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@  yoonashidae2 (05:16:45 AM)

@soshivs09 oh right right, you can try discogs

@  soshivs09 (12:26:58 AM) yes, i have. thanks a lot, it's really helpful. but looks like not all their japanese discography available in spotify --'
@  yoonashidae2 (10:55:42 PM)

@soshivs09 i guess spotify have it? I also made my playlist referring to the artist page. here's my compiled playlist xD https://open.spotify...5e0e75952a04459

@  yoonashidae2 (10:53:25 PM)


@  soshivs09 (09:48:52 PM) wanna make my own playlist about all soshi release :)
@  soshivs09 (09:48:31 PM) if not available here, can anyone suggest other site that has it? thanks :)
@  soshivs09 (09:48:09 PM) hi guys. been a while since the last time i visited this forums. wanna ask, do here has list of all soshi release (korean & japan) in chronological order?
@  zez (09:44:07 AM)

Hi people!

@  Keitaro88 (10:33:21 PM) prob would be 2 :/
@  korniceman3000 (01:07:31 PM) For once, it would be nice if SM would spend some time and effort to make this a good album that they have time to promote together as a group and not some formality where they release, then back to solo activities...
@  Gnormous9 (11:34:23 AM) I'm building a museum for VR chat.. a 15th anniv SNSD museum. There are pics :)
@  Gnormous9 (11:33:53 AM) I posted about a project I'm working on in the main discussion.
@  Gnormous9 (11:33:32 AM) Henlo, Sones!
@  yoonashidae2 (04:40:13 AM)

hope the new album have some nostalgic snsd vibe, not just some generic music :D last album was great tho

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:51 AM)

@Kumakun yea but not much unique users xD

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:32 AM)

@ReD_TaeYeon yup

@  Kumakun (07:50:57 PM)

cool there are still people here

@  ReD_TaeYeon (04:15:23 PM) whoa new album this year
@  yoonashidae2 (04:37:39 AM)

and badass

@  yoonashidae2 (04:37:35 AM)

not a fan of edm but hyo's deep is quite catchy

@  yoonashidae2 (04:36:32 AM)


@  Keitaro88 (10:33:00 PM) hand on butt kekeke https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  Keitaro88 (09:58:37 PM) @Kumakun not many but still some here
@  Keitaro88 (09:58:15 PM) @yoonashidae2 cool :)
@  Keitaro88 (02:08:44 PM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  yoonashidae2 (09:39:20 AM)

@cinderella@yoona ayy

@  yoonashidae2 (09:39:00 AM)

@Kumakun not much i guess

@  yoonashidae2 (09:38:47 AM)

@Keitaro88 i alr found a seller thanks:D

@  Kumakun (08:17:32 AM)

does this forum still have active user?

@  Kumakun (08:17:03 AM)


@  cinderella@y... (09:31:19 PM) oh yeah snsd are back
@  Keitaro88 (08:08:42 PM) shops*
@  Keitaro88 (08:08:35 PM) prob ebay, dont think shop has 2000 stuff
@  yoonashidae2 (03:35:06 AM)

1st gens k stuff quite rare I guess, or I'm just not good at searching

@  yoonashidae2 (03:34:21 AM)

@Keitaro88 yup yup

@  Keitaro88 (04:39:03 PM) wait u need physical. prob only on ebay or korean shops
@  yoonashidae2 (08:12:47 PM)

i alr found it but I need more album.. bcs the shipping fees are just too high for ordering only 2 CDs xD

@  yoonashidae2 (08:07:11 PM)

@Keitaro88 what's JPS?