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[2011.07.24] Soshified Field Trip Day 4: Concert Day!!

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 01:42 PM

Beginning disclaimer: Officially, cameras were not allowed inside the concert venue, and anyone caught taking pictures/videos was going to be removed from the arena. That combined with the fact that I wanted to fully experience the concert with my own eyes rather than looking through a viewfinder or a screen meant that the only pictures I have from concert day are from outside. Anyway, let's begin!

Beginning disclaimer #2: This fanaccount is REALLY long, so I apologize that it may take you forever and a day to read it...


Finally, the day we had all been waiting had arrived: it's concert day!! Originally we had schedules planned out where we would go sightseeing in the morning and then arrive in the afternoon at Olympic Stadium, where the concert was scheduled to start at 4pm. But, armed with information from Soshified members who attended the previous day's concert, we decided to cancel those schedules so we could arrive as early as possible in order to line up and buy concert merchandise.

Even when we arrived at the concert venue at around 10am, the line for purchasing concert goods seemed impossibly long, as sales were not set to start for another hour. While there were some among us who decided waiting in line was not worth the trouble, most people were willing to let the hours crawl by for the chance to buy precious Soshi goodies.

Ultimately, after hours and hours of waiting, the Soshified group managed to reach the concert goods tent and buy whatever they wanted. When they approached the concert tent itself, Korean news crews filmed and photographed the entire group, and you've probably already seen some the videos and pictures of us online.

Posted Image
JadeFalcon@SSF being interviewed by Korean media

There was also a Vita500 tent set up next to the concert goods tent that had Girls' Generation standees and was giving away promo posters and file folders for people who stood in line and played a simple memory game. Further away from that, one fangroup gave Coway posters and mousepads to myself and a small group of Soshified members who were willing to be on camera for a fanvideo that they were producing.

Posted Image
The Vita500 standees

By the time all the goods had been purchased, it was already time to start lining up for the concert itself and enter the venue. The tickets that Soshified members got were all located in standing section B. Personally, I moved to the corner of section B that was closest to the front stage. For most of the concert, I had about 3-4 "rows" of people in front of me (except the standing area was basically like a mosh pit), though by the end of the concert I had managed to work my way to within about 2 "rows" of the guard railing. There was a large gap in between the guard railing and the stage itself, unlike the SMTOWN in LA concert, where I was told that the standing sections were so close that people in the front could reach out and touch the stage.

Posted Image
Soshified members waiting in line before the concert

Posted Image
My super awesome diagram of the stage layout which doesn't really include the upper seated levels EDIT: Apparently there's no standing D, and those are all just standing C.

Before the concert actually began, the main center screen showed only the Girls' Generation 2011 Tour logo, while the two side screens showed UFO messages that people had sent in for the concert as well as Vita500 CF videos. Several Soshified members managed to send in UFOs, and a number of them were displayed, drawing tons of cheers from every Soshified member in attendance.

Finally, the lights went out and the intro video started playing. By the time it reached the point where it was time to reveal the girls, everybody had directed their attention to the cube/pyramid/thing in the middle of the front stage. We know from fanaccounts/fancams of the Japan concert how they would be revealed to us, and when the cube opened up, Taeyeon was in the center, and both Sunny and Yoona were seated on the side facing our section. Then "Genie" began, and we all went crazy. It was the same "Genie" remix that many of us have seen fancams of already from previous concerts, and hearing rapper Hwang live was pretty sick.

The "Genie" intro was followed by a block of songs from their Japanese album: "you-aholic", "MR. TAXI", "I'm in Love With the Hero", and "Let it Rain". In what turned out to be a nice surprise (for those who managed to avoid spoilers from the previous night's concert), both "MR. TAXI" and "Let it Rain" were sung in Korean, with versions that we had never heard before. They were interesting and different, but part of me was disappointed, since I couldn't really fully sing along. For most of the first block of songs, the girls stayed on the main stage near the center screen and performed their full dance choreographies.

