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[INTERVIEW] First Japan Tour Pamphlet

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Posted 27 June 2011 - 12:51 AM


so in addition to all the pretty photos, the Japanese tour pamphlet also included a four page interview. :)


Last year, with overwhelming performances Girls’ Generation has swept over Japan. This time with a live tour they will show their valuable abilities in Japan and across Asia. With the Japanese single “MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run” and the album “GIRLS’ GENERATION” leading the way, a full scale generation of girls has come to Japan.

- On a certain day in April, in Korea -

Interviewer: Congratulations on getting a live tour in Japan!

SNSD: Thank you very much!

Interviewer: Feels like the fans have been waiting, but how is your enthusiasm?

Jessica: (looks around) Is it OK if I start?? With the tour almost starting, I’m looking forward to traveling with everyone!

Hyoyeon: I’m really hoping to be able to eat a lot of good food.

Tiffany: Hyoyeon suddenly brings up food. (laughs) I’m looking forward to meeting the Japanese fans.

Sooyoung: I…

Yuri: Yuri’s turn!

Sooyoung: Hey, that was sneaky! Speaking before me! (laughs) Times like this I want to talk first! (Since there are 9 members, they overlap in talking)

Yuri: (laughs) I’m looking forward to it because we’re going to perform songs from the new album for the first time. I want to prepare and show it on stage as soon as possible!

Sooyoung: Ok, my turn! Because it is the first time we can travel around with the Japan staff, I’m looking forward to meeting fans and working together with the staff.

Seohyun: In the interview when we released ‘Genie’, we were asked what our dream was and we answered with a Japan tour. For that to come true so fast is very miraculous and I’m looking forward to it!

Sunny: Although it is our first tour in Japan, we have experience once in Korea so I want to use that as a base. For us it’s the second tour, but the first tour in Japan and it’s also a chance to power up, so I’m looking forward to it.

Yoona: In Japan we were in Tokyo a lot, but I want to know more about Japan besides Tokyo. In this tour it is not just Tokyo; we will meet a lot of fans at various locations and it’s a good chance to know more about Japan. I’m so excited!

Taeyeon: I love it when fans wave the penlights! I’m looking forward to the sparkling lights when the seats are filled and everyone waves the penlights all at once.

Interviewer: When you first heard you’ll be doing a tour in Japan, what did you think?

Taeyeon: Yay!

Tiffany: Like that. (to Taeyeon) Say it again one more time. Ready~

Taeyeon & Hyoyeon: Yay!

Sooyoung: When I first heard about it I was happy, and as each place was decided I thought, ah, I’ll be standing on stage there, too. I’m very excited.

Seohyun: When I first heard? I didn’t know if we can quickly make it reality, but doing a tour in Japan is a dream for us. Because that dream came true so fast it’s wondrous and we have to prepare well.

Interviewer: Not just in Korea, but you have experience doing concerts in other countries. When you heard about the Japan tour, did you feel that there’s anything different?

Taeyeon: From what we heard from our seniors who worked in Japan before us, the environment of Japan’s concerts are good and depending on the place the atmosphere is different, so while the number of concerts increases, we can improve even more. I’m looking forward to that.

(Interviewer suddenly says to the translator) You really are translating simultaneously.

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] It’s amazing. (laughs)

(Sooyoung deliberately gives the recorder to the translator)

Hyeoyeon: [Japanese] Ah, Japanese study!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Study, study.

Interviewer: We got off topic. Ok, what do you think, Yoona?

Yoona: I felt very wonderful. Like Sooyoung said, when each place was determined, I started to feel it more and more that we are really doing a Japan live tour.

Sunny: Ah, again the other members answered…

Yoona: Times like this having many members is troublesome…oops I said it.

SNSD: (laugh)

Sunny: Honestly, we had experience doing concerts in other countries, but because this is the first tour, I was a little worried about how the fans would be different than Korea’s. But actually, even going overseas our fans are the same and while preparing for the tour, I believe if we show them ourselves as usual they’ll be happy.

Interviewer: You experienced the showcase labeled ‘Girls’ Generation arrives to Japan!’ at Ariake Coliseum on August 25th, 2010 and after that ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ (January 25th & 26th, 2011 at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Stadium), what do you think of the Japanese fans?

Hyoyeon: They watched us perform very intensely! Of course while concentrating they also cheered us on. Japanese fans watch us very intently while we sing and after it’s over they all cheer at once. I was moved with that image.

