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#4405632 [OTHERS] What It Means To Be a SONE

Posted by yjw1234 on 17 October 2011 - 11:21 PM

Please turn on the background music (the YouTube video) before scrolling down


"If you will be SNSD next life, so will I be a SONE."

Source: CISTUS

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#4067449 [PICTURES] 「GLOBAL GENERATION」소녀시대 4주년기념 선물

Posted by Soy on 03 July 2011 - 11:51 PM

「GLOBAL GENERATION」소녀시대 4주년기념 선물!
It's that time again guys! This is just the beginning of the updates for the gifts/support items we're giving to Girls' Generation for their 4th Anniversary this year! Since 2008, we've been supporting Girls' Generation with a gift package each year to celebrate their years together and this year is no difference (we'll have a long journey ahead of us and more projects as they continue). We wanted to highlight more of their classy/grown-up style/womanly growth this year but we also decided to kick it back with a couple of fun items because we're always looking after those "girls" inside of them! Hope you enjoy our gift selection this year and thank you everyone that helped contribute ideas/links/time/effort into this project. We wouldn't have been able to do it without our staff/community! You guys are truly the best and continue to help us time after time! I'm so proud of us!

Without further ado here are the gifts!

Gucci GG Rings

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
(We've wanted to get these since the Girls debuted but have never had the chance until now. The Gucci brand has 2 linked G's that reminds us of the first Girls' Generation album so hopefully this ring will remind them of their first album and how far they've come and will continue to progress)

Tiffany & Co Pink Heart Necklaces

Posted Image
(What is SONE without the heart, right? And the signature pink color makes this necklaces the fitting piece of jewelry for the Girls to wear casually)

Mulberry Friendship Heart Bracelets

Posted Image
Posted Image
(A favorite brand of the Girls. We had to buy these necklaces from 3 different stores (2 in the UK, and 1 in the US) because of how limited the quality of these bracelets are. Friendship bracelets but with an upgraded/more-grown up appeal is why this bracelet was a must get for the Girls. It represents their bond together!)

Wildfox Couture Astrology Shirts

Posted Image
(A shirt for each girl respective to their different signs. Hyoyeon (Virgo "Sensibly Reckless") Sooyoung (Aquarius "Simply Irresistible"), Tiffany (Leo "Me First"), Yoona (Gemini "Trouble"), Jessica (Aries "Double Dare Me"), Taeyeon (Pisces "Dream"), Seohyun (Cancer "Imagine"), Yuri (Sagittarius "Happy Go Lucky"), Sunny (Taurus "Trust Me")

Victoria Secret Collection

Posted Image
Posted Image
(Collection of various VS iPad cases, shirts, hoodies. All stylish with a global supermodel theme.)

TOMS Shoes

Posted Image
(When you buy a pair of TOMS shoes another pair is donated to a child in need, various styles with sizes specific to each girl!)

Ralph Lauren Monogrammed Towels

Posted Image
(Towels to wipe off any sweat that comes their way from hard work..)

Cloud9 Watches

Posted Image
Posted Image
(Always have to make time for the 9 of them! Various colors but with the same huge 9 in the watches..)

Swarovski Crystalline Pens

Posted Image
Posted Image


Posted Image

Wishlantern Floating Lanterns

Posted Image

Fun Gifts

Posted Image
(Various fun toys the girls can enjoy together! Includes: DIY Kite kit, Flipbook kit, Grow Your Own Cucumber Garden, Make Your Own Gummis kit, Frog to Prince Kit, Grow your own Castle + Birthday cake, Various Popin' Cookin' kits)

Posted Image
(Scratch-off World Map so that they can document each country that they travel to/perform in by scratching it off the map and revealing it^^)

Soshiland: Global Edition

Posted Image
Posted Image
(Our staff members worked extremely hard to make this board become a reality! They added a "Girls' Generation" twist to the whole board and hopefully the Girls can enjoy it. From the game pieces to the money, everything has been "Soshified". These are the rules of Soshiland: http://bit.ly/qLqIfO and these are the props&ppl that worked on it! http://bit.ly/pxVq53)

Custom Andy Warhol-inspired Girls' Generation Canvas

Posted Image

Postcards from around the World

Posted Image
(All the awesome postcards that were contributed to our project this year! We wanted to let the Girls know that no matter where they are in the world, there is going to be SONEs =D The individual postcards can be found here)

Posted Image
Posted Image
(the awesome "pink" mailbox that was created and sent with the postcards for the Girls to keep^^)

Soshified Magazine with Messages!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
(major thanks to our graphics team, writers, and project leaders for pulling this all together! Hope the Girls enjoy the wonderful articles and heart-felt messages =D

Giftwrapped + Shipping boxes + Wine

Posted Image
Posted Image
(We put the anniversary stickers on the shipping boxes as well as the individual gift boxes. We decided to go a bit classier this year and wrap with pink & white tones^^)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Soshified Billboard in LA 'Global Generation'


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#3782756 [BOOK] Girls' Generation Memoirs

Posted by arghninja on 02 May 2011 - 10:46 PM

Hi all! I'm currently working on the Japanese book, GG Memoirs! I thought I learned my lesson translating another idol book in the past, but nope, guess I didn't.

Anyways, the book is actually mostly text with only a few color photos in the beginning of the book. This is a great book for those who are just getting to know Girls' Generation, as it starts from their beginnings and examines each member and their accomplishments over the years. For those Sones who have been around for a while, take a trip down memory lane and maybe you'll find something new. smile.gif

I plan to have it finished by their anniversary in August, but we'll see how that goes. ^^;
I'm hoping to release each chapter or sub chapter on a weekly basis and I'll just be updating this thread as I go, so keep checking back!

You can purchase the Japanese book from these sites:
Amazon Japan

Major props goes to my editor, Reyu! Thanks for helping out! And happy reading!

Girls' Generation Memoirs
Written by: Girls' Generation Research Group
Published by: Soryusha Publishing

Translated by: arghninja@ssf (aka Fenrir@jphip)
Edited by: Reyu@ssf (aka Yuuyami@jphip)

(Updated 8/14 - Completed)

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 - The Birth of Girls' Generation (see below)
Chapter 2 - Getting to Know Them More
Chapter 3 - Girls' Generation Touching Stories
Part 1
Part 2
Chapter 4 - Girls' Generation Cutie Phrases
Chapter 5 - Girls' Generation News
Chapter 6 - Misc. Info related to the Girls

Girls’ Generation Memoirs

Chapter 1

The Birth of Girls’ Generation

Homepage appearance of a new group

Resonating singing with polished dancing. Girls’ Generation takes that place as a girl group who is not your typical idol and is popular among the people. The girls first showed themselves on July 16, 2007. On the official SM Entertainment homepage, the 9 girls’ photos were shown to the public as the new girl group that was debuting in August.

There was a growing anticipation of the talented girl group, like Yuri, who already started activities as a model, and Sooyoung, who already had experience as a singer.

Furthermore, on the 18th, through community sites like Daum and on the official homepage, it was announced to the public that they would have a documentary filmed before their debut. On the 29th, the documentary program, “Girls Go to School,” aired on Mnet, showing their history starting from their auditions up to their debut. Girls’ Generation grabbed people’s attention even before their debut.

Trainee Generation who dashed out of training camp

Girls’ Generation, who appeared on “M Countdown” on July 19th and performed their debut song, “Into the New World” before an audience for the first time, officially debuted about 2 weeks later on August 2nd. Soon after, their first album, “Girls’ Generation,” was a hit and reached number 1 on SBS “Inkigayo” charts in November. From this, the girls that became a popular idol group steadily climbed the steps to stardom after this. And that success is backed by the number of years cultivated from their strict trainee days.

