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[OTHERS] Girls' Generation's "Thanks To" from 3rd Full Album "The Boys"

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cedge cedge
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 06:58 PM


Translated "Thanks To" from Girls' Generation's 3rd full album "The Boys"

First of all, thank you to our members who have worked hard together and suffered together!
My loving members, whom I love, remember our health! Let’s not be sick! And thank you so much for being there for each other.. and for supporting each other.
It’d be nice if we could start wonderfully and smile until the end for this album as well!
Nobody can touch SNSD when we’re well armed! We’re the best! Hurray! keke

To my family, whom I need no words for. The only people who have a part of me, my family.
Thank you this time around again^^ I love you, and you are so dear to me. Let’s go on many trips together!
You are always considerate.. and you are always helping me understand what it is to be wise, and you are always ready whenever and wherever.
I thank you for having that heart.. I will be like you^^ I will try harder and concentrate. Thank you, I miss you!

Also, to those who always make me laugh! Our proud SMTOWN sunbaes and hoobaes, let’s get to know each other more. Heh heh heh.
And lastly… my friends whom I’m most thankful for and who are always at my side, giving me strength while I lend you mine, and for always feeling everything with me.. SONE^^ Thank you so, so much.
I’m thankful and I’m sorry that we are able to share our happiness and sadness with each other.
Because there are so many people, even far away across oceans that I can share my feelings with.. I want to make you much more happy^^
We’re counting on you again SONEs!! I love you, ahhehehe keke

And lastly for real, Taeyeon, you’ve worked hard..

My loving Soojung-ah ♡ Be strong, and let’s be happy^^

Mom & Dad, always thank you and I love you for the endless SUPPORT! Take care of your health ~♡

MYSIS Minyoung unnie, let’s care for each other until the end ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE smooch!

My cutie dongsaeng Hara~ You know how I feel?

I guess I’m a little thankful to GJB, who always cherishes me keke

Our precious 8 girls.. In the end there’s only us 9♡

Our fans who love us and S♡NE really X10000000 thank you!

And everyone else who’s given help, thank you^^

The Lord, who always leads me to the righteous path, thank You.

My loving family, my friends who give me strength, my sunbaes who give good advice, staff who fills my inadequacies, thank you.

My members, who always make me laugh, I’m always grateful and sorry and fond.. We still have a long way to go so let’s look far and fly hard. I love you.

Also... who made me the happiest person in the world, who taught how to love and that you should express it as much as you love,

Who understands my young heart best and who are always, whenever on my side, my people..

Thank you, SONE!

Thank you father God for leading me through another extraordinary chapter of my life!
If anyone asks~ U are the reason & the explanation why my whole life makes sense (:

- My loving family* no words are necessary, I love u.

- my 8 lucky Girls, I am your responsibility, and you are mine~ Trust me, because I’m going only through trusting you! ke
But I think it’s really amazing -_- Good job guys.
You know we still have a long way to go, right? ke Let’s run!
Girls’ Generation all the FREAKIN’ way!

-& the Silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (; ♥
LASTLY! I dedicate this album to YOU ^^!
The amazing fans who make the music come to life.
I’ll forever sing for you, so guard me with your love without changing! ke I love you SONE*

+ And to all the people who always help me, tire for me, and who pray for me, thank you!
I’ll become an even harder working Tiffany ^^

Because there are those who trust and encourage……. I became a roly-poly Hyoyeon!! ^^

It is right before the time that we can bring out this gift - this gift that we’ve put everything into like we have for no other - to shine in this world..^^
This nervousness and excitement you get when you’re preparing a gift for someone special…
You know, the joy of giving is greater than the joy of receiving~ Thank you so much for letting me be able to feel that joy..*
Loveable Kwon CEO~! Dad! I don’t know what I did that is so good, but you constantly tell me, “good job~ good job~” every day!
I don’t always know why you say it to me, but your daughter always feels reassured, and because of those simple words that make me happy, I feel like I did a good job this time, too! Please take good care of me in the future as well ^.~
Madame Kim, who has become so much more beautiful lately~ Mom, you know I’m so happy to be your daughter, right?!
Like you.. I want to be brave like you, I want to be loveable like you, I want to be cool like you.. I want to be that kind of woman, I love you so much~
Jjoon~Heartheartheartheart I seriously like my brother the best in the whole wide world! I like my older brother so much, so so much~ So much that I’m honoured to be your sister, I’m telling you.. Always have strength! Let’s be good to our parents^^
Threetwoone.. life at 23 is hard, isn’t it?! Thank you you’re mine mine forever~ Bbol unnie, whom I can give my all to but still lack~
YOYOYOYO~Yo~ I’m learning so much^^ Thank you, I depend on you lots keke
Haeja, Reena, Woohyun, Dohee, Soojin, Hyejin, my sources of oxygen... I miss you guys so much!
Devil Youngman.. You are seriously a great person. Clap clap clap! Cool gentlemen Jaeyoung and Jaehyuk oppas! Teacher Kim Jungah! We have to get through this! Let’s score an OST^^
Teacher Nadia! When my body is tired and my emotions are gloomy, teacher, you’re the best! Director Jangjin, there is no such thing as giving up to me, you know that, right?! Heh heh~
52nd class at Joongang University! Are you all reading this?! Sunbaes and hoobaes! Professors! I shall become someone who shines in our school that you can be proud of!
We’re going to rot if we continue not seeing each other like this~Minu oppa! Always-kind Jjin oppa! The girls are cheering for you. JunK oppa~ I’m going in for singing practice starting today! Get ready kekeke
Also! We’ll live if we stick together and die if we scatter! You know that, right?! TiffSyoungHyoYoongSunJeSeoTaeng I like you guys aing~
Also! To everyone who loves SNSD~! Thank you♥
I feel good because I think my sincere feelings are being understood~♥