One of the coolest parts of that particular block of songs, however, happened during "I'm in Love With the Hero". The girls walked from the main stage towards the center stage, and once they all got there, four large dark curtains dropped down from the ceiling and completely covered the girls from the view of the audience. After a few moments of being hidden, the curtains were released, fell to the floor, and four of the girls were suspended on wires and lifted high up into the air. I don't quite remember who all of them were, but I recall that Taeyeon and possibly Jessica remained on the floor in the middle of the center stage and that all the girls that were not lifted up into the air were wearing large wing-like attachments on their outfits.

A break followed with introductions from the girls. They were all incredibly cute, and a Tiffany-trend started early on when she spoke to the audience in English a few times during the intro. She didn't specifically mention Soshified (at least, I never it heard it, though some people said they heard her say it at the end of the concert), but she definitely gave plenty of shoutouts to fans from the USA and around the world in English.

After the intro, the girls hyped us up with a series of high energy songs: "Snowy Wish", "Sweet Talking Baby", "Kissing You", and "Oh!" That particular block of songs was when I started to feel my voice crack from screaming fanchants as loud as I could. "Kissing You" and "Oh!" drew especially loud fanchants, as I expected. During these songs, the girls spent a lot of time moving freely through all the various walkways and gave plenty of fanservice to both the standing sections and the upper seated levels.

After "Oh!" finished, the first of the solo stages started, which was performed by Hyoyeon. The solo stages were all pretty much identical to the Japan tour, and Hyoyeon performed "Please Don't Stop the Music" in the white unitard (leotard?) with one leg covered and one exposed. She absolutely owned the stage with her trademark powerful dancing AND with crisp vocals. Jessica's solo stage was next, and she started "Almost" by playing the piano to accompany her vocals. About a third of the way through the song, she got up from the piano, took the mic, and walked towards the center stage. Jessica's solo stage felt somewhat short, but her absolutely AMAZING vocals made up for it.

As I mentioned before, the solo stages were all pretty much the same as they were during the Japan tour... All except Sunny's. She still performed "3", but her outfit was NOT the shiny black latex (or whatever it is) one-piece that we remembered from the Japan concerts. Instead, she wore what can only be described as the sexiest outfit I've ever seen in my entire life: a see-thru black top, revealing a black bra underneath, matching see-thru black leggings with black short-shorts (or something) over them, and a shiny pink jacket that came down to only about the top of her abs. Towards the beginning of the performance, the jacket was open, if I recall correctly, but shortly after the performance began, she opened up the jacket, revealing the see-thru death by excessive sexiness. The performance itself was much like her "3" performances from the Japan concerts, with the male backup dancers unfairly getting to touch and be touched by her. But the unexpected and jaw-dropping outfit made the entire thing a trillion times sexier and left all of us absolutely stunned. I was told after the concert by a Soshified member that a girl next to him fainted after seeing Sunny, and I can believe it. She was just that hot.

Sunny was followed by the TaeNy "Lady Marmalade" stage. Everything about this performance matched the stage from the Japan tour, but seeing it live was another matter altogether. I was blown away by how powerful their vocals were live and how perfectly they harmonized together. Despite the outfits not being a total sexy surprise like Sunny's, they still looked amazingly beautiful. From where I stood, it was difficult to get a completely clear view of the girls during all the solo stages, since they always started on the main stage and walked down towards the center stage by the end. None of the girls ever strayed onto the pathways leading sideways.

After a short video break, the girls grouped together again to perform more of their Japanese songs. It was a relatively short block of group songs, however, as they sang "The Great Escape" and "Bad Girl". I remember at this point "resting" a bit and not screaming at full volume, since those two are not particularly my favorite songs from the Japanese album. Plus, I found myself feeling somewhat drained from the awesomeness of the first batch of solo stages.

The resting period didn't last long, however, because after "Bad Girl" and another video break, Taeyeon suddenly appeared by herself on the main stage. She was dressed all in black, with frilly black feathers surrounding basically her entire top, and matching black boots. A heavy guitar riff blared through the speakers as Kid Leader Taengoo transformed into Rocker Taeng. She belted out the most amazing, powerful, and breathtaking vocals I've ever heard in my entire life, and I say that with no exaggeration. Imagine the strongest vocals from Taeyeon in any of Girls' Generation's songs, and multipy that by at least 100, and that's how incredible Rocker Taeng was.