Each member of Girls’ Generation worked hard on their lessons for various length of time as SM entertainment trainees.

Jessica, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung each trained for about 6 to 7 years. The member with the shortest length of time, Tiffany, still trained for 3 years. Sunny was a trainee for 9 years when combined with the time when she was under another agency.

While each of them lived together in training camp, it was dance and singing practice day in and out. Because lessons were normally strict, it was expected to be more than 12 hours or longer every day. It was so strict that Taeyeon confessed on a variety show, “Star Golden Bell,” that she ran away from the training camp in Seoul and went back home. Tiffany, Taeyeon’s roommate at the time, looked back upon it and said, “I was so surprised coming back from practice to find Taeyeon’s belongings gone.”

Super Girls and the Member’s Vision

Trainee Generation improved their dance and singing skills and also learned the necessary languages in order to flourish overseas while living together in training camp.

Also, the Trainee Generation that were close in age, singing level and etc, were put into temporary groups and did activities together. The members of Girls’ Generation were also put into the temporary group, “Super Girls,” and did their lessons.

However, at the time, Super Girls was not 9 members, but 14 members. Formed in 2005, Super Girls afterwards went through some member changes and had some bumps and detours, but debuted as Girls’ Generation in 2007.

Well then, what happened to the girls who did not make it into Girls’ Generation? One girl who shared so much with the members of Girls’ Generation as a SM Entertainment trainee, Soyeon, is currently an active member of the 7 member vocal group, T-ara. Soyeon confessed on Korea’s cable channel Ntv program where while riding and chatting with the taxi driver called “Taxi” that she was a SM Entertainment trainee and was a member of Girls’ Generation predecessor group, Super Girls. Moreover, she told the bare truth that because she was weak-willed she withdrew from Super Girls and she was jealous of the earlier debut and success of Girls’ Generation.

Also, it wasn’t only Soyeon that could have been in Girls’ Generation. Placing 1st in the singing category in SM Entertainment 2003 auditions, trainee Lee Hwan Hee, and Stella, a girl personally scouted by SM Entertainment founder Lee Sooman, were both members of Super Girls. They definitely did not quit the group because they lacked the skills. Like Soyeon, they had the abilities, but left the group for other reasons.

Main member contender who was accepted to a prestigious university

While a main contender as a member of Girls’ Generation, Jang Ha Jin, quit as a trainee of her own free will. As a girl who loved singing and dancing, she passed SM Entertainment’s audition when she was in 6th grade and became a trainee. For 3 years, while going to school, she commuted from her home in Ilsan to the training place in Seoul and took on the strict lessons. Even becoming a trainee, she told her parents that she would not fail school and even during her commute her study guides never left her hands. And in middle school, her average grade was 95.

After Girls’ Generation debuted, Ha Jin appeared on KBS “Imagination Plus” and showed a picture of her with the members of Girl’s Generation. Overcoming the tough lessons together, one can definitely feel the bond of friendship between them.

If she had continued on as a trainee, she could have also debuted as a member of Girls’ Generation. However, it became progressively difficult to balance between the harsh lessons and school work. In the middle of all this, Ha Jin failed to get into the special high school for elite training. Because of this failure, she quit being a trainee and immersed herself in her studies. Now, Ha Jin is studying at the prestigious university, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). She does not regret quitting as a trainee at that time. And she cheers with all her heart for the success of the members she shared much with.

A member of the hot new group was also a contender?!

Co-ed, a 10 member group consisting of 4 girls and 6 boys, debuted in Korea in September of 2010. Their agency, Core Contents Media, is the same agency handles T-ara and Supernova.
One of the members in Co-ed who handles the solo parts with her overwhelmingly powerful singing voice, Chan Mi, was actually a contender to be in Girls’ Generation. At the time of Co-ed’s debut, Chan Mi’s SM Entertainment trainee photo circulated around the internet.

In the photo, Chan Mi was wearing a beige dress that the other fresh Girls’ Generation members were also wearing.

Because Chan Mi had quite a bit of talent and like the other Girls’ Generation members, Chan Mi’s voice and dancing were acknowledged. Regardless of her being only a trainee, with her talent and cute looks, an official Heo Chan Mi Fan Café was made. However, with unknown reasons, at some point in time, Chan Mi quit being a SM Entertaiment trainee, joined with Core Contents Media, and debuted as a member of Co-ed.

Also like Soyeon of T-ara, Chan Mi became rivals to friends she once shared a deep bond with. In Korea, attention is gathering on Co-ed about how much they can catch up to Girls’ Generation and what kind of activities they will be doing from now on.

Strategy of targeting teen females

Through the great success of legendary idol group H.O.T., SM Entertaiment started their idol training in 1997. Of course with boy groups as well, they also put in effort with girl groups and in the time up to 2000, about 40 girl groups debuted. However, the boy groups showed their results as it was, but nobody could say what was needed for a girl group to be successful.
Around the same time, Boa of SM Entertainment hit a big break. It was an era of authentic artists. Taking this hint, SM Entertainment planned for an idol girl group that could both sing and dance. That was Girls’ Generation. Up until now the biggest difference between idol girl groups and Girls’ Generation is the demographic of their fans. Up until now idol girl groups’ targets were male fans, but in contrast, Girls’ Generation’s target is females. Moreover, young teen females that are the same generation as the members.

Kenzie, SM Entertainment’s composer, created the song, “Into the New World,” an energetic song, but with a melody that shows the delicate and pure heart of female teens. This song was chosen to be Girls’ Generation debut song. Also, in their first album, “Girls’ Generation,” they covered the King of Live, Lee Seung Cheol’s 1989 hit song, “Girls’ Generation.” Kenzie boldly did the arrangement of Lee Seung Cheol’s “Girls’ Generation.” They also changed it to pop lyrics that relates to female teens. That kind of targeting worked amazingly and Girls’ Generation got their break in one hit.

After all the strict lessons, the girls who practiced hard for their skills, danced and sang songs that emphasized with girls of the same era. Since their debut, this concept hasn’t changed and they ushered in a girl group boom in 2009. Their group name “Girls’ Generation” means a girl’s era has come. Who would have thought that it really has become like their name right now in the K-pop world.

Passing SM’s Audition and becoming trainees

The members of Girls’ Generation aimed to be idols from when they were kids. Their background varies, such as becoming trainees after passing the SM’s public auditions that are held periodically or becoming trainees after being scouted.

Among that, there are contestants who compete and winners in SM Entertainment sponsored SM Best Youth Contest get their hands on a ticket to becoming a trainee. Those contests are separated into many categories and if you win first place in that category, it means you are one step closer to debut. Leader Taeyeon became a trainee after winning SM Entertainment’s Eighth Annual Best Singer Contest in 2004 when she was 15 years old. Yuri became a trainee after getting the grand prize in SM Entertainment’s 1st Annual Best Dance Contest in 2001 when she was 12 years old.

Back story of Japan’s Debut

Reason why Girls’ Generation was successful in Japan

Why did Girls’ Generation have a breakthrough in Japan? There are two reasons for this. First, through the spread of the internet and exchange between Japan and Korea, the difference of values have decreased regarding the values Korean and Japanese females have on make-up and fashion. Because of this, Korea’s sense of “pretty” became Japan’s “pretty” and Japan’s “cute” became Korea’s “cute.” Furthermore, cute Korean girl groups do more than sing and dance than Japanese idols. Even among them, with looks and talent, the top class of Korea’s entertainment world, the 9 members of Girls’ Generation, already had a high level of attention before their Japan debut and it was enough proof that a breakthrough was obtainable.