Sooyoung: During our first concert in Japan, they all cheered the same as the fans in Korea. I didn’t know if Japanese singers’ fans also have set chants, but in Korea there are and in a way, that’s Korean culture. They all memorized it in Korean. For example in ‘Genie’, there’s the line ‘sowoneul marhaebwa’ (tell me your wish), after that phrase the Japanese fans said, ‘marhaebwa’.

Manager: Marhaebwa!!

Hyo, Fany, Sunny: Like that!! (pointing to manager)

Taeyeon: I want to ask the fans how they memorize such hard choreography, but from what I’ve seen I think memorizing the chanting and cheering is also hard!

Interviewer: So that was the first impression. The fans researched and memorized the cheering.

Taeyeon: Yes!

Yuri: I was deeply moved then! At first I wondered if they knew our songs, but I was surprised when they came with the memorized chants.

Interviewer: I hear in Korea you have a lot of male fans, but in Japan there are a lot of female Girls’ Generation fans. I think they suddenly pay attention to your fashion when they see you, but are there any main points of your costumes this time?

SNSD: The costumes haven’t been determined yet! (laugh)

Yoona: Too bad!

Yuri: Even if there is a fashion highlight, I wonder if they can copy it.

Jessica: It’s because it’s very flashy!

Tiffany: Last year, the same happened in the tour in Korea, there was one main point in the costume changes and sets. This time with the Japan tour, I think we can expect a lot from the costumes. It’s because we look forward to the costumes at our Girls’ Generation lives.

Interviewer: I see, it’s not decided yet.

Yuri: Yes.

Taeyeon: We’re also looking forward to it!

Interviewer: When you have concerts, do you feel happy when wearing the dresses and costumes are seen in this way?

Seohyun: Um…

(a bug flies around Sunny and she cried out)

Other SNSD members: (laugh) Sunny!!

Sunny: [Japanese] I’m sorry!

Interviewer: Your Japanese is good!

SNSD: (laugh)

Interviewer: Alright then, Seohyun.

Seohyun: When we stand on stage, rather than our individuality, all members will often show one definite united impression with our costumes. I want to see that too!

Tiffany: Costumes are just one vital part of a concert. The same as song, performance, and dance, for us, costumes are a big point!

Jessica: Because there aren’t a lot of chances to hear our voices close on stage, at each city we visit I want the fans to hear our voices live. If we can send our feelings I would be happy.

Interviewer: Ah, Jessica you were spacing out. (laughs) Talk about costumes became talk about concerts. (laughs)

Jessica: Ah, sorry! I involuntarily changed the topic. (laughs)

SNSD: (laugh)

Sooyoung: It came up on the talk about costumes earlier, but I have a slightly different opinion. Before, when the Eagles came to Korea, we went to the concert, but the members appeared wearing Y-shirts and old looking shorts, while playing guitar and singing. Even though it wasn’t a special performance, I was very moved. I want to perform impressively even without the costumes and special effects. Although a gorgeous costume is fine, but above that I want the fans to pay attention to our music and performance.

Interviewer: I know you came to Japan many times, but when you walk around do you like Japanese fashion? In what way?

Hyoyeon: It’s very individualistic. Especially for women, age doesn’t matter, I think everybody has their own individual style. It’s so individualistic that I don’t think you can say “this kind of style!”

Jessica: There are a lot of rare items in Japan and I end up buying it. We often do mix and match fashion.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] The way they layer clothing is interesting. Japanese people are good at that. [Korean] They’re also good at matching colors. I think they often match their socks and shoes.

Interviewer: What about you, Yuri?

(Yuri is dozing, zzz)

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] Yuri-chan is sleepy! (She just finished two photo shoots and 2 magazine covers shoots.)

Yuri: I’m fine! (laughs) Whenever we’re free when we go to Japan, we go shopping! Japanese people are good at their own styling! Japanese girls are especially interested in fashion. There are a lot of different magazines and lots of information on fashion. I learn a lot when I go to Japan.

Seohyun: When you say fashion, it is something to express yourself with. I can see Japanese people have a lot of self confidence. When I see them wearing what they want and not embarrassed to express themselves, Japanese females really have self-confidence. Even in fashion there are a lot of unique items and I often think how interesting it’d be to take in this kind of fashion.