It’s been 4 years now since SNSD started^^!
There was a time when all I wanted to do was debut and then once I debuted, there was a time when I was upset that I couldn’t live like other girls my age... But the reason I was okay with all of that was because of all of you who have bought this album and are reading the THANKS TO! Messages
Heh heh.. When I give love to someone, my foolish heart causes me to expect love in return, so there are times when I get hurt from others..
It would be so good if I could sacrifice without expecting anything in return, but I guess I am not yet ready to love in such a mature way.. haha
And when I think about it… if I gave my energy and love to all of you while on stage and I didn’t receive that love back in return, then I probably would not have been here today.
Because I am not strong enough to be able to continue this work without receiving love in return.
In that sense, all of you are “loveable” people to me, for you are always giving me this mature kind of love and allowing me to do the work I love in happiness.

To God, who has taught us about genuine love through Your thorough sacrifice,
I still have a long way to go, but.. Lord, I will master Your love soon.. and give love. I am more thankful than words can express.

To my safe refuge where I return to being the maknae daughter Sooyoung, not SNSD’s Sooyoung.. my parents, my unnie, my family.. and even Jjangee…^^ I will become the humble maknae daughter Sooyoung, I love you♡
Those who support me with prayers and chatter^^.. Pastor, unnies and oppas, friends.. I’m always thankful.. I don’t think there’s any better way to repay you guys than with prayer. I will be praying.. ;)

My eight best friends.. I’ve said this before, but.. if it weren’t for you guys, there would have been no reason for me to be in SNSD.
To my friends who have become my reason, and at times, my excuse.. Whenever I see you guys on stage, I am so proud and thankful to the point of tears. I love you!!!
Please show lots of love for SNSD’s 3rd album which was made by the efforts of many people^^.

To the ones whom I love the most, who are always a firm cheering squad for me - my family!! I'm always thankful… I love you ♥

Heejjoonmom, who has to go away on a trip~ When will we chat up a storm? Keke you’re my energy pill and you’re so precious to me!

My one and only Hyeyoung~ Joohye, Jihyun, Juice! Nakyung, Nangnang!! Devil!!^^

And our members who I love!! Seriously, there’s no one else but us!! Keke fighting! ♥

To everyone around me!! Thank you~

Our S♥NE, who have loved us and waited for us consistently even though our comeback took a year^^

I think SNSD is here today because of the many people who love us and help us^^

I think “as expected” is such a great phrase. I’ll always work hard for you to say, “As expected of SNSD!” ^^

Right now it’s Girls' Generation, from now on it’s Girls' Generation, forever Girls' Generation ♥