The second reason was the presence of their seniors, Boa and Tohoshinki. Boa, who debuted in Japan in 2001, and Tohoshinki, who debuted in 2005, had a big breakthrough and interests in Korean artists were high in Japan. These are definitely the reasons for Girls’ Generation breakthrough.

The agency’s vision intertwines Japanese debut

On August 25th, 2010 at Tokyo’s Ariake Coliseum, Girls’ Generation had their first Japanese public performance: Premium Showcase Live. Approximately 22,000 fans gathered for a total of 3 performances and over 1000 people of mass media crowded around. Also in the following month, on September 8th, “Genie” was released and finally their Japanese debut was achieved. “Genie” first appeared at number 5 on Oricon’s Daily Chart. For a foreign artist Japanese debut, it was extraordinary.

However, one month before Girls’ Generation’s Japan debut, there was another girl group who debuted. That group was the 5-member girl group, Kara. In Feburary 2010 at Akasaka Blitz, Kara held a live performance and quickly gathered attention. Also, when their debut was decided by Universal Sigma, an official fanclub was established. Furthermore, they had tireless activities before their debut, such as the commemoration sale release event for their special limited edition CD in Japan. And they accomplished their Japanese debut with the release of “Mister” in August.

Girls’ Generation debuted in Japan following Kara’s footsteps. So exactly how did it become like that? That is due to the different visions of the agencies the two 2 groups are attached to.
Girls’ Generation belongs to SM Entertaiment and Kara belongs to DSP Media. These two agencies have a rivalry going on between each other. For example, when SM Entertainment debuted H.O.T., in opposition, DSP Media debuted Sechkies. And again, in recent times, against Tohoshinki, SS501 debuted.

DSP Media has been following SM Entertainment up to now, but in regards to the big project of a Japanese debut of a girl group, DSP Media had a motive to be one step ahead of SM Entertaiment no matter what. Japan’s market still sold CDs more than Korea, where download sales were mainstream, so DSP Media wanted to get Kara selling before anybody else.
On the other hand, in opposite of DSP Media’s fierce offensive, SM Entertainment decided to take more care in Girls’ Generation’s development in Japan. That is because they had a painful experience in the past.

In 1997, SM Entertainment debuted the 3 member girl group, S.E.S., in Japan. However, the results were an utter failure. They did not get a break in Japan and because they shifted activities to Japan at the height of their popularity in Korea, the passion of the Korean fans began to cool down during that time. In order not to repeat that failure, SM Entertainment took extra care in choosing the song, the details of their debut event and most importantly, the length of time of their Japan debut before sending Girls’ Generation over.

Japan in August is immersed by Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation debuted in August of 2010 and Japan was dyed completely by them. Giant billboards of their debut song, “Genie,” were up in Ginza and Roppongi, and life sized stands of the girls were put in brand name record stores. As it was in the middle of summer vacation, many students stood in front of the panels and posters and took many photos as they pleased.
Girls’ Generation is gradually establishing that position of not your ordinary idols and is becoming a group that teen girls look up to. Admired in Japan, there are quite a few female copy dance groups out there.

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#4039331 [UFO] Full English Reply from Tiffany about Soshified

Posted by Soy on 27 June 2011 - 07:26 AM

Posted Image

lol haha she replied my UFO, I hope she goes on Soshified soon.
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#4218990 [OTHERS] "A SONE's Last Diary"

Posted by dan4413jwfJUH on 13 August 2011 - 05:56 AM

Edit: Updated with new translations and footnote. Original post is in spoiler tag below.

Last Words of a SONE to SNSD

The following is a blog/diary entry by a terminally ill SONE in July 2011, just weeks before SNSD’s solo concerts.

To: Girls’ Generation

You will probably never know who I am..
And you will probably never be able to read this.. ^^
But there’s someone who always diligently reposts my words so perhaps there is a chance.

I first saw you… September 2007… such a long time ago, right?
I bet you guys must also cringe at how you were back then…
Up until then, I had never been a fan of anything…
So how did I end up liking you so much?

I became addicted to cigarettes despite having been in ill-health
and I came to like you guys so much that I began to regret this,
When the first SONE fanclub membership was open… I wondered what the point of going that far would be.
To this day, I regret not joining… and last year, I could not because I came down with a sudden illness…
I regret so much that I couldn’t be more active in supporting you.
I realised too late how amazing it is to hang out with people, the SONE, who loved you and thought dearly of you as much as I did…
And 2008, when joy became horror… I had nobody to console or to be consoled by
But I stoically waited for you. And when it passed… and I saw the teaser for ‘Gee’
I cried silently.

Thank you.. Thank you so much.. Thank you for returning to our side..
But as you began your activities and I came to see you more often…
I began to forget to take care of my own body..

This would have been the first, and last, solo concert that I could have attended..
I’m sorry.. sorry that I don’t even have the strength to attend them now.

From the beginning to the end… I love you all… I wanted to see you…
I have never said “Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation” to you…
And so from now on, as long as my eyes are open and I still breathe, I will keep regretting…

I am not sad that I may have to go to America…
You guys are really famous now… no matter where I go, I can still hear news about you.

To you… I am just one of the hundreds of thousands of SONE…
In a concert arena, I am just one of the hundreds of SONE chanting for you…
On your birthday, I’m just one of the the hundreds of SONE writing letters to you…

Despite all that, I still like it all…
Because I feel your love…
I feel myself thinking so dearly of you, loving you…
Have I ever been a fan of anything this much in my life?
In the precious little time I have left, will I stop being this much of a fan ?
I don’t think so.

You know, even if I’m just one of
Hundreds of thousands… hundreds… I don’t mind.
SONE who say “I love you all forever”…
These really are the amazing people…
I don’t know if anyone else will see me like this, too…
But however I appear… but SNSD! You… all you need to know is this:
No matter where you are, no mater what you do…
We will be cheering you on.
Congratulations on your second solo concert… and I hope that you will stay healthy this year, too.
a SONE among hundreds of thousands

Source: 내사랑단신님. (bestiz)

This person successfully got the tickets to the concert, but was unable to attend. This was because they had to go to America on July 23rd for a last-chance medical treatment, with the SONE saying that this may be the end of the road.
We have not heard from them since.

I have been asked to spread this as wide as possible.
K-SONE are doing their part and spreading this post… so that SNSD can read the final words of a person who loved them so dearly and fulfill the dying wishes of a fellow SONE.

Translated and written by oniontaker @soshified.com


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#5470801 [PICS] 5th Anniversary Gifts

Posted by Ghost on 01 August 2012 - 09:01 PM

It's time for the big reveal - photos of the great gifts we all, as Soshified's 'One Love', sent the girls for their first 'big' anniversary.

Tiffany & Co Infinity Necklaces
First, in true Soshified tradition, the girls will open the box to see a new Tiffany & Co charm necklace, which donors voted to send. Of course, the infinity design is significant: as fans, we don't want just 5 years, we want to walk with SNSD forever. Everyone keep an eye out to see when the girls wear them!

Posted Image

Posted Image

Custom Swarovski Crystallized Phone Cases
Next, trendy personalized jewel cases from Crystal Rocked. As you can see, they're all tailored to what phones we've seen the girls carrying around lately.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Personalized Champagne Glasses
There's nothing like a glass of champagne to celebrate a wonderful 5th anniversary!

