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Rulesplease check here before starting a new thread

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Posted 17 January 2014 - 03:50 PM



1. You need a minimum of 25 posts to start new threads


2. No spamming
Do not go off topic. Only refer to the subject being talked about or the review itself. Personal conversations should be done via PM.


3. No bashing (applies to reviewers and people commenting reviews)

This is basic manners. You're allowed to dislike a product, a song or a review--just be nice about it. Constructive criticism is okay and encouraged; rude remarks are not.


4. Number of threads per author is not limited, but will be subject to moderation if required.

You are allowed to have more than one thread if you want to, but if you're doing a review on a bunch of songs from one album, or doing reviews that would be classified under one similar tag, please try to do compilations instead of different threads for each of them. This makes it easier for people to find your reviews and makes it easier to index and organize.


5. Please tag and name your threads with official names only

To make it easier to organize and to find specific things, please use official titles to name your threads and use tags as followed:


[SONG] for individual songs


[ALBUM] or [MINI] for mini albums

[PERF] for performance/concert

[SHOW] for variety shows or episodes including at least one of the girls

[MV] for Korean releases or [PV] for Japanese releases


[MERCH] photobooks and other official goodies

[DRAMA] or [MOVIE] with at least 1 of the girls participating in it

[COMP] for compilations about anything


6. Only review official merchandise or content.

Fansite photobooks or goodies are not allowed to be reviewed to avoid possible conflicts with fansite owners. Please just stick to official releases instead.


7. Do not post illegal download links or share official content.

You can use resources like pictures to go with your reviews (taken by you or by others, just don't forget to credit), but please don't share links to illegal downloads, including songs, albums, DVDs, etc.


8. General forum rules still apply.

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