The heavy rock track turned out to be an intro to "Run Devil Run", and the rest of the girls joined Taeyeon on the main stage after she completed her moment in the spotlight as Rocker Taeng. The bass was thumping like mad for "Run Devil Run", and after Rocker Taeng's intro, I was fully energized again to fanchant like mad. "Beautiful Stranger" followed, which I don't remember too much of.

Then the girls transitioned into "Hoot", and that song took an interesting turn about halfway through. The girls walked from the main stage to the center stage, and a few moments later, four of the girls (One of them was Seohyun for sure, I can't quite remember who the others were) were again lifted into the air by wires and suspended about 30-40 feet above our heads. At that point, the normal "Hoot" track had been put aside and a new rock interlude for the second half of "Hoot" was playing instead. I was surprised by the rock intro to "Run Devil Run" as well as the rock interlude to "Hoot", but I found both of them to be completely awesome, and I'm hoping for more rock tracks from the girls in the future.

After the rockin' version of "Hoot", the solo stages started up again, with Yuri's "If" being first. The YulAbs were on FULL display during "If", and she actually looked as if she had put on some weight after the Japan concerts. There were a number of SONEs who thought she looked too skinny during those concerts, but this time she looked sort of halfway in between that skinny Yuri and the curvy Yuri tht we remember. Yuri's solo stage felt somewhat short to me, but it was still incredibly hot.

Sooyoung was next, and she performed "Sway" in a frilly black and blue dress that showed off a ton of her legs (well.... basically all of her legs). She had a male dancing partner, and she danced very close to him for much of the performance, drawing jealousy from pretty much everybody in the audience (especially from Sooyoungsters). Even with my partially-blocked view, I could see the charisma oozing from Sooyoung as she performed the energetic stage.

Then it was time for maknae Seohyun to take center stage, and as with the Japan concerts, she pulled off the Audrey Hepburn look to perfection, with the black dress, black gloves, and elegant jewelry. As she sang "Stuff Like That There" with her usual beautifully smooth voice, I found eagerly anticipating the tap dance break. Seohyun definitely didn't disappoint, as her tap dancing skills had me thinking "How on Earth is one person so incredibly multi-talented?"

And finally, the perfect closer to the solo stages: Yoona's "4 Minute". With two horizontal poles set up, one on the main stage and one on the center stage, we all knew what we were in for. As with most of the solo stages, I struggled to see what was going on over the taller people in front of me. I could see that what was happening was sexy and beyond impressive, but I just couldn't quite get a consistently good view. As she moved from the main stage towards the center stage, I knew I'd have to do something if I wanted to see the key moment that everybody was anticipating. For the entire time she was in the center stage area, I was more or less completely unable to fully see her and what she was doing. And then, at the EXACT moment that I found a gap in between the taller heads in front of me, it happened: the male backup dancers ripped her pants off. I may have missed almost everything else, but I caught that moment with my own eyes, so I was satisfied.

After that incredible moment where fortune smiled upon me, there was another video break. If I recall, this video break was quite slow-moving, and involved a story of a couple of young siblings whose mother had passed away. The emotional video was a lead-in to the ballads that followed: "Danny Boy" and "Complete". For "Danny Boy", there were five girls seated on a set of stairs on the main stage: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, and Seohyun. When "Complete" started, the rest of the girls joined those first five on the stairs, and K-SONEs started a project that had been discussed before the concert began. Audience members in certain sections of the upper seated areas were given green lightsticks in addition to the traditional pink ones. Once "Complete" began, the audience members who were given the green lightsticks turned them on and began waving them. From what I understand, the pattern of where the green lightsticks had been positioned spelled out "So Nyuh Shi Dae" in hangul, but I couldn't quite see all of them from where I was.

Whatever the green lightsticks said, it apparently worked in getting the girls emotional, because soon after, Sunny began to cry. With the emotions that are already associated with "Complete", Sunny's tears pushed me over the top, and I began to cry myself. More members began crying, but I'm not sure if all of them cried during "Complete".