Posted Image

I AM SONE Photobook
After that, of course, the I AM SONE photobook! This was a product of the effort of so many people. In it, we focused on showing the girls a 'trip around the world' and a view of the friendships they've helped us make. If your photo appears in one of the follow snapshots and would prefer for Soshified to keep it private for the girls' eyes only, please PM Ghost and the snapshot will be removed from this thread. (Please note, this is not all the pages of the book - there were 60+ pages! So if you don't see yourself here, don't worry!)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

SBS Concert in America 5th Anniversary Event Support
With the concert being so close to the girls' anniversary, Soshified will be handing out paper signs wishing the girls a happy 5th anniversary along with free pink glowsticks. More information here: http://soshified.com...5th-anni-event/

Posted Image

You might be wondering, why are there fewer gifts than there have been in the past? With so many fancafes/clubs now sending the girls gifts in recent years, Soshified has been increasingly shifting it's focus on giving back to various charities all over the world in the girls’ names. In addition, this year we put the power in the hands of the donors, and you guys chose well - to donate more money to charity and to supporting the girls at the SBS concert.

Donations for the

Korean Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS) will continue to be accepted through the entire month of August. More information about the charity can be found here:



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#3489718 [COMIC] Soshifarm

Posted by oniontaker on 16 February 2011 - 02:05 AM

Visit Soshifarm's creator, Kim Taebong, at her blog and twitter @rlaxoqhd22

UPDATE August 25th

Soshi-farm :

Taeyeon Ep 1:

Taeyeon Ep 2:


Jessica Ep 1:

Jessica Ep 2:


Sunny Ep 1:

Sunny Ep 2:


Tiffany Ep 1:

Tiffany Ep 2:

Jeti Bonus:

Hyoyeon Ep 1:

Hyoyeon Ep 2:

Seohyun Bonus:

Yuri Ep 1 :

Roommate Bonus:

Kim Taebong's Gifts to other DC Taeyeon users bonus:

Yuri Ep 2:

Yuri Bonus:

Sooyoung Ep 1:

Kim Taebong's Gifts to other DC Taeyeon users bonus 2:

Hyoyeon Bonus

"A Spy at the Spa" Bonus:

Sooyoung Ep 2:

Darth Yuri & Jessicat Bonus:

Happy Birthday Taeyeon:

Kim Taebong's Gifts to other DC Taeyeon users bonus 3:

A Pink Cat's Wish Bonus:

Yoona Ep 1:

Yoona Ep 2:

A White Dog's Growth:

Am I Your Bamboo Wife:

I'm Also An Unnie:

Happy Birthday Jessica!:

Jessicat's Kimchi Fried...

Happy Birthday Sunny!:

Seohyun Ep 1:

Taeyeon's Selca Bonus:

Happy 4th Anniversary SNSD!:

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#4037597 [INTERVIEW] First Japan Tour Pamphlet

Posted by redsunset on 27 June 2011 - 12:51 AM

so in addition to all the pretty photos, the Japanese tour pamphlet also included a four page interview. :)


Last year, with overwhelming performances Girls’ Generation has swept over Japan. This time with a live tour they will show their valuable abilities in Japan and across Asia. With the Japanese single “MR.TAXI/Run Devil Run” and the album “GIRLS’ GENERATION” leading the way, a full scale generation of girls has come to Japan.

- On a certain day in April, in Korea -

Interviewer: Congratulations on getting a live tour in Japan!

SNSD: Thank you very much!

Interviewer: Feels like the fans have been waiting, but how is your enthusiasm?

Jessica: (looks around) Is it OK if I start?? With the tour almost starting, I’m looking forward to traveling with everyone!

Hyoyeon: I’m really hoping to be able to eat a lot of good food.

Tiffany: Hyoyeon suddenly brings up food. (laughs) I’m looking forward to meeting the Japanese fans.

Sooyoung: I…

Yuri: Yuri’s turn!

Sooyoung: Hey, that was sneaky! Speaking before me! (laughs) Times like this I want to talk first! (Since there are 9 members, they overlap in talking)

Yuri: (laughs) I’m looking forward to it because we’re going to perform songs from the new album for the first time. I want to prepare and show it on stage as soon as possible!

Sooyoung: Ok, my turn! Because it is the first time we can travel around with the Japan staff, I’m looking forward to meeting fans and working together with the staff.

Seohyun: In the interview when we released ‘Genie’, we were asked what our dream was and we answered with a Japan tour. For that to come true so fast is very miraculous and I’m looking forward to it!

Sunny: Although it is our first tour in Japan, we have experience once in Korea so I want to use that as a base. For us it’s the second tour, but the first tour in Japan and it’s also a chance to power up, so I’m looking forward to it.

Yoona: In Japan we were in Tokyo a lot, but I want to know more about Japan besides Tokyo. In this tour it is not just Tokyo; we will meet a lot of fans at various locations and it’s a good chance to know more about Japan. I’m so excited!

Taeyeon: I love it when fans wave the penlights! I’m looking forward to the sparkling lights when the seats are filled and everyone waves the penlights all at once.

Interviewer: When you first heard you’ll be doing a tour in Japan, what did you think?

Taeyeon: Yay!

Tiffany: Like that. (to Taeyeon) Say it again one more time. Ready~

Taeyeon & Hyoyeon: Yay!

Sooyoung: When I first heard about it I was happy, and as each place was decided I thought, ah, I’ll be standing on stage there, too. I’m very excited.

Seohyun: When I first heard? I didn’t know if we can quickly make it reality, but doing a tour in Japan is a dream for us. Because that dream came true so fast it’s wondrous and we have to prepare well.

Interviewer: Not just in Korea, but you have experience doing concerts in other countries. When you heard about the Japan tour, did you feel that there’s anything different?

Taeyeon: From what we heard from our seniors who worked in Japan before us, the environment of Japan’s concerts are good and depending on the place the atmosphere is different, so while the number of concerts increases, we can improve even more. I’m looking forward to that.

(Interviewer suddenly says to the translator) You really are translating simultaneously.

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] It’s amazing. (laughs)

(Sooyoung deliberately gives the recorder to the translator)

Hyeoyeon: [Japanese] Ah, Japanese study!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Study, study.

Interviewer: We got off topic. Ok, what do you think, Yoona?

Yoona: I felt very wonderful. Like Sooyoung said, when each place was determined, I started to feel it more and more that we are really doing a Japan live tour.

Sunny: Ah, again the other members answered…

Yoona: Times like this having many members is troublesome…oops I said it.

SNSD: (laugh)

Sunny: Honestly, we had experience doing concerts in other countries, but because this is the first tour, I was a little worried about how the fans would be different than Korea’s. But actually, even going overseas our fans are the same and while preparing for the tour, I believe if we show them ourselves as usual they’ll be happy.

Interviewer: You experienced the showcase labeled ‘Girls’ Generation arrives to Japan!’ at Ariake Coliseum on August 25th, 2010 and after that ‘SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO’ (January 25th & 26th, 2011 at Tokyo’s Yoyogi Stadium), what do you think of the Japanese fans?

Hyoyeon: They watched us perform very intensely! Of course while concentrating they also cheered us on. Japanese fans watch us very intently while we sing and after it’s over they all cheer at once. I was moved with that image.

Sooyoung: During our first concert in Japan, they all cheered the same as the fans in Korea. I didn’t know if Japanese singers’ fans also have set chants, but in Korea there are and in a way, that’s Korean culture. They all memorized it in Korean. For example in ‘Genie’, there’s the line ‘sowoneul marhaebwa’ (tell me your wish), after that phrase the Japanese fans said, ‘marhaebwa’.

Manager: Marhaebwa!!

Hyo, Fany, Sunny: Like that!! (pointing to manager)

Taeyeon: I want to ask the fans how they memorize such hard choreography, but from what I’ve seen I think memorizing the chanting and cheering is also hard!

Interviewer: So that was the first impression. The fans researched and memorized the cheering.

Taeyeon: Yes!

Yuri: I was deeply moved then! At first I wondered if they knew our songs, but I was surprised when they came with the memorized chants.

Interviewer: I hear in Korea you have a lot of male fans, but in Japan there are a lot of female Girls’ Generation fans. I think they suddenly pay attention to your fashion when they see you, but are there any main points of your costumes this time?