To our nine members who are becoming deeper and stronger as more time passes… We’ve all been dreaming of the same dream, all looking towards the same destination, and all depending upon each other for such a long time…
Now, we have a new challenge again! Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album is out! ^^ There are many people who are on our side, who are on my side… cheering us on, cheering me on.
Thank you God, for always watching over me [us], whether I’m [we’re] happy or going through difficulties.
To my parents, who allowed me to see light in this world and raised me with undying love—I love you. Thank you always, Hyewon unnie, for helping me walk the path to becoming a singer and being my strength.
To my aunt who is like a mother to me, Yeokyung unnie, who is like a sister (to me), and the dongsaengs I’m so proud of who are studying in America – Woori, Dongkyu, Areum, and Donggeun! Thank you~!
My former teachers, whom I am thankful for and who taught me so much! I’m so thankful to Professors Gong Yoongju, Shin Youngseob, Lee Eunhye, Choi Younghan, Lee Yooki, Lee Sangee, Cha Eunsook, Lee Donghoon, Teachers Lee Sookyung, Kim Jungah, Jung Uibong, Park Myungran, Director Yoon Dongkyu, and my awesome teacher Jung Minkyo~! (Early congratulations on your wedding!!)
To those whom I am thankful to for always cheering me on: Goong PD, Sungah unnie, Jina unnie, Jiyeon unnie! ^^ To Ock Joohyun unnie who has a voice I would like to have… and for giving me a dream; Shun Seunghoon sunbae, who is always supporting us; Teacher Joo Hyunmi, who is thoughtful and considerate; Lee Seungchul sunbae; Jisun unnie, who is always cheerful; and Kyunglim unnie, who I miss… thank you so much! ^^
To my friends who I am so thankful for… Hwanhee, who has shared my dream since we were little; to whom I’ve promised to fulfill my future dreams, Eunji, whom I support and who supports me; Eunbyul, who makes me excited and whom I give excitement to; Roori, who always greets me brightly; Woosun, who supports me a lot; and Eunsun, Jinjoo, Shimji, Hyejung, Eunjoo, Mirae, Sanghui Goeun, Gahee, Sora, and Jieun, whom I all miss…
To the 51st class of Dongguk University Theatre Studies whom I am proud of, and who have given me many good and unforgettable memories!!
Moonyoung, Anna, Jaehee, Hyunah, Jiwon, Hyeyoon, Heejae, Jinwook, Heohyuk, Joonhee, Hyungbeom, Imbyul, Jinhyuk… Sorry for not being able to write everyone’s names. ㅜㅜ I am strengthened because of you guys!! Thank you so much!! ^^
SMTOWN sunbaes and hoobaes who I can rely on and I’m always so proud of! Seungil oppa, who gives me strength all the time ^^, and angel-like Jeunghyun unnie~! Cookie Hyungkook oppa, whom I miss~!! Author Lee Jisung, who helps me through wonderful books. And my life mentor whose mere existence brings great strength to me, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon!! Thank you so much! ^^
Also… to my eight unnies… I want to say that I am most thankful to you and I love you all the most… This very moment that all nine of us are together is so precious to me and it makes me so happy~! Let’s always trust and cherish each other ^^
And lastly… you know my heart, right? The reason that us nine girls exist… all the SONE♡fans, thank you very much, I love you ♥
We’ve only come 4 years! Haha! Let’s be happier and create more enjoyable memories than we have up until now!! ^^
I exist because of the love and support from all of these people. I will endlessly try my best in order to repay the great amount of love that I’ve been given!!
Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!

Always giving members advice and strength,
Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Youngmin, thank you~!
And Directors Jung Changhwan, Na Soyoung, Han Saemin, Lee Jongin, An Soowook
who went with us during the Girls' Asia Tour ^^
Director Yoo Youngjin, who gave Girls' Generation another great song ^^ We learned so much from working with you!!

And our manager oppas, who always move before us!
Our trusty heroine Jungah unnie, welcome-back-to-hell Sungwoo oppa, dancing king Sungyong oppa,
Handsome Hojin oppa, cutie Yongduk oppa, state-of-emergency Jihyong oppa, and new face Byungchan oppa!!
You must be so tired, so thank you for always being with us with bright smiles on your face~!^^

Always working hard to complete a high-quality album,
Our Jenny hyung, Sungsoo oppa, Hyejin unnie, and the A&R team, driver Lee, driver Jin, driver Goo~!^^, our new driver Jung~!
Teddy Riley, who gave us a good song, Jenji unnie, Jinu oppa, Boomin unnie, Younghoo oppa, Taesung oppa, Sungjae oppa, Jaemyung oppa, composer Hwang Hyunjak,
Thanks to you, Girls' Generation’s awesome 3rd album was created!!^^

RINO & BEATBURGER!~!! You always bring out awesome performances and talent from us!
And Rino unnie always leads us with bright energy!! And Jaewon oppa always suffering because of us nine!! And Sanghoon oppa!!
Thank you so much!! We did it again!!

Heejin unnie, who worked hard imagining a new transformation,
Programmer Kim Taewoo, head stylist Sung Sookyung, who always tries her best to prepare a new, pretty outfit, Arim unnie, who will run with us again,
Our family's teamwork is almost as good as Girls' Generation's!!
Thank you for making the girls shine!^^

Our media promotion team unnies who always work so hard~! Eunah unnie, Sanghee unnie, Jisun unnie~!^^
New Media Productions team oppas, unnies~! Monitoring team Yoonjoo unnie, CRM Hyeyoung unnie,

And everyone else who works hard! Thank you^^
And all the SMTOWN employees who work behind the scenes
Even though you don't see us face to face, thank you so much~
We could only come here because you guys were here.

