traffic jam... the navi showed us the way to "Avenue du General" and some of you might know what's comming now... There are like 6 different streets called "Avenue du General" -.- we arrived the Etap Hotel at 11am leaving all our luggage in the hotel rooms and went back outside to search the zenith.

We saw a lot of fans waiting in the front of the zenith... and we thought "f*** we have pit-tickets..." but we decided to pick up our bundles and the bracelets first. And yes, we still haven't eaten... (16 hours without food)
We went back to the hotel and got ready for the concert. I was like "omfg" as i saw the crowd in front of the zenith. And it wasn't even 3pm... I phoned Dandan coz we wanted to pick up our tickets for the 2nd concert too. Guess where she was--- yes she was in the crowd... She were there with her sis and some friends. They hold their ssf hearts so we could see them. We had no idea how we could get to her... My friend said we can't just go in there, but i didn't care so I just pushed everyone away. My friends followed me and we finally reached Dandan. I know I'm such a cheater xDDD Dandan gave us the tickets and we had to wait 4 more hours...

While waiting we met 3 Korean (1 guy, 2 girls). I was a bit surprised. I thought they really came all the way from korea to see the concert (like tangpa did xDD tanpa is everywhere LOL) but they said they came to Paris months ago to study there. After a while it started to rain so badly... and we were freezing. Luckily one of the Korean (Soohyun) lent us her umbrella. Korean are so nice :D and we had a lot of fun xD Everyone cheered as they saw a cameraman and some other photographers except the 2 korean girls. They tried to hide behind our ssf hearts xDD

It was 7:20pm and they finally opend the gates! Everyone started pushing... We went into the hall. It was so huge! We ran to the right side right in front of the main stage. Good news: We were soooo close to the stage. Bad News: We were we only Sones xDDD Everyone else around us were Elfs and Shawols LOL I had a very bad feeling xD I still dunno why but everyone in the hall started to do the laola wave :D Then suddenly the hall got dark and everyone cheered.

They showed a little intro (SM family members building super unlogic childish comic house with SM TOWN on it xD) however Yoona and Sice were in this super cute red airplane :D and we screamed ofc.
The hall got dark again and 5 people ran up to the stage: f(x). They performed La Cha Ta. EVERYONE cheered for them and the fanchants were so awesome. Right after the perf they introduced themself. Krystal spoke in english. She said she's going to sing with her sister and my heart stopped beating. "OMG SICA!!!!". She wore a skinny red jeans and a white shirt AND you could see her abs <333 They performed Tik Tok and ofc everyone was cheering for them too :D I was so excited I couldn't help but scream xD

After some other (not important xD) perfs, a very slow and gentle piano intro was played. And Seohyun appeared. Omg she was sooooo gorgeous and so shiny xD in her white dress. I really love the song "Way Back Into Love". That's maybe coz Maknae sang it hehe. She was on the left of the main stage (we were on the other side -.-). However she was so beautiful even from this far away <33 Kyuhyun appeared and sang his part. Then they both went together to the other stage. Seohyun on the left side and Kyuhyun on the other^^ I only saw their backs... Almost at the end of the song they looked at each other and held hands. SOOOO CUUUTTTEEE :D

Again, after some other perfs (like suju gay perf xDDD), soshi came up in black outfits. Run Devil Run. We cheered as loud as we could (still surrounded by Elfs and Shawols xD). "SO-NYUH-SHI-DAE! RUN-DEVIL-RUN!" Yep we knew the fanchants. The others around us not. They looked at us and were like "omg what a fanboy, gtfo" xDD But we didn't care so we keeped on cheering. Black Soshi jjang hehe. After their osm perf was their intoduction. They changed their outfits ON the stage xDD nah they just took off their black dresses. JeTi spoke in english gawwhhh <333 and everyone else introduced themself in french keke yul's "je suis" was just toooo cute xDD and maknae forgot her line luls but she still got a lot of cheers :D tbh, Hyo and Sunny got the most cheers^^ Hyo was really surprised hehe btw, they translated everything into french, but why did they even translated what Sica and Fany said in english? Sorry but this was kinda fail lol

After their introduction they sang My Child. They stayed on the main stage at first. At the marching part of the song they went to the middle stage led by Taengoo :D haha i love this part sooooo cute <333 The song ended but they stayed on the middle stage. Then "Dudurudududu" and everyone else "KISSING YOU BABY". They sang "dudurudududu" and held up their mics. And we screamed "LOVING YOU BABY". The cheers for this song were soo awesome :D They split up and Fany was right in front of us. We jumped around waving with our ssf hearts. She saw us smiled at us and gave us a thumbs-up!!! omg i almost fainted haha (as i said we were the only sones in this area of the pit. so it wasn't really hard to notice us xDD)

Some other (still not important xD) perfs later, they sang the HaHa song and Himnae. They split up again, but this time we got Sunny right in front of us. We screamed and jumped around againg. Waving with our pink hearts to let her know that ssf is here xD and yep she looked at us pointed at us and waved <3333 And i was like "omomomomomomomomomomo FML)(/!%)(/)" Almost at the end of the song i saw Sooyoung holding a Taeyeon fan. She got it from another sone and gave it to Taeng xDD

After that was Genie :D They wore white Marine outfits <3 The cheers were great, but again... we were the only ones who knew the fanchants and the others around us were like "beurk" xD Luckily they performed the song on the main stage so were right in front of them again :D

The next songs were Hoot and Oh! Soshi were wearing these golden outfits this time. They stayed on the main stage at first. But went to the middle stage after Soo's and Yul's part. The could only see their backs now -.- And they even performed Oh! after that. So we had to cheer at their backs xDDD The cheers were so loud and we shouted the fanchants even louder ;)) Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae! Aporodo So Nuyh Shi Dae! Yeongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae! So Nyuh Shi Dae saranghae waa!

After that was the dance battle. We screamed so loud as Hyo came out. I think the best part was the "holding each others' butt" part xDD soo smexy. YoonYul abs were just o.o fml... and we were so close to them^^

Then f(x) came out (yes i wrote f(x) lol). I have to write about this perf coz they performed Danger. And it was sooooo epic!! They sang "nan jigeum" and the entire hall "DANGER!". f(x) got A LOT of cheers. They smiled and looked so happy after this perf^^

Soshi's last song was Gee. They wore white shirts and skinny blue jeans. This time everyone knew the fanchants (not hard though xD) and everyone cheered for them. Gee got the most cheers too :D We: "GEE GEE GEE GEE" Soshi: "baby baby baby baby" xDD

At the end of the concert during Sorry Sorry, all groups went on the stage. We had Fany and Sica on our side right in front of us. And yes ofc we jumped and screamed again xDD Both of them saw us and waved at us <3333 After the hand part of sorry sorry (danced by yunho xD) they all went to the middle stage. We only saw their backs at first, but then Maknae and Soo turned around. So we cheered again and Soo waved at us. I was soooooo happy that night :D

We went back to our hotel after the concert. Sharing our pics we'd taken and went to sleep (still without food... 36hours... xDDD)

I went to the 2nd concert too, but i dunno if i should write about it too... so lazy xDDD I already wrote so many about the first one... and the 2nd concert was even more amazing :D
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#3650004 [UFO] SNSD Best UFO Replies March 2011

Posted by Antino on 04 April 2011 - 08:57 AM

Taeyeon: "We didn't shoot the arrow. We only pretended to shoot the arrow." xDD lol
However^^ it reached our hearts <3
hoot hoot hoot :D
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