Interviewer: What do you think, Tiffany?

Tiffany: It’s probably the same as what the other members said. When I read Japanese magazines I want it all! When we receive sample magazine shoots, we think “let’s go to this shop and that shop”. Japan especially has cute pajamas! I remember we all went to a pajama store and buying a lot.

Hyoyeon: Before I had interest in nails, but every time we come to Japan, we all...

Tiffany: Japan style. We changed our nails to Japan fashion! (to Hyoyeon) Right!

Hyoyeon: Yes. Everyone!!

Seohyun: They become glamorous. (laughs)

Tiffany: But before they were plain...

Taeyeon: They weren’t plain, right? (laughs)

Interviewer: You do your nails in Japan?

Tiffany: Yes! At Japanese nail salons.

Interviewer: I see. Haha, OK, next is Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: Hmm..around now, I forgot the question... What was the question?

Everybody: (laugh)

Interviewer: Right, we changed the topic to nails.

Manager: Fashion and style.

Yoona: Ah, still about that.

Everybody: (laugh)

Taeyeon: Japanese fashion really continues to move forward. I often read Japanese magazines. After that I feel the same as the other members.

Interviewer: The answers are gradually becoming similar. (laughs) What about Yoona?

Yoona: When I see Japanese fashion, there are a lot of cute styles!

Tiffany: Sexy! Sexy!

Yoona: Why?! (laughs) Me?? I often find cute clothing. If I have a lot of time, I want to go here and there, but there are more and more people who notice me. I’m happy but...I end up troubling the store. Since there are still a lot of stores that I haven’t gone to yet, I want to go!

Interviewer: Alright, Sunny!

Tiffany: Sunny really suits Japanese fashion.

Sunny: What I see...

Taeyeon: There are brands not in Korea!

Sunny: Probably...don’t say it Taeyeon! Why does everyone say what I’m going to say first?

Taeyeon: Nine answers about one topic, we said so right?

Jessica: Size!

Sunny: I suit Japanese size.

Interviewer: You fit the size?

Taeyeon: Mini size. (laughs)

Sunny: I’m not mini!

Interviewer: The perspective changed. Next moving on, you will go to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. What Japanese food are you looking forward to?

Yuri: Takoyaki! Takoyaki! (fried octopus balls)

Hyoyeon: Ramen!

Tiffany: Now what worries me is that there’s a lot of good food in Japan and everyone will gain weight! No really!! It’s natural to always gain 2 kilos. I worry about that. But because I usually like drinks, snacks, and boxed lunches, and everything, I’m looking forward to each region’s special food.

Jessica: [Japanese] Really? [Korean] Getting fat. That’s not good.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Yes. Near Osaka-jo Hall there’s that boat, right? It’s there.

Taeyeon: You said you’ll eat pear?

Sunny: You’ll eat a boat?

*boat and pear have the same pronunciation*

Interviewer: That boat? You’ll eat a boat? Boat???

Manager: Taeyeon and Sunny thought it was pear.

Interviewer: Ah, that’s what it is.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] I want to ride that boat and sight see!

Taeyeon: Since I don’t know what each place’s famous food is, I’ll ask about the region’s recommendation and eat that!

Interviewer: I’m sure the fans will tell you.

Taeyeon: I think so!

Interviewer: You’ll get to learn about delicious Japanese food from now. But before you talked about ‘hitsumabushi’? (fried eel over rice)

Sooyoung: [Japanese] I heard about it from our manager.

Interviewer: I see, hitsumabushi is delicious!

Manager: Fukuoka has motsunabe (hot pot with beef or pork offal). But it’s not spicy like Korea’s. It’s famous food is a hot pot like samgyetang (chicken soup/stew).

Sunny: OK. I get it. The talk ends here!

rest of SNSD: Ah, Sunny ended the conversation! (laugh)

Interviewer: Motsunabe is also very good.

Manager: Sapporo has crab. Hiroshima has okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake). When they go they’ll know famous foods, but not now.

Hyoyeon: When we go, please treat us!

Manager: Uh...I understand...

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Since hot springs are famous, I want to go to a hot spring!

Interviewer: How about Fukuoka then?

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Is Fukuoka famous for it?

Interviewer: If you go a little from Fukuoka, there are a lot of hot springs.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Let’s go! Let’s go!

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] Let’s go!