SNSD: The costumes haven’t been determined yet! (laugh)

Yoona: Too bad!

Yuri: Even if there is a fashion highlight, I wonder if they can copy it.

Jessica: It’s because it’s very flashy!

Tiffany: Last year, the same happened in the tour in Korea, there was one main point in the costume changes and sets. This time with the Japan tour, I think we can expect a lot from the costumes. It’s because we look forward to the costumes at our Girls’ Generation lives.

Interviewer: I see, it’s not decided yet.

Yuri: Yes.

Taeyeon: We’re also looking forward to it!

Interviewer: When you have concerts, do you feel happy when wearing the dresses and costumes are seen in this way?

Seohyun: Um…

(a bug flies around Sunny and she cried out)

Other SNSD members: (laugh) Sunny!!

Sunny: [Japanese] I’m sorry!

Interviewer: Your Japanese is good!

SNSD: (laugh)

Interviewer: Alright then, Seohyun.

Seohyun: When we stand on stage, rather than our individuality, all members will often show one definite united impression with our costumes. I want to see that too!

Tiffany: Costumes are just one vital part of a concert. The same as song, performance, and dance, for us, costumes are a big point!

Jessica: Because there aren’t a lot of chances to hear our voices close on stage, at each city we visit I want the fans to hear our voices live. If we can send our feelings I would be happy.

Interviewer: Ah, Jessica you were spacing out. (laughs) Talk about costumes became talk about concerts. (laughs)

Jessica: Ah, sorry! I involuntarily changed the topic. (laughs)

SNSD: (laugh)

Sooyoung: It came up on the talk about costumes earlier, but I have a slightly different opinion. Before, when the Eagles came to Korea, we went to the concert, but the members appeared wearing Y-shirts and old looking shorts, while playing guitar and singing. Even though it wasn’t a special performance, I was very moved. I want to perform impressively even without the costumes and special effects. Although a gorgeous costume is fine, but above that I want the fans to pay attention to our music and performance.

Interviewer: I know you came to Japan many times, but when you walk around do you like Japanese fashion? In what way?

Hyoyeon: It’s very individualistic. Especially for women, age doesn’t matter, I think everybody has their own individual style. It’s so individualistic that I don’t think you can say “this kind of style!”

Jessica: There are a lot of rare items in Japan and I end up buying it. We often do mix and match fashion.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] The way they layer clothing is interesting. Japanese people are good at that. [Korean] They’re also good at matching colors. I think they often match their socks and shoes.

Interviewer: What about you, Yuri?

(Yuri is dozing, zzz)

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] Yuri-chan is sleepy! (She just finished two photo shoots and 2 magazine covers shoots.)

Yuri: I’m fine! (laughs) Whenever we’re free when we go to Japan, we go shopping! Japanese people are good at their own styling! Japanese girls are especially interested in fashion. There are a lot of different magazines and lots of information on fashion. I learn a lot when I go to Japan.

Seohyun: When you say fashion, it is something to express yourself with. I can see Japanese people have a lot of self confidence. When I see them wearing what they want and not embarrassed to express themselves, Japanese females really have self-confidence. Even in fashion there are a lot of unique items and I often think how interesting it’d be to take in this kind of fashion.

Interviewer: What do you think, Tiffany?

Tiffany: It’s probably the same as what the other members said. When I read Japanese magazines I want it all! When we receive sample magazine shoots, we think “let’s go to this shop and that shop”. Japan especially has cute pajamas! I remember we all went to a pajama store and buying a lot.

Hyoyeon: Before I had interest in nails, but every time we come to Japan, we all...

Tiffany: Japan style. We changed our nails to Japan fashion! (to Hyoyeon) Right!

Hyoyeon: Yes. Everyone!!

Seohyun: They become glamorous. (laughs)

Tiffany: But before they were plain...

Taeyeon: They weren’t plain, right? (laughs)

Interviewer: You do your nails in Japan?

Tiffany: Yes! At Japanese nail salons.

Interviewer: I see. Haha, OK, next is Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: Hmm..around now, I forgot the question... What was the question?

Everybody: (laugh)

Interviewer: Right, we changed the topic to nails.

Manager: Fashion and style.

Yoona: Ah, still about that.

Everybody: (laugh)

Taeyeon: Japanese fashion really continues to move forward. I often read Japanese magazines. After that I feel the same as the other members.

Interviewer: The answers are gradually becoming similar. (laughs) What about Yoona?

Yoona: When I see Japanese fashion, there are a lot of cute styles!

Tiffany: Sexy! Sexy!

Yoona: Why?! (laughs) Me?? I often find cute clothing. If I have a lot of time, I want to go here and there, but there are more and more people who notice me. I’m happy but...I end up troubling the store. Since there are still a lot of stores that I haven’t gone to yet, I want to go!

Interviewer: Alright, Sunny!

Tiffany: Sunny really suits Japanese fashion.

Sunny: What I see...

Taeyeon: There are brands not in Korea!

Sunny: Probably...don’t say it Taeyeon! Why does everyone say what I’m going to say first?

Taeyeon: Nine answers about one topic, we said so right?

Jessica: Size!

Sunny: I suit Japanese size.

Interviewer: You fit the size?

Taeyeon: Mini size. (laughs)

Sunny: I’m not mini!

Interviewer: The perspective changed. Next moving on, you will go to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. What Japanese food are you looking forward to?

Yuri: Takoyaki! Takoyaki! (fried octopus balls)

Hyoyeon: Ramen!

Tiffany: Now what worries me is that there’s a lot of good food in Japan and everyone will gain weight! No really!! It’s natural to always gain 2 kilos. I worry about that. But because I usually like drinks, snacks, and boxed lunches, and everything, I’m looking forward to each region’s special food.

Jessica: [Japanese] Really? [Korean] Getting fat. That’s not good.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Yes. Near Osaka-jo Hall there’s that boat, right? It’s there.

Taeyeon: You said you’ll eat pear?

Sunny: You’ll eat a boat?

*boat and pear have the same pronunciation*

Interviewer: That boat? You’ll eat a boat? Boat???

Manager: Taeyeon and Sunny thought it was pear.

Interviewer: Ah, that’s what it is.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] I want to ride that boat and sight see!

Taeyeon: Since I don’t know what each place’s famous food is, I’ll ask about the region’s recommendation and eat that!

Interviewer: I’m sure the fans will tell you.

Taeyeon: I think so!

Interviewer: You’ll get to learn about delicious Japanese food from now. But before you talked about ‘hitsumabushi’? (fried eel over rice)

Sooyoung: [Japanese] I heard about it from our manager.

Interviewer: I see, hitsumabushi is delicious!

Manager: Fukuoka has motsunabe (hot pot with beef or pork offal). But it’s not spicy like Korea’s. It’s famous food is a hot pot like samgyetang (chicken soup/stew).

Sunny: OK. I get it. The talk ends here!

rest of SNSD: Ah, Sunny ended the conversation! (laugh)

Interviewer: Motsunabe is also very good.

Manager: Sapporo has crab. Hiroshima has okonomiyaki (Japanese style pancake). When they go they’ll know famous foods, but not now.

Hyoyeon: When we go, please treat us!

Manager: Uh...I understand...

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Since hot springs are famous, I want to go to a hot spring!

Interviewer: How about Fukuoka then?

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Is Fukuoka famous for it?

Interviewer: If you go a little from Fukuoka, there are a lot of hot springs.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Let’s go! Let’s go!

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] Let’s go!

Interviewer: Since there really isn’t a time where you guys are not excited when talking about food, (laughs) on the other hand, do you have Japanese foods that you don’t like?