Once "Complete" finished, the girls took a break from singing to talk to all of us. They thanked us, gave us 90-degree bows, and walked off stage. They returned in two boats that were pushed around the side walkways by staff members. At that point, the girls had changed into red and white tops with gold trim and black skirts. The teary-eyed mood from "Complete" gave way to simple happiness as the girls sang "My Child" from the boats. Once the boats reached the center stage, the girls stepped out and began to work the crowd.

After "My Child" finished, the video from the Japan tour with SHINee's Key played. It was pretty funny to see it for real (I hadn't watched the whole thing before), and it was also funny that nobody anywhere in the audience really cheered for Key, but there were lots of cheers for Taemin when he showed up on screen at the very end.

The next three songs drew progressively louder and louder cheers and fanchants: "Naengmyun", "HaHaHa", and "Gee". Once "Naengmyun" started playing, the entire standing section was jumping and full of energy. By the time we got to "Gee", I was screaming the fanchants louder than I had ever screamed in my life.

The last official song of the night was "Forever", and we sang along as the girls walked around greeting everyone they could within the crowd. After "Forever" finished, the girls said their goodbyes and left the stage, but we knew it wasn't over. Cheers for an encore started building up, and anytime people's voices broke or we found ourselves off-beat, a SONE in our standing section began blowing a whistle to get the encore cheers back on track.

For the encore, the girls changed into the official concert t-shirt that many of us had bought outside. The encore itself kicked off perfectly, as the girls performed "Into The New World". At that point, my voice was almost completely gone, but I fanchanted and sang along anyway. "Himnae" followed, and the girls' energy still seemed high, as they ran around every part of the stage.

Finally, we reached the end of the concert. With a final performance of "Mabinogi (It's Fantastic)", the girls closed an incredible concert for the SONEs in attendance. Nearly every member was in tears by the time the song finished. Seeing the tears on the girls' faces brought me to the edge of crying again. Near the end of the song, confetti began streaming down from the ceiling. In an incredibly cute moment, Jessica picked up two pieces of confetti and stuck them under her eyes rather than letting everybody in the audience see how much she was really crying.

After the last song was completed, the girls gathered together on the main stage and said their final goodbyes. Nearly every member spoke to the crowd, and they even thanked the audience in multiple languages. Tiffany spoke quite a bit in English, and the girls tried to thank every country they could possibly think of that had fans in attendance: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and of course the USA, among others.

After the girls left the stage, the crowd started to file out. I waited around the corner of our standing area to talk about my favorite moments of the concert with other Soshified members (though I was also waiting there because my knees hurt EXTREMELY bad from standing for long, and it was difficult to move). Sadly, it was finally time to leave.

Thinking back on all the various special moments that happened, it's hard to remember all of them and to remember when they happened within the concert. Many of the precious memories that I have involve the members walking past our section and providing fanservice. Whenever a member would walk along the side pathway closest to us, I'd be within probably 8-10 feet of them. I felt as if Sooyoung didn't visit our section very much, but it was definitely precious whenever she did. I felt as if Sunny and Taeyeon came to our section quite a few times, but that they never lingered for very long, and always passed through fairly quickly. It seemed like we just caught them at bad times, where they had to quickly get back to the center stage for the ending of songs.

Yuri, Jessica, Seohyun, and Tiffany visited our section a few times, and they lingered a fair amount. One of my Soshified friends said that he sent Yuri a heart when she walked by and that she sent him one back. I tried to get Tiffany to notice our Soshified towels, but it was hard to tell if she recognized it. I did get to glimpse Fany's famous eye smile as she passed by, however, and it's just as killer in person as you could possibly imagine. There was a point towards the end of the concert where Seohyun came by and made a few cute expressions. As cheesy as it sounds, when that moment with Seohyun happened, I almost felt like crying because she was so beautiful (that sounds even cheesier than I thought).

Yoona and Hyoyeon came to our section the most and definitely lingered the most. Yoona didn't really give all that much in terms of varied expressions, but she didn't really need to. In person, you can tell just how real her beauty really is. Simple smiles from Yoona were enough to get us pumped up.