Interviewer: Since there really isn’t a time where you guys are not excited when talking about food, (laughs) on the other hand, do you have Japanese foods that you don’t like?

Tiffany: Internal organs.

Yuri: [Japanese] Cow tongue.

Manager: But there’s cow tongue in Korea too.

Jessica: Cow tongue.

Interviewer: Ah, Jessica also doesn’t like cow tongue.

Sunny: We don’t have a lot of foods that we don’t eat. Everybody eats really well.

Tiffany: Sunny eats everything well! (laughs)

Manager: How about horse meat sashimi?

Yoona: Never had it before!

Manager: They also have horse meat sashimi in Kyuushu too.

Yoona: If I try it once and it’s delicious, I’ll eat it!

Sunny: Even if you treat me to it, I’m not sure I can eat it.

Hyoyeon: Well it’s not like the manager will treat us.

Manager: …

Tiffany: Everyone is full of curiosity so I think we’ll try eating it!

Interviewer: There aren’t too many foods you guys can’t eat then.

Yuri: That’s not true.

Interviewer: So Sunny is the only one who doesn’t have anything she can’t eat?

Taeyeon: I can’t eat sea squirts!

Interviewer: Sea squirts are no good? What about Yuri?

Yuri: It depends how the food looks?

Manager: So like sannakjii (eating live octopus)?

Yuri: That’s fine. Thinking about it, I don’t really have a standard for foods I don’t like.

Taeyeon: So stuff that looks gross?

Yuri: I can’t eat cow tongue and internal organs.

Interviewer: Do you have any food that you don’t eat, Seohyun?

Seohyun: Nope!

Sunny: She doesn’t have any.

Tiffany: What about hamburgers?

Seohyun: I can eat hamburgers.

Taeyeon: Beondegi (silkworm pupae).

Seohyun: I can eat that!

Hyoyeon: Beondegi are a chunk of protein. Good for a diet.

Manager: There’s no beondegi in Japan.

Yuri: [Japanese] It’s not in Japan?

Interviewer: Probably not.

Hyoyeon: It’s full of protein and the best for a diet.

Seohyun: From a Japanese perspective, eating raw chestnuts seems to be thought as odd, but you don’t eat raw chestnuts?

Interviewer: Yes, not raw.

Taeyeon: Do you eat it roasted?

Interviewer: Yes!

Hyoyeon: We love raw chestnuts!

Seohyun: In Japan, Hyoyeon and I were walking and eating raw chestnuts and when people saw us, they gave us odd looks.

Hyoyeon: We were surprised!

Seohyun: I was really surprised.

Taeyeon: Something we can’t eat? (to Yoona) Umeboshi (pickled plum), right?

Yoona: I can’t eat it!

Tiffany: [English] In my bag! [Korean] I love umeboshi! It’s always in my bag!

Interviewer: What about natto (fermented soybeans)?

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] I like natto.

Tiffany: [English] (I can’t stand the) smell.

Interviewer: I see, there are a lot of people who can’t take the smell.

Yuri: Everyone has their own food preferences.

Interviewer: Jessica can you eat natto?

Jessica: Natto? [English] No!!!! (shakes head)

Interviewer: Same with umeboshi?

Jessica: I can’t eat it...I have a lot of foods I like and dislike.

Interviewer: Alright, it's suddenly time for GIRLS’ GENERATION 1st TOUR Goods Corner!!!

SNSD: Yay!!!!

Taeyeon: Alright, now it’s part 2!

Yuri: I wonder if Japanese fans will buy the tour pamphlet that we’re interviewing for now.

Interviewer: They will, they will. I think many will buy it!

Yuri: In Korea there’s no tour pamphlet, right?

Manager: Yes.

Taeyeon: But there are for operas and musicals.

Yuri: That’s why the system to make a pamphlet for Japan is very mysterious!

Interviewer: Japanese fans buy it to commemorate going to a concert. Alright, now its time for the goods! First is the ball pen!

Taeyeon & Sooyoung: [Japanese] Cute!!!

Sunny: [Japanese] I want it.

Jessica: I also want it!!!!

Manager: Ball pen.

Interviewer: Alright, next is the T-shirt!

Taeyeon: Around the ending of the concert, we’ll probably be wearing this.

Yoona & Tiffany: Let’s wear it! Let’s wear it!

Interviewer: Penlight!

Seohyun: Pretty!!

Manager: It’s pink!