Tiffany: Internal organs.

Yuri: [Japanese] Cow tongue.

Manager: But there’s cow tongue in Korea too.

Jessica: Cow tongue.

Interviewer: Ah, Jessica also doesn’t like cow tongue.

Sunny: We don’t have a lot of foods that we don’t eat. Everybody eats really well.

Tiffany: Sunny eats everything well! (laughs)

Manager: How about horse meat sashimi?

Yoona: Never had it before!

Manager: They also have horse meat sashimi in Kyuushu too.

Yoona: If I try it once and it’s delicious, I’ll eat it!

Sunny: Even if you treat me to it, I’m not sure I can eat it.

Hyoyeon: Well it’s not like the manager will treat us.

Manager: …

Tiffany: Everyone is full of curiosity so I think we’ll try eating it!

Interviewer: There aren’t too many foods you guys can’t eat then.

Yuri: That’s not true.

Interviewer: So Sunny is the only one who doesn’t have anything she can’t eat?

Taeyeon: I can’t eat sea squirts!

Interviewer: Sea squirts are no good? What about Yuri?

Yuri: It depends how the food looks?

Manager: So like sannakjii (eating live octopus)?

Yuri: That’s fine. Thinking about it, I don’t really have a standard for foods I don’t like.

Taeyeon: So stuff that looks gross?

Yuri: I can’t eat cow tongue and internal organs.

Interviewer: Do you have any food that you don’t eat, Seohyun?

Seohyun: Nope!

Sunny: She doesn’t have any.

Tiffany: What about hamburgers?

Seohyun: I can eat hamburgers.

Taeyeon: Beondegi (silkworm pupae).

Seohyun: I can eat that!

Hyoyeon: Beondegi are a chunk of protein. Good for a diet.

Manager: There’s no beondegi in Japan.

Yuri: [Japanese] It’s not in Japan?

Interviewer: Probably not.

Hyoyeon: It’s full of protein and the best for a diet.

Seohyun: From a Japanese perspective, eating raw chestnuts seems to be thought as odd, but you don’t eat raw chestnuts?

Interviewer: Yes, not raw.

Taeyeon: Do you eat it roasted?

Interviewer: Yes!

Hyoyeon: We love raw chestnuts!

Seohyun: In Japan, Hyoyeon and I were walking and eating raw chestnuts and when people saw us, they gave us odd looks.

Hyoyeon: We were surprised!

Seohyun: I was really surprised.

Taeyeon: Something we can’t eat? (to Yoona) Umeboshi (pickled plum), right?

Yoona: I can’t eat it!

Tiffany: [English] In my bag! [Korean] I love umeboshi! It’s always in my bag!

Interviewer: What about natto (fermented soybeans)?

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] I like natto.

Tiffany: [English] (I can’t stand the) smell.

Interviewer: I see, there are a lot of people who can’t take the smell.

Yuri: Everyone has their own food preferences.

Interviewer: Jessica can you eat natto?

Jessica: Natto? [English] No!!!! (shakes head)

Interviewer: Same with umeboshi?

Jessica: I can’t eat it...I have a lot of foods I like and dislike.

Interviewer: Alright, it's suddenly time for GIRLS’ GENERATION 1st TOUR Goods Corner!!!

SNSD: Yay!!!!

Taeyeon: Alright, now it’s part 2!

Yuri: I wonder if Japanese fans will buy the tour pamphlet that we’re interviewing for now.

Interviewer: They will, they will. I think many will buy it!

Yuri: In Korea there’s no tour pamphlet, right?

Manager: Yes.

Taeyeon: But there are for operas and musicals.

Yuri: That’s why the system to make a pamphlet for Japan is very mysterious!

Interviewer: Japanese fans buy it to commemorate going to a concert. Alright, now its time for the goods! First is the ball pen!

Taeyeon & Sooyoung: [Japanese] Cute!!!

Sunny: [Japanese] I want it.

Jessica: I also want it!!!!

Manager: Ball pen.

Interviewer: Alright, next is the T-shirt!

Taeyeon: Around the ending of the concert, we’ll probably be wearing this.

Yoona & Tiffany: Let’s wear it! Let’s wear it!

Interviewer: Penlight!

Seohyun: Pretty!!

Manager: It’s pink!

Tiffany: Pink! Pink! I love pink!!!

Manager: This comes with the ticket.

Interviewer: Next is the mirror!

SNSD: Mirror!!!! Cute!

Taeyeon: I want it!!!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Will we also get everything??

Manager: [Japanese] Of course!

Sunny: [Japanese] Of course, of course.

Sooyoung: Yay!

Interviewer: Next is the mug cup with lid!

SNSD: Wow!!!! That’s cute! I want it!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] Cute!!!!

Yuri: [Japanese] What color? Is it white?

Interviewer: The color is white with gold.

Sunny: It comes with a lid!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] It comes with a lid!!! I understand!!

Yuri: (claps) [Japanese] Amazing! Amazing.

Interviewer: Next are the cookies.

Sooyoung: Cookies!

SNSD: Kyaa!! Amazing! (Yuri waves her arms around)

Manager: These are cookies!

Sooyoung: [Japanese] It’s like Girls’ Generation Land!!

Taeyeon: Are all the goods sold separately?

Manager: Of course! The fans choose and buy the goods they like.

Taeyeon: [Japanese] The cookies are cute!

Interviewer: Alright, next are the towels!

Jessica: They’re so cute!

Hyoyeon: If everybody has a towel I’d be happy.

Interviewer: This is the bigger tower. This is the smaller towel.

Yuri: (to the managers explaining the towel sizes) You’re like merchants!

SNSD: (laugh)

Yuri: [Japanese] This is cute!

Interviewer: Next is the carry home paper bag that can hold everything.

Tiffany: It’s like a shopping bag!

Interviewer: Next is the planner. There’s a calendar inside.

Yuri: [Japanese] I want it!!

Manager: It includes a calendar and everyone’s birthday is also written in it!

Interviewer: Next is the key holder.

Sunny: This is cute! I like it!

Jessica: I also like it!

SNSD: This is also cute!!

Interviewer: Scrunchy!

Sunny: Girls put it on like this. Cute!

Manager: Recently in Japan, many people wear them around their wrists and not on their heads.

Sooyoung: If people wear this it’d be easy to spot fans!

Sunny: This is very cute!

Yuri: Very cute!

Interviewer: Next is the clip.

Tiffany: If it’s this cute I definitely want it.

Manager: It holds paper here. It only holds letters.

Yuri: They made this and that. There’s everything.

Yoona: Amazing! Fun!!

Interviewer: OK everybody, there’s a lot of goods here, but which do you like?

Yuri: This, the mug cup. It’s especially nice since it comes with a lid. And the handle is shaped like a heart.

Sunny: I recommend the cookies!!!!

Taeyeon: [Japanese] I choose this (penlight)!!

Interviewer: Taeyeon, everybody who goes to the concert will get one.

Taeyeon: Ah, I see!

Seohyun: [Japanese] I choose the towel!

Yoona: We have to choose? It’s all so cute I can’t choose!

Tiffany: I just look at it and want to buy it.

Sooyoung: I think I’m so troubled I don’t know what to choose. Even when I was in New York and saw a musical, I wanted the related goods. I wanted it all but when I think of my wallet...

Hyoyeon: Sooyoung, you’re nice!

Taeyeon: This is really cute. [Japanese] I choose the pen.

Jessica: Key holder!! I’ll always have it on!

Tiffany: (to Yoona) You’ll choose that, right?

Yoona: The mirror is nice, I recommend it!

Hyoyeon: I choose the planner!! I’ll use it!!

Manager: The planner? Hyoyeon says she chose the planner.

