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@  iheartPreSun (03:59:38 AM) yo Mr. Apple!
@  Mr. Apple (02:01:02 AM) Ayo
@  Keitaro88 (07:58:07 AM) >_> https://pbs.twimg.co...jpg&name=medium
@  In2daNewWrld (04:59:57 PM)


@  iheartPreSun (12:02:32 PM) thanks!
@  datlmhg (04:41:10 AM) here https://forums.soshi...showtopic=47904
@  datlmhg (04:15:09 AM) @iheartPreSun i found the source, but i haven't found the HD image yet.
@  datlmhg (04:11:42 AM) @iheartPreSun thank you, but the poses are not the same.
@  datlmhg (04:10:51 AM) @iheartPreSun yes it is, but i can't find the source of this picture
@  iheartPreSun (05:48:19 PM) here https://sookyeong.wo...-new-chocolate/
@  iheartPreSun (05:44:32 PM) @datlmhg if i'm not mistaken this was the photo for LG?
@  iheartPreSun (05:40:50 PM) really?
@  korniceman3000 (01:37:41 PM) Wow! Most shoutbox activity in the past month!!
@  datlmhg (09:04:44 AM) Where can i find hd of this photo? https://linksharing....om/rJthlNyU60Gh
@  datlmhg (05:16:32 AM) What day is this YTN STAR?.https://www.soshified.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/1fUUt.jpg
@  iheartPreSun (05:07:31 AM) that's kissing you fit so maybe around early 2008?
@  iheartPreSun (05:03:07 AM) uh so baby soshi
@  datlmhg (05:02:03 AM) https://soshified.co...8/1fUUt.jpgWhat day is this YTN STAR?
@  norman28 (08:17:02 PM) Sup!