Tiffany: Pink! Pink! I love pink!!!

Manager: This comes with the ticket.

Interviewer: Next is the mirror!

SNSD: Mirror!!!! Cute!

Taeyeon: I want it!!!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Will we also get everything??

Manager: [Japanese] Of course!

Sunny: [Japanese] Of course, of course.

Sooyoung: Yay!

Interviewer: Next is the mug cup with lid!

SNSD: Wow!!!! That’s cute! I want it!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Cute!!!!

Yuri: [Japanese] What color? Is it white?

Interviewer: The color is white with gold.

Sunny: It comes with a lid!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] It comes with a lid!!! I understand!!

Yuri: (claps) [Japanese] Amazing! Amazing.

Interviewer: Next are the cookies.

Sooyoung: Cookies!

SNSD: Kyaa!! Amazing! (Yuri waves her arms around)

Manager: These are cookies!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] It’s like Girls’ Generation Land!!

Taeyeon: Are all the goods sold separately?

Manager: Of course! The fans choose and buy the goods they like.

Taeyeon: [Japanese] The cookies are cute!

Interviewer: Alright, next are the towels!

Jessica: They’re so cute!

Hyoyeon: If everybody has a towel I’d be happy.

Interviewer: This is the bigger tower. This is the smaller towel.

Yuri: (to the managers explaining the towel sizes) You’re like merchants!

SNSD: (laugh)

Yuri: [Japanese] This is cute!

Interviewer: Next is the carry home paper bag that can hold everything.

Tiffany: It’s like a shopping bag!

Interviewer: Next is the planner. There’s a calendar inside.

Yuri: [Japanese] I want it!!

Manager: It includes a calendar and everyone’s birthday is also written in it!

Interviewer: Next is the key holder.

Sunny: This is cute! I like it!

Jessica: I also like it!

SNSD: This is also cute!!

Interviewer: Scrunchy!

Sunny: Girls put it on like this. Cute!

Manager: Recently in Japan, many people wear them around their wrists and not on their heads.

Sooyoung: If people wear this it’d be easy to spot fans!

Sunny: This is very cute!

Yuri: Very cute!

Interviewer: Next is the clip.

Tiffany: If it’s this cute I definitely want it.

Manager: It holds paper here. It only holds letters.

Yuri: They made this and that. There’s everything.

Yoona: Amazing! Fun!!

Interviewer: OK everybody, there’s a lot of goods here, but which do you like?

Yuri: This, the mug cup. It’s especially nice since it comes with a lid. And the handle is shaped like a heart.

Sunny: I recommend the cookies!!!!

Taeyeon: [Japanese] I choose this (penlight)!!

Interviewer: Taeyeon, everybody who goes to the concert will get one.

Taeyeon: Ah, I see!

Seohyun: [Japanese] I choose the towel!

Yoona: We have to choose? It’s all so cute I can’t choose!

Tiffany: I just look at it and want to buy it.

Sooyoung: I think I’m so troubled I don’t know what to choose. Even when I was in New York and saw a musical, I wanted the related goods. I wanted it all but when I think of my wallet...

Hyoyeon: Sooyoung, you’re nice!

Taeyeon: This is really cute. [Japanese] I choose the pen.

Jessica: Key holder!! I’ll always have it on!

Tiffany: (to Yoona) You’ll choose that, right?

Yoona: The mirror is nice, I recommend it!

Hyoyeon: I choose the planner!! I’ll use it!!

Manager: The planner? Hyoyeon says she chose the planner.

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] I also want the towel! I want them both...

Yuri: Even something small...

Interviewer: What do you choose Tiffany? The scrunchy?

Tiffany: Because it’s pink!

Seohyun: Actually I want the ball pen!

Interviewer: Seohyun changed to the ball pen. What about you, Sunny?

Sunny: I choose the cookies!!!

Interviewer: Alright, one last thing. Please one by one say a message for the fans in Japan.

Yoona: One by one?

Sunny: Aaaah, I’ll speak first!

*SNSD scrambles to get the recorder. Me! Me! They will say it before me!!!!

(Sooyoung takes the recorder and starts to speak)

Sunny: No no!! There’s the camera!

Yuri: (Towards the camera) Thank you very much for coming. I love you all.

Sunny: Yuri is talking to the camera!

Hyoyeon: Please look forward to it!

Manager: One by one briefly.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] This is really funny.