Hyoyeon: [Japanese] I also want the towel! I want them both...

Yuri: Even something small...

Interviewer: What do you choose Tiffany? The scrunchy?

Tiffany: Because it’s pink!

Seohyun: Actually I want the ball pen!

Interviewer: Seohyun changed to the ball pen. What about you, Sunny?

Sunny: I choose the cookies!!!

Interviewer: Alright, one last thing. Please one by one say a message for the fans in Japan.

Yoona: One by one?

Sunny: Aaaah, I’ll speak first!

*SNSD scrambles to get the recorder. Me! Me! They will say it before me!!!!

(Sooyoung takes the recorder and starts to speak)

Sunny: No no!! There’s the camera!

Yuri: (Towards the camera) Thank you very much for coming. I love you all.

Sunny: Yuri is talking to the camera!

Hyoyeon: Please look forward to it!

Manager: One by one briefly.

Sooyoung: [Japanese] This is really funny.

Interviewer: Pass around the recorder.

Sunny: Ah, Jessica isn’t here!

Interviewer: Huh??

Manager: Ah, she’s back!

Interviewer: Alright, let's pull ourselves together.

Sooyoung: OK, I’ll start! When I saw all the same penlights waved at the same time during the showcase, I was very moved. Everybody made a wave with the same pink colored penlight. When we see our seniors’ concerts, each artist has their own symbolic color. From the seats, it’s like seeing fireworks and I thought, “If this was pink it’d be so pretty”. Of course in Korea and in other countries when we held concerts we saw it countless times, but the scale of this tour is big and I’m looking forward to being able to see an even bigger pink wave. I always have a new feeling every time I stand on stage, but since its the first tour in Japan, I want many people to hear our songs and I'd be happy if they send their support. [Japanese] Please look forward to it.

Interviewer: Ok, next is Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: Hyoyeon?

Interviewer: No, no. (laughs) Taeyeon!

Taeyeon: I’m sorry...I was joking around. (laughs) I want the audience to have fun watching the stage. Please treasure the goods and I hope you’ll never forget it.

Interviewer: OK, thank you very much. Alright, Hyoyeon.

Hyoyeon: I think fans are coming to see it with expectations and because we don’t want to lose to the fans, we are trying our best to prepare and I want to have fun together. I want to have fun while on stage and with the fans in their seats. I’ll try my best to have a great performance and for the fans to take back good memories.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you! Alright, Tiffany.

Tiffany: Like what was said before, we are really preparing many things. It would be great if the fans watch our concert and when they go home they’ll want to go again. It’s our first tour in Japan, but I want it to be a start for them to see Girls’ Generation every year from now.

Interviewer: Ok, next is Seohyun.

Seohyun: A concert is day for just us and the fans. The time for a concert is time for us and the fans. Right now we are also eagerly anticipating it and I think the fans are also awaiting for the day of the concert. I will practice dance with everything I got so that on the day of they can hear the best of our singing and receive our energy! Please look forward to it!

Interviewer: Sunny, please.

Sunny: I think there’s a true charm in doing a tour. Going to many different cities is a tour’s charm. Because I think the fans are looking forward to the tour as we are, if we can have a fun time together, when the tour ends something new is born. I want to share those memories.

Interviewer: Thank you very much. Alright, Yoona, please.

Yoona: Although I’m very nervous, I’m looking forward to a lot of fun experiences that seem to be waiting. Because from now this is the start from Japan, I would like them to watch over us to the end.

Interviewer: Thank you. Ok, Jessica, please.

Jessica: Because it’s our first tour in Japan, I think everyone is looking forward to it. Since we are preparing a lot of things and I want to show a new image, I want us to have fun together. And I will be happy if they remember it as a good memory from this year. When they look back on this year, it would be great if they think of Girls’ Generation’s tour.

Interviewer: Ok, Yuri.

Yuri: First, I thank the fans who bought the tour pamphlet from the bottom of my heart. This is our first tour in Japan, but I’ll be happy if I can share a memorable tour with everyone. I will give my best to make a wonderful performance, so that they can anticipate the next concert. From now please have many expectations and interests. Also, I will be happy if we can be together on our 10th tour in 10 years.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you very much. That’s a wrap!

SNSD: [Japanese] Thank you for your hard work!

Translated by: redsunset@soshified.com and arghninja@soshified.com
Source: Japanese Tour Pamphlet (personal copies)
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#3871784 [OTHERS] SNSD are worried about SONE

Posted by soshiluv9 on 23 May 2011 - 04:05 AM

This is a translation of a post by 바람막이 who apparently has access to some insiders.

Subject: SNSD are worried about SONE


The reason I wrote the subject as such is because…

Forums are overflowing with comments of worry about how our nine girls are recently looking more and more tired and thinner. I managed to overhear, by chance, from an insider that the girls are worried about the SONE who are losing sleep over their concern for them. And so I write this so that this might be an opportunity to for us to use our energies in a more positive way.

With an unimaginable number of unpublicised schedules and tour rehearsals, the girls may look much leaner and exhausted, but to address this the girls are eating better and more than usual, as well as taking care of their fitness.

They say that it troubles the girls even more when fans are worried. They keep looking at all the worried messages from fans, and feel frustrated that they have no means of communicating with us except through things like UFO.

I know parents wonder whether their kids are doing well if they go abroad, and feel heartbroken to see them thinner… But they are taking care of themelves so well like this, so that they can show us an even better SNSD.
I hope that we can cheer for them, pray that they stay healthy and finish their Japanese tour without any accidents.

I think that instead of starting topics or writing comments that are worrying about their health, SONE should be writing things like “We believe in you” and be full of energy so that the girls will be able to take strength from us.

They are sorry for how the fans feel, so please don’t show concern but instead, show unrelenting enthusiasm and cheer for them.

PS1) There is a map detailing the locations of their Japanese tour. They say that beside this map hangs another map detailing the best restaurants in those area.

Apparently the girls refused to perform if they couldn’t do a “tour” of these restaurants ^^

PS2) Please spread this as much as possible so that as many SONE as possible can see this. My only request is that you remember to copy the subject title and the PS notes at the bottom.

Korean tends to be a language where cutting a sentence short can change the meaning drastically. We have all experienced this, right? Especially for the reporters who will probably read this, please do not quote this post in extract form.

translated by: oniontaker
source: 바람막이 @ bestiz

We all know the girls visit various fansites, Soshified included, so let's take heed of this message and stay united in our support for SoShi when posting messages. Let's trust the girls to take care of themselves. :unworthy:
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#4227006 [UFO] Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Seohyun UFO Mes...

Posted by kiseki on 15 August 2011 - 05:38 PM

Replies from nearly everyone! (where are you Sooyoung?!) ^^
Don't forget to thank all the translators for their hard work and leave comments :)

Posted Image
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Translated by jreddevil07, Meehyun, oniontaker, somaek, typicalharu
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#4535286 [OTHERS] Girls' Generation's "Thanks To" from 3rd Full Album...

Posted by cedge on 20 November 2011 - 06:58 PM

Translated "Thanks To" from Girls' Generation's 3rd full album "The Boys"

First of all, thank you to our members who have worked hard together and suffered together!
My loving members, whom I love, remember our health! Let’s not be sick! And thank you so much for being there for each other.. and for supporting each other.
It’d be nice if we could start wonderfully and smile until the end for this album as well!
Nobody can touch SNSD when we’re well armed! We’re the best! Hurray! keke

To my family, whom I need no words for. The only people who have a part of me, my family.
Thank you this time around again^^ I love you, and you are so dear to me. Let’s go on many trips together!
You are always considerate.. and you are always helping me understand what it is to be wise, and you are always ready whenever and wherever.
I thank you for having that heart.. I will be like you^^ I will try harder and concentrate. Thank you, I miss you!