All our SM family who make us feel so much pride every time!
Kangta sunbaenim, BoA unnie, DBSK oppas, TRAX oppas, CSJH unnies~! Super Junior oppas, shining SHINee, maknae f(x)
And everyone else in the SMTOWN family, thank you so so much~!!
We SMTO~WN are spreading into the world!^^

And our SONE, who make us 9 complete♥
Thank you for always being there and protecting our sides.^^
We'll always be the strength of SONE~!

We want to spread to a wider and greater world
and through our music become the strength of many people~!

We'll try to become an always humble and hard-working Girls' Generation!!

Translated by: Meehyun, taengbear
Edited by: Shitro13, kakero, iTriscuit, MoonSoshi9, residentbenchwarmer
Thanks to: mirzapan
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xiaoppa xiaoppa
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:01 PM


Those are long messages!! :D :D
Soshi hwaiting!!

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jonghyuns jonghyuns
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:04 PM

Thank you for this ^^ I always wondered what Hyo;s said because it was so short.. I don't understand it though o-o
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pushuphater pushuphater
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:06 PM

-& the Silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (; ♥
LASTLY! I dedicate this album to YOU ^^!

That caught me by surprise lol XD

I have a warm fuzzy feeling reading these haha I'm so glad that the girls have the opportunity to say these words to the people they want.

Thank you all so much for translating (:
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ndrea ndrea
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:06 PM

thanks for sharing this Cedge! :)

i'm really happy for them! these long messages means a lot,
but hyo's message is really short i wonder why o.o

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raisin raisin
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:07 PM

sweet ♥
why is hyoyeon's message so short? LOL.
and it's a bit disappointing for not seeing kyuhyun or yonghwa's name on seohyun's message, LMAO PLEASE FORGIVE MY SHIPPERNESS.
but over all, their messages are the sweetest :) FIGHTING SNSD!
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clouet9 clouet9
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:07 PM

wow they have really long messages..
but it was worth reading haha :thumbup:
Soshi Fighting!!!
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Caricactures Caricactures
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:11 PM

Thanks for translating all the girls' long Thanks To messages!
And thank you to all the people the girls' thanked cos without them, they wouldn't have the spirit and power to create such an awesome album! :D
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Jan2x Jan2x
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:12 PM

Thank you for the translations! I really wanted to know what those messages were. Keke ^^ We love you SNSD~ <3
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 지금은, 앞으로도, 영원히 소녀시대. :D

archer2006 archer2006
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:12 PM

So much Love I feel in those messages. I hope for their future plans everything works out for our girls<3
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preii preii
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:12 PM

omg i LOL-ed at Hyoyeon's message! hahahaha
my fave member is really....she's really something eh? haha! don't really get what she meant though :l
and i love Tiffany's : "Girls’ Generation all the FREAKIN’ way!"

SNSD jjang!
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angrycamel angrycamel
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:14 PM

I see my name there. =P
Well nice to see all these messages in one place and neatly put together.
Enjoyed this rather long read.
Thanks for the translations fellas.
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JadeFalcon JadeFalcon
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:15 PM

Thank you so much for the translations! it's really nice to be able to read what the Girls wrote, though I wonder why Hyoyeon's is so short? Haha...
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totaltrainwreck totaltrainwreck
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:16 PM

Thank you so much for translating their Thanks To! You can tell that their messages are really heartfelt :)
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little misz little misz
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:16 PM

thanks a lot for the translation :thumbsup:
we know someone out there going to blame ssf again for posting this 'thank you'
but hey, we understand nothing without your hard works :thumbsup:
thanks a lot for that once again :unworthy:
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FattyBunny FattyBunny
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:17 PM

thank you for the translations! really enjoyed reading them~ as expected, maknae had to write a long text hahaha she actually took the time to write ppl's names lol so cute xD
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HakimnyaFany HakimnyaFany
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:17 PM

woahh.. Tiffany : & the Silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (; ♥ <-- what it means?? does tiffany already has a boyfriend yet? T.T
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Nothing can't stop me from Loving her^^

kyaaa12 kyaaa12
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:19 PM

Thank you so much for translating this! <3
The girls sure have a lots of things to say, their messages are long, except for Hyo. Hers was short and simple <3
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CREDITS: feel_my_mind @lj (avatar) & akemisugar@lj

apple11 apple11
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:19 PM

aww this is really sweet. I also feel thankful for the people who helped them achieve this success at this point in time.
Thank you for always supporting our girls!
SoShi hwaiting!
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RoyMcAvoy RoyMcAvoy
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Posted 20 November 2011 - 07:21 PM

As expected of Hyoyeon, she always has troubles expressing herself~ :P

Thanks to all involved in the translation
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