Interviewer: Pass around the recorder.

Sunny: Ah, Jessica isn’t here!

Interviewer: Huh??

Manager: Ah, she’s back!

Interviewer: Alright, let's pull ourselves together.

Sooyoung: OK, I’ll start! When I saw all the same penlights waved at the same time during the showcase, I was very moved. Everybody made a wave with the same pink colored penlight. When we see our seniors’ concerts, each artist has their own symbolic color. From the seats, it’s like seeing fireworks and I thought, “If this was pink it’d be so pretty”. Of course in Korea and in other countries when we held concerts we saw it countless times, but the scale of this tour is big and I’m looking forward to being able to see an even bigger pink wave. I always have a new feeling every time I stand on stage, but since its the first tour in Japan, I want many people to hear our songs and I'd be happy if they send their support. [Japanese] Please look forward to it.

Interviewer: Ok, next is Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: Hyoyeon?

Interviewer: No, no. (laughs) Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: I’m sorry...I was joking around. (laughs) I want the audience to have fun watching the stage. Please treasure the goods and I hope you’ll never forget it.

Interviewer: OK, thank you very much. Alright, Hyoyeon.

Hyoyeon: I think fans are coming to see it with expectations and because we don’t want to lose to the fans, we are trying our best to prepare and I want to have fun together. I want to have fun while on stage and with the fans in their seats. I’ll try my best to have a great performance and for the fans to take back good memories.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you! Alright, Tiffany.

Tiffany: Like what was said before, we are really preparing many things. It would be great if the fans watch our concert and when they go home they’ll want to go again. It’s our first tour in Japan, but I want it to be a start for them to see Girls’ Generation every year from now.

Interviewer: Ok, next is Seohyun.

Seohyun: A concert is day for just us and the fans. The time for a concert is time for us and the fans. Right now we are also eagerly anticipating it and I think the fans are also awaiting for the day of the concert. I will practice dance with everything I got so that on the day of they can hear the best of our singing and receive our energy! Please look forward to it!

Interviewer: Sunny, please.

Sunny: I think there’s a true charm in doing a tour. Going to many different cities is a tour’s charm. Because I think the fans are looking forward to the tour as we are, if we can have a fun time together, when the tour ends something new is born. I want to share those memories.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Alright, Yoona, please.

Yoona: Although I’m very nervous, I’m looking forward to a lot of fun experiences that seem to be waiting. Because from now this is the start from Japan, I would like them to watch over us to the end.

Interviewer: Thank you. Ok, Jessica, please.

Jessica: Because it’s our first tour in Japan, I think everyone is looking forward to it. Since we are preparing a lot of things and I want to show a new image, I want us to have fun together. And I will be happy if they remember it as a good memory from this year. When they look back on this year, it would be great if they think of Girls’ Generation’s tour.

Interviewer: Ok, Yuri.

Yuri: First, I thank the fans who bought the tour pamphlet from the bottom of my heart. This is our first tour in Japan, but I’ll be happy if I can share a memorable tour with everyone. I will give my best to make a wonderful performance, so that they can anticipate the next concert. From now please have many expectations and interests. Also, I will be happy if we can be together on our 10th tour in 10 years.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you very much. That’s a wrap!

SNSD: [Japanese] Thank you for your hard work!

Translated by: redsunset@soshified.com and arghninja@soshified.com
Source: Japanese Tour Pamphlet (personal copies)
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:02 AM

reading this as i type this comment, hehe,

thanks for the lengthy translation..

Very much appreciated! GBU!
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:07 AM

Wow. Thanks for an amazing translation! It seems like the girls had a heck of a time during the interview even though they were tired. Awesomez. :D
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:09 AM

Thanks for translating! This interview was so cute. Lucky interviewer! I really liked how their answers were similar in style but unique in idea; it shows that they're really close!

And Yuri was dozing, poor tired Yuri :( But that was cute of her! She really loves Takoyaki, doesn't she? HAHA. Jessica's cute, too! XD she still spaces out.

It seems they enjoyed this interview, didn't they? :D HAHA. the members scrambling for the recorder was funny.

Seohyun eats hamburgers? O_O Ah, probably just rarely.

"Interviewer: What do you choose Tiffany? The scrunchy?

