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@  venklado (03:08:19 PM) please reup this https://www.soshifie...-fanmade-video/
@  cinderella@y... (05:04:56 PM) @kamil np
@  cinderella@y... (05:04:42 PM) @yoonashidae2 worth the money
@  kamil (03:08:49 PM) thank you @cinderella@yoona! :)
@  StaticRain (02:59:33 PM)

ill try that again, here's the working link. https://gfycat.com/w...on-taeyeon-snsd

@  Keitaro88 (02:05:54 PM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...pg&name=900x900
@  hikki-x (10:50:07 AM) can't wait to get mine!
@  yoonashidae2 (09:38:05 AM)

@cinderella@yoona me want T_T 

@  StaticRain (05:43:20 AM)


@  cinderella@y... (04:32:49 PM) oh yeah got mine album yesterday .. look like some toy box lol
@  cinderella@y... (04:31:23 PM) done
@  cinderella@y... (04:28:24 PM) @kamil just report it .. only staff/mod can delete the post
@  kamil (03:44:19 PM)

I am totally blanking right now... we cannot delete post reply anymore or am I missing something? (I inadvertently double posted :( )

@  yoonashidae2 (08:02:07 AM)

https://www.youtube....IRLS'GENERATION forever 1 behind the scenes :0

@  yoonashidae2 (07:26:36 AM)

yeah i guess it's only available on several countries :/

@  hikki-x (02:32:11 AM) thanks! never heard of via before! i found it on bilibili.tv
@  yoonashidae2 (12:42:09 AM)

@hikki-x i watched it in viu :D

@  hikki-x (01:05:32 PM) nvm i found it!
@  hikki-x (12:15:01 PM) hey guys, do you know where i could find Amazing Saturday's episode with erg sub please?
@  yoonashidae2 (06:31:36 AM)

soshi's first album have a tape version?!?!?!?!?

@  yoonashidae2 (02:34:16 AM)

finally put my viu subscription to a good use XD, waiting for the men on a mission ep as well

@  yoonashidae2 (02:31:54 AM)

@C-lowicious IKR, I guess everyone in the cast as well as the crews making her comfortable as well :D 

@  willtran22 (10:17:13 PM)

@CerealK1ller yo ikr, I've been a member here for almost 9 years!

@  Keitaro88 (04:36:27 PM) she is
@  C-lowicious (04:25:02 PM) I love that they called out Taeyeon saying she is so different on amazing saturday, I remember the first time watching the show I was like Ive never seen Taeyeon this comfortable and just assumed it was because Key was there and she was comfortable because of him lol~
@  C-lowicious (04:24:07 PM) Yes, I watched it yesterday too, and its so good to see them all on variety shows again. Hyoyeon was HILARIOUS, and Sooyoung not even getting to sing karaoke was too funny.
@  yoonashidae2 (08:40:51 AM)

amazing saturday with snsd was v chaotic

@  yoonashidae2 (08:11:56 AM)

@cinderella@yoona :0

@  cinderella@y... (01:43:16 AM) they be back next week
@  C-lowicious (11:53:22 PM) im realizing if they may not be performing because poor maknae is sick that means they won’t have a 4k Fancam like they talked about
@  C-lowicious (11:52:52 PM) Wait what’s an acrylic stand? Lol I didn’t see that I need to stop I barely had money for the album and necklace lol
@  snghigurashi (06:02:05 AM)

@C-lowicious I couldn't get a necklace :( But I did get the photocard packs and Tiffany's acrylic stand! I chose hers because the photocard is pink (my fave colour too) lololol. Hopefully I'll be able to get more if they stay in stock long enough though

@  impreza0109 (01:58:55 AM) S Kor tightened up their travel restrictions afaik, so even if you had the money and time, it'd be difficult