But as far as I'm concerned, Hyoyeon was the absolute star of our section. Not only did she linger in our section the most out of any of the girls, but she provided the most fanservice. Smiles, winks, and waves were all given out to us like candy. But she took it multiple steps further: at one point she gave a thumbs-up to someone in our section, and late in the concert, she blew a kiss to someone who was probably only 5 people away from me. I'm a SONE first, a Sunshiner second, but on concert day, I was converted into a full-fledged Hyohunnie.

After the concert was over, we were all taken to a restaurant to eat barbeque duck for dinner. It was certainly delicious, but were all still buzzing about the concert. That's about all I have to say about that.

Posted Image
Duck: the before picture

Posted Image
Duck: the after picture

The concert was an absolutely incredible experience, though I can objectively say that it wasn't perfect: the lines for concert goods was ridiculously long, the standing area was uncomfortably crowded, and I wish they had performed more of their Korean songs in place of a few of the Japanese songs. But these are all relatively minor complaints. It was still the best thing I've ever been a part of, and an unforgettable experience.

That about wraps up the concert day, leaving only one full day left with some more incredible events: visiting Lotte World and going to the recording of Immortal Song 2.

Day 0/1 recap here

Day 2 recap here

Day 3 recap here

- fanaccount and pictures by michaelroni@soshified.com
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Meehyun Meehyun
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Posted 27 July 2011 - 01:46 PM

The best part of these recaps are the food pictures.
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Posted 27 July 2011 - 02:58 PM

Jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly jelly. I hate chu T___T

I want candy fanservice from Hyo, brief-possible-eye contact with Tiffany........ not at all byun-thoughts of Sunny's intricate wardrobe, powerhouse vocals of rocker Taeng, pantless Yoona, adorable crying confetti spilled Sica, Yuri-oppa, be awestruck by Seolady, be jelly of Soo's dance partner? -__-

And food OTL..... I NEED FOOD. NOW.

or sleep, rather.
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Posted 27 July 2011 - 03:39 PM

I like the picture you drew...lol

Glad to hear you guys had a great time. So, how much money did you spend on Soshi goods?? =P
I'm not sure what else to say because of such a large re-cap =O

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Posted 27 July 2011 - 10:33 PM

You know, when any one of us describes concert structure and layout we always draw some ruddy picture to go along with it.
I remember my depiction of the Staples Center. Loller.

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Posted 28 July 2011 - 03:46 AM

OMG . Thank you for the super long fanaccount on the 2nd day of the concert (: .

So how many days are you guys staying in Seoul ? Are you guys back already ? :D .

Tell us more , okay ? :D
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Posted 28 July 2011 - 11:41 PM

Mmm... duck. That SBS-CNBC reporter was pretty. Quite the surprise when I heard her speaking perfect English (she's from St. Louis). I love the detail and hard work you put into the account, thanks for helping me re-live the concert over and over again!
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Posted 06 November 2011 - 07:33 AM

The food looks delicious and scrumptious lol..

All the SSF members.

It looks fun to actually meet SSF members.

I sooo needa go to at least one of the programmes that SSF organizes.

Thanks for this post. Enjoyed reading it ^^
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Posted 25 November 2011 - 05:43 PM

wow~! this sounded like a very good trip. ^^
so much detail too. :) i felt like i was actually there, hehe.
so, soshified organized this... i shall go to one of those one day (if my mom lets me).

Edited by soshified-rusher, 25 November 2011 - 05:43 PM.

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Posted 25 November 2011 - 10:10 PM

wow~! Man, I envy you guys there but thanks for
so much detail. :)
I wish you guys lucks
not trouble no disturbtion
Have a nice time
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Posted 25 November 2011 - 11:51 PM

Wow...thanks for the tale. What I would do to get a chance to see Tiffany's eye smile in real life, probably faint right away.
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Posted 26 November 2011 - 12:41 AM

Wow! Wish I were there!
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Posted 01 December 2011 - 03:39 PM

Thanks alot for an awesome fan account, I realy enjoyed reading it :)

I realy want to join a Soshified trip now even though I don't think I would fit in too much perhaps :D
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Posted 23 December 2011 - 09:28 AM

Michael, will ur be organisin a trip to attend snsd concert in bangkok 2012?
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Posted 26 December 2011 - 11:28 AM

arrrr....so jelous ! must go to their concert some day ! :) :D
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