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Hey guys, I'm very much not at all active here. I apologize. Wow, it's been 4 years since then. If you want to contact me, feel free to do so Twitter: @Efina_M ^__^ lets... Updated 04 Dec · 0 comments

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Hiya~~!!! Don't worry, you're never gonna know my name haha
You can call me
Though I've had tons of other silly nicknames like this dude who keeps calling me "prefect", or "gangster". IDEK what the heck was his problem but he keeps calling me with a "He" - a male pronoun instead of a "She". And my glares and ogles that I shot at him just made him all the more provoked to call me gangster LOL. I'm such a  failure at these things xD cuz this just happened a few days ago (16/06/2011) when he started calling me with my real name, and started being all kind towards me. I mean, being kind is no big deal, but it gets kind of weird and disturbing sometimes. I then figured out that he has a crush on me. Gahhhh, if you read further at the bottom, you'll understand why it is wrong for that to happen lol.

Heck, whatever you can call me anything you want idc anymore lol.

• please invite me to be ur friend ~ i'm friendly ^^


About me:
- "If you have love, even for someone that seemed to be untouchable, you don't need to have anything else. If you don't have it, others could seem so much as meaningless to you."


D/O/B: 7th October <secret kekeke> (not rlly - -;)
Location: Malaysia


M Y L O V E S :
• Jessica • SooYoung • Sunny • GaIn • BoA • Lee Hyori • Lee Minjung • Scandal • Krystal • Sulli • Gyuri • Nicole


so'pe, enjoy your year evryone ^^
be a good person and add me to friends, you don't want me to die of boredom right?⺌•‿•⺌

Here comes the


section! yayy!!!!!! XD

S H I P S :
OTP #1 = SooSica
OTP #2 = JeTi
OTP #3 = SooRi, TaengSic, SunSic, 2Ny, Yulti, SunYeon, <-- between those I can't choose! XD
OTP #4 = JeTiSoo/SooSicFany hotness!! (more preferred, threesome, err, in a good way)

Oh by the way, I can't bring myself to read a HETERO pairing. I mean-- tolerable, but not as main characters and I won't give as much support D: I'd focus on others xD It's just not my thing :S exception for gender bender~ ^ ω ^

There are some, of which - no offense - I find not much Force Of Attraction between them. Yulsic, Taeny, YoonYul, HyoYoung, I do enjoy reading and writing them though ^^ I just don't see anything speacial about either two of any pairings when they clashed personalities. ("So Baked" really write them VERY WELL so she's a total exception XD <3) okay this had just officially got too long.

SooSica, Jeti or SooFany....... or all three o_o;; OMG HOT. Imma try make fanfic of that one day :evilgrin: Sensei Sareena is an AWSOME writer of the three ^^

F A V C O L O R :
Can't it be any more o b v i o u s?

F A V S P O R T S :
Netball and badminton! Hehe~ I was the official school team player and captain ^^

T E M P E R :
Veeery loooong~ xD

L I T E R A T U R E :
Beginner ^^ still learning the correct way of fanfics. but hey! I totally love writing it! 8D

A R T S :
It's a total yes lol. Was an anime fan since i was 8. I draw fan arts and posters and stuff in DA. Oh, I drew SNSD too ^^

I N S T R U M E N T S :
Piano and Violin 8D Grades 6 and 5 respectively. ^^

S I B L I N G S :
Umm... I'm got like 38 sisters and 24 brothers xDDD lol fosters. jkjk
I have 4 older brothers. None of them has a clue I'm a die-hard-
SONE o .o they're not really into asian music ;~;

B O O K S :
Nope~ I prefer fanfics in here ^^ saves money and more fun. So many profit and not a loss at all 8D and hellz the fanfics are hooot xDD

3 M A I N S I T E S :
#1 - Soshified
#2 - Youtube
#3 - Gaiaonline
gaiaonline used to be my #2 site below Youtube and deviantart my third but xD
SNSD has influenced me lol.

R A N D O M •T H I N G S •A B O U T• M E :
Hey~ So heres the official speech about me hehe. I'd just like to clear it up that I'm a person, who really enjoys jokes and comedy and I totally laughed hard at SNSD's dorkiness xDDD sadly i'm not the one to prank jokes much ;P I just enjoy them lol. Plus, I'm having a hard time writing about it.

Hmm, let's see. Well, we can start by I have a VERY LIMITED amount of vocabulary xD I always thought that I at least have it better than an average person at school, but now that I've encountered fics in here, I can totally just stare at my monitor and chant out

"What. The. *BLEEP*?"

LOL anyway, I have a hardcore brain that was programmed to love SooSica. But my brain was also programmed to have seasoning biases. Like for example, I had days/weeks where I would read countless of JeTi fics, or Jungcest, or TaeRi and things like that xD But please, oh don't misunderstand, just because I'm biased to the two... hot... stuffs-- err, where was I? Oh right, I-it doesn't mean that I don't read other pairings! I myself was a Royal Shipper, WAS. Until I found my true passion XD So you might've found me lurking here and there around RF fics.

When it comes to the art of Literature, there is no time to be picky. :] Therefore, all you have to do, is give me a link, and I'll read it! ^__^ simple as that. And don't worry, I get bored all the time, so there's plenty of room for more <3

Now. Me.

I am a girl, of __ years, with 155cm height(last checked) and I'm going to try hard to lose more weight XD just kidding. My weight is 46kg. I have a strange fetish on teeth arrangements and lovable lips. Oh, and I'm gay ;'P sorry boys (and that's why a guy having a crush on me is a situation that I'm not used to handling). I have an adorable kitty at home. His name is Walter xD an orange, furry, energetic, fat cat who likes to tackle hug me(like literally hugging me lol), lay down on my lap and sleep with me(sometimes). I'm currently living with my parents and my third brother, who is a doctor, while the other two are married and another on who is currently studying in JAPAN. URRGHHHHH I'm SOOOOO jealous he gets to see the girls there!!! D:< He makes me EVEN MORE mad that he said He has NO INTEREST IN THEM!! GAAAHHHHH! *pulls hair violently in frustration and bangs head on the wall*

Argh whatever. Anyway, my top three favourite members, as you can guess, are Sica, Sooyoung and Sunny :] I live in Kuala Lumpur, where it's highly humid, and thankfully, good for my skin. We don't have much family activities so during hols, I'd either go hang out in the mall with my buddies and go bowling, karaoke, watch movies and stuff or just stay at home, much preferably spazz at girl's generation fics, vids, gifs, and photos lol.

I love loose clothes and boyish apparel,(which is probably why that dude calls me gangster) but I'm actually the 'uke' part of the relationship instead of 'seme'. Basically I'm the one under ;P Oh right, I play the piano, more specifically in re-harmonization, improvising and play by ear. But that doesn't mean I don't play classical music, aiight?? ^^

Seohyun unnie is my idol!!! She's so good at playing!! OMGaaahhh

Until then, my beloved SONEs, you're welcomed to leave a comment :]

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