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[12.30.11] More Testimonials from Big Events in 2011Appendix to Article: Soshified, SONEs, and Girls' Generation: 2011

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Posted 30 December 2011 - 06:20 PM

More testimonials related to article from 12/30/11: Soshified, SONEs, and Girls’ Generation: 2011, a Year to Remember

SMTown New York and New York Fan Meet (10/23):

“So I registered on Soshified, but it took me a while to make my ten non-spam posts so I could join the Shoutbox. Once I did, I never looked back. This awesome community had already given me so much; it was time to give back. My name is now Pink. These awesome SoshiSubs and fan accounts have me reeling- wondering when it will be my turn. I yearn for a deeper connection. My SONE is showing, and I am not afraid...

2011 has been good to me. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually see the Girls in concer
t. Then, the announcement is made. There was going to be another SM Town Live in America. My shackles are impatiently waiting for the day that SMT NYC tickets go on sale. I show up to work about an hour early and make my way up to the workstation in the lunch room, spamming refresh on the Ticketmaster website. A few clicks, and it was done. I would finally be going! In section 117, Row 14, Seat 14, directly out from the Y of the stage at the newly renovated Madison Square Garden, I get to see our Angels in person, surrounded by other SONE! At long last, a group of people who share this passion of mine and are just as excited as I am.

New York
: my birthplace, my home, the city that I remember so fondly from my college days... I am finally here, ready for this to happen, waiting for my buddies to show up outside of the subway, my pink hair attracting random strangers' attention. If you had asked me in January, I would never have imagined being able to attend this kind of event. Arriving in New York was only the beginning, though. There were still 2 epic days to come...”

“How did I feel? Well if you asked me before the music started I would have said, I shouldn't have worn these shoes... they are killing me.’ But, I didn't want to sit down. I didn't want to miss a thing. 29 years old and I never wanted to go to a concert until I saw Girls’ Generation, and then, there I was, standing amidst the screaming fanboys and girls with the stage right up close. As it started, I actually got slight tears of joy. I had been anticipating it so much that when the lights dimmed my heart jumped and made me tear up a bit. The girls were beautiful. I can see why fans go crazy when they come to the edge of the stage. You really want to grab their attention, to make them acknowledge you alone, and as a guy who would very well ask one of them out if I had the chance, show them your feelings as they look at you. Reality sets in too fast though, and you realize that everyone wants to be acknowledged, not just you. So, I settled for singing along and watching them dance, from the same spot that I was standing in all through the concert. When it was all over, all I could do was smile, a twisted, confused smile. I was sad that it was over, glad that it had happened, and hoping for a chance to see them live again. Then, I felt content. They were as beautiful, as talented, as amazing as I had hoped, and I was happy to support them and be their fan.”
-Sweet T

“Like I said when I went to the Seoul concert with Soshified, you can’t help but love these girls even more after seeing them live. When I heard they were coming to New York for SMTOWN, I made sure I was going to see them in my own country, even though I burned all my money getting to Korea. I love all the SM artists, and in fact the concert as a whole was absolutely incredible, from SHINee’s insane wolverine claws with lasers to TVXQ’s sheer charisma on stage, SMTOWN was an awesome show. Of course, I was there to see Girls’ Generation first and foremost, and standing right up front at the barrier next to the stage, I got to see my girls up close. The queens of fan service didn’t hold back, and Sooyoung recognized the grey Soshified Global Generation shirt I was wearing, the same that we Soshified members wore from the Seoul Concert. She made it a point to stop, point, wave, and nod. As amazing as that felt, nothing quite compares to Sunny reaching out to me as I tossed the Soshified pink foam heart to her. Looking back at all the fancams and pictures of the concert and seeing Sunny hold Soshified’s heart, my heart, that I gave to her...I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fan meeting took the entire weekend to the next level. The girls were exhausted, but they still performed for us. I was right up front again, so I was pretty much in heaven. The fan meet was filled with incredible moments like Hyoyeon’s trademark dancing, Jessica yelling “Stress!”, Sunny’s aegyo(“bbuing bbuing!”), and Taeyeon’s sheer emotion when she started crying as she listened to SONE
s dedication to the group. It was an unforgettable experience.

Just like Seoul, meeting
other fans was great. However, many of the SONE I met in Seoul, the ones I became close with since then, also came to New York. The entire weekend was awesome getting to hang out with my SONE friends in Manhattan. We met in Seoul, and we became even closer in New York. One thing is for sure. Soshified is a family. SONE is a family.”

Girls' Generation: the 2nd Asia Tour (12/9 and 12/10):

“Girls’ Generation’s stop in the cozy island of Singapore, my homeland, was something I had been looking forward to ever since the girls held their first ever solo concert back in 2009. The emotions that were experienced and which I tried to understand through fancams, fan accounts and various interviews from the girls themselves, made me a tad envious. I wanted to feel the way the Korean fans did at that point of time. Finally, this came true,and I managed to attend the first of their two day stage at our very own Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Although this was not the first time I had seen them in concert, I predicted that it would be VERY different from anything else I had experienced from the girls. In the two weeks leading up to the concert, I thought a great deal about what objectives I hoped to achieve and can list them in the following manner, from highest to lowest priority:

1. Meet more
Soshified members & staff
2. Attempt to take quality photos (at an event where it was more or less not allowed)
3. Be mesmerized by the girls’ talents

I spent a good 13 hours queuing on day of the concert itself and thought about those very objectives. I had already made what I thought was a good base of friends after helping out twice for distribution of the
Soshified bundles to fellow concert-goers.

It was only after a few days that my mind managed to fully process the fact that I had attended what was one of the best concert experiences ever. It took me that long because, immediately after it, I had felt a great deal of irritation and frustration mixed in with plenty of other positive emotions due to incidents that occurred during the concert itself.

A week after the concert had passed, I began to remember details about the concert more clearly. I had gotten over the initial frustrations rather quickly, and I began to go through the flow of the concert and salvage plenty of good moments, which more or less settled my final objective. I relived the concert in my head by listening to their songs again, overwhelming myself with a whole lot more positive feelings. While some performances I found okay, some I especially looked forward to. I clearly remember being in awe when they performed The Great Escape followed by BAD GIRL, two of my favourite live songs of theirs in recent times. Days after, I suddenly thought to myself, WOW, I saw that arm flailing dance, ‘Bad Girl’, in person, and just remained mind-blown for a few minutes. Such is the impact the girls can impress upon us fans.

It was this minor form of an epiphany that then got me analyzing the concert further. I realized that there were actually quite a fair bit of performances that I really enjoyed. I define enjoyment here as me just standing there smiling like a blithering village idiot (which is a good thing in this case), and actually soaking in the atmosphere for songs like
Kissing You and Oh!’. In the end, the good outweighed the bad, and I realized I had truly enjoyed the concert.

Overall, I would say this has been a very good experience from me. One can only tell so much from the screens of our computers, how wonderfully talented and hardworking our girls are. To
experience them for such a duration of time has left me even more impressed than I have ever been at past events I have attended. Their beauty, professionalism, playfulness and skill, all mashed together into a spectacular concert event, will definitely leave a positive mark on me, even if certain other human factors sought to sour my experience.

I have experienced the concert from the point of view of a regular fan, and would hope to do so again with, hopefully, more friends, and none of the bad points.”

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