Tiffany: Because it’s pink!"
<- Aigoo, this pinku otaku. So cute xD

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haha! thanks for the translation! Dang,really gotta love Fany and her obsession with Pink! Yuri would always choose Takoyaki XD I wanna buy their concert goodies >.<
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:14 AM

Thanks for the translation. I loved reading it. The atmosphere is great. The girls are so funny and cheerful. They really eat a lot of strange foods. I should try them too.
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:15 AM

Wow thank you so much for translating. What an awesome interview.
Taeyeon calling Sunny mini size made me laugh a lot Posted Image
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Mollysmiles Mollysmiles
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:17 AM

Omg thanks for the translation! It was so cute when they were talking about the food and the concert items! I want the penlight too! Haha, I wish I was in Japan to experience them there!! :3 Girls' Generation JJANG!
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Aliciax Aliciax
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:18 AM

Thanks for the amazing translation!! Haha that was such a cute interview lol, the girls were just playing around and showing their awesome sides.
Mann, if only this was on video!
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jouls14 jouls14
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:24 AM

Aww! I wanna see the videoooooo so bad (if there's) :( The girls seem to be in a VERY good mood! So lively! Even the manager has to interrupt them once in a while. Adorkable <3 Loving this interview, so laid back and funny!

Gosh, so many AWESOME goodies lately~ Gonna be broke. OTL :teehee:
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jolovessnsd jolovessnsd
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:25 AM

thanks for the translation!
our girls are indeed noisy & interrupting each other all the way! LOL..

but it's so great to read & understand our girls POV on the tour..
they love the stage so much & i hope the rest of the tour will be as successful as it had been for the past few ones..

And most importantly, i hope to be at the 10th concert in their 10th year!
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Posted Image
Posted Image
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:27 AM

Wow~ it's so long XD
I had fun reading it !
thank you for translating
i appreciate it a lot ^_^
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SY24 SY24
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:27 AM

Why did they not record this?? LOL
It would of been funny to see sunny scream over a bug XDD
The interview is so interesting...girls hilarious as always lol
Thank you for translating!
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Posted Image

sanasnam sanasnam
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:27 AM

wow! that's so long., thank you so much for the translation., :unworthy:
lol, they are so funny who wanted to spoke first., :laugh:

aHhhh, the goods are so good, (want them) :crybaby:

hope they can eat all the foods they want to eat.,

go Girl's Generation.. :ph34r: JAPAN :ph34r:
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zheming zheming
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:29 AM

Thank you for the very much needed translation!
I'm sure all of us appreciate your effort,i'll enjoy reading through this.
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dan4413jwfJUH dan4413jwfJUH
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:30 AM

Yeah! thks for the lengthy translation!!! wowzz what a task~~~ but its soo awesome! its so touching to see them being themselves, being excited to go to japan and try new things...i shld be more open like them haha XP anyway...i want those tour goods!! im looking forward to the tour but i wont be there *cries* anyway i like the part "at each city we visit I want the fans to hear our voices live. If we can send our feelings I would be happy. "(jessica yes plz!! come to sg too pls girls :DDDD they really DO bring happiness everywhere they go...haha snsd fighting...i want the tour book so bad~~ :(
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XenJin XenJin
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:36 AM

Thanks for the translation guys. really enjoyed reading this. All the girls were so cute in this video :D

Keep up the hard work !!!
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firasalmira firasalmira
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:39 AM

thanks for translating!
the girls are really... LOL they're so funny XD
and they're so nice too! ^^
i love them so much <3
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Caricactures Caricactures
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:50 AM

Wow, they really started talking all at once. XD I don't even know how the translator managed to translate all the exact things they said.
Long read but thanks for the hard work. Kamsahamnida!
LOL the girls are all so excited and I think they are very happy too that the arena tour has been such a success. I'm already getting excited for the Korea tour!!!! :D
Their manager can speak Japanese? LOL I didn't know that.

Thank you so much for translating!
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Posted Image
As a Twin Trooper, I promise to always stay loyal to our Twin Generals,
To help and to support them in their dorky conquest of the world, To diligently
defend our YoonYul Alliance base, To assist their master plan of hair growth,
And to always uphold this Twin Trooper vow.

Posted Image

sh316102 sh316102
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Posted 27 June 2011 - 01:50 AM

That was a detailed translation. Is there a video of it somewhere or it comes only in words?

Somehow, I can imagine the girls doing all those that was described, with their hyper-energy, but I want to see it, if there's a video of it..
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