Also, to those who always make me laugh! Our proud SMTOWN sunbaes and hoobaes, let’s get to know each other more. Heh heh heh.
And lastly… my friends whom I’m most thankful for and who are always at my side, giving me strength while I lend you mine, and for always feeling everything with me.. SONE^^ Thank you so, so much.
I’m thankful and I’m sorry that we are able to share our happiness and sadness with each other.
Because there are so many people, even far away across oceans that I can share my feelings with.. I want to make you much more happy^^
We’re counting on you again SONEs!! I love you, ahhehehe keke

And lastly for real, Taeyeon, you’ve worked hard..

My loving Soojung-ah ♡ Be strong, and let’s be happy^^

Mom & Dad, always thank you and I love you for the endless SUPPORT! Take care of your health ~♡

MYSIS Minyoung unnie, let’s care for each other until the end ALWAYS ON YOUR SIDE smooch!

My cutie dongsaeng Hara~ You know how I feel?

I guess I’m a little thankful to GJB, who always cherishes me keke

Our precious 8 girls.. In the end there’s only us 9♡

Our fans who love us and S♡NE really X10000000 thank you!

And everyone else who’s given help, thank you^^

The Lord, who always leads me to the righteous path, thank You.

My loving family, my friends who give me strength, my sunbaes who give good advice, staff who fills my inadequacies, thank you.

My members, who always make me laugh, I’m always grateful and sorry and fond.. We still have a long way to go so let’s look far and fly hard. I love you.

Also... who made me the happiest person in the world, who taught how to love and that you should express it as much as you love,

Who understands my young heart best and who are always, whenever on my side, my people..

Thank you, SONE!

Thank you father God for leading me through another extraordinary chapter of my life!
If anyone asks~ U are the reason & the explanation why my whole life makes sense (:

- My loving family* no words are necessary, I love u.

- my 8 lucky Girls, I am your responsibility, and you are mine~ Trust me, because I’m going only through trusting you! ke
But I think it’s really amazing -_- Good job guys.
You know we still have a long way to go, right? ke Let’s run!
Girls’ Generation all the FREAKIN’ way!

-& the Silly bf, never wanna be w/o u KAY! (; ♥
LASTLY! I dedicate this album to YOU ^^!
The amazing fans who make the music come to life.
I’ll forever sing for you, so guard me with your love without changing! ke I love you SONE*

+ And to all the people who always help me, tire for me, and who pray for me, thank you!
I’ll become an even harder working Tiffany ^^

Because there are those who trust and encourage……. I became a roly-poly Hyoyeon!! ^^

It is right before the time that we can bring out this gift - this gift that we’ve put everything into like we have for no other - to shine in this world..^^
This nervousness and excitement you get when you’re preparing a gift for someone special…
You know, the joy of giving is greater than the joy of receiving~ Thank you so much for letting me be able to feel that joy..*
Loveable Kwon CEO~! Dad! I don’t know what I did that is so good, but you constantly tell me, “good job~ good job~” every day!
I don’t always know why you say it to me, but your daughter always feels reassured, and because of those simple words that make me happy, I feel like I did a good job this time, too! Please take good care of me in the future as well ^.~
Madame Kim, who has become so much more beautiful lately~ Mom, you know I’m so happy to be your daughter, right?!
Like you.. I want to be brave like you, I want to be loveable like you, I want to be cool like you.. I want to be that kind of woman, I love you so much~
Jjoon~Heartheartheartheart I seriously like my brother the best in the whole wide world! I like my older brother so much, so so much~ So much that I’m honoured to be your sister, I’m telling you.. Always have strength! Let’s be good to our parents^^
Threetwoone.. life at 23 is hard, isn’t it?! Thank you you’re mine mine forever~ Bbol unnie, whom I can give my all to but still lack~
YOYOYOYO~Yo~ I’m learning so much^^ Thank you, I depend on you lots keke
Haeja, Reena, Woohyun, Dohee, Soojin, Hyejin, my sources of oxygen... I miss you guys so much!
Devil Youngman.. You are seriously a great person. Clap clap clap! Cool gentlemen Jaeyoung and Jaehyuk oppas! Teacher Kim Jungah! We have to get through this! Let’s score an OST^^
Teacher Nadia! When my body is tired and my emotions are gloomy, teacher, you’re the best! Director Jangjin, there is no such thing as giving up to me, you know that, right?! Heh heh~
52nd class at Joongang University! Are you all reading this?! Sunbaes and hoobaes! Professors! I shall become someone who shines in our school that you can be proud of!
We’re going to rot if we continue not seeing each other like this~Minu oppa! Always-kind Jjin oppa! The girls are cheering for you. JunK oppa~ I’m going in for singing practice starting today! Get ready kekeke
Also! We’ll live if we stick together and die if we scatter! You know that, right?! TiffSyoungHyoYoongSunJeSeoTaeng I like you guys aing~
Also! To everyone who loves SNSD~! Thank you♥
I feel good because I think my sincere feelings are being understood~♥

It’s been 4 years now since SNSD started^^!
There was a time when all I wanted to do was debut and then once I debuted, there was a time when I was upset that I couldn’t live like other girls my age... But the reason I was okay with all of that was because of all of you who have bought this album and are reading the THANKS TO! Messages
Heh heh.. When I give love to someone, my foolish heart causes me to expect love in return, so there are times when I get hurt from others..
It would be so good if I could sacrifice without expecting anything in return, but I guess I am not yet ready to love in such a mature way.. haha
And when I think about it… if I gave my energy and love to all of you while on stage and I didn’t receive that love back in return, then I probably would not have been here today.
Because I am not strong enough to be able to continue this work without receiving love in return.
In that sense, all of you are “loveable” people to me, for you are always giving me this mature kind of love and allowing me to do the work I love in happiness.

To God, who has taught us about genuine love through Your thorough sacrifice,
I still have a long way to go, but.. Lord, I will master Your love soon.. and give love. I am more thankful than words can express.

To my safe refuge where I return to being the maknae daughter Sooyoung, not SNSD’s Sooyoung.. my parents, my unnie, my family.. and even Jjangee…^^ I will become the humble maknae daughter Sooyoung, I love you♡
Those who support me with prayers and chatter^^.. Pastor, unnies and oppas, friends.. I’m always thankful.. I don’t think there’s any better way to repay you guys than with prayer. I will be praying.. ;)

My eight best friends.. I’ve said this before, but.. if it weren’t for you guys, there would have been no reason for me to be in SNSD.
To my friends who have become my reason, and at times, my excuse.. Whenever I see you guys on stage, I am so proud and thankful to the point of tears. I love you!!!
Please show lots of love for SNSD’s 3rd album which was made by the efforts of many people^^.

To the ones whom I love the most, who are always a firm cheering squad for me - my family!! I'm always thankful… I love you ♥

Heejjoonmom, who has to go away on a trip~ When will we chat up a storm? Keke you’re my energy pill and you’re so precious to me!

My one and only Hyeyoung~ Joohye, Jihyun, Juice! Nakyung, Nangnang!! Devil!!^^

And our members who I love!! Seriously, there’s no one else but us!! Keke fighting! ♥

To everyone around me!! Thank you~

Our S♥NE, who have loved us and waited for us consistently even though our comeback took a year^^

I think SNSD is here today because of the many people who love us and help us^^

I think “as expected” is such a great phrase. I’ll always work hard for you to say, “As expected of SNSD!” ^^

Right now it’s Girls' Generation, from now on it’s Girls' Generation, forever Girls' Generation ♥

To our nine members who are becoming deeper and stronger as more time passes… We’ve all been dreaming of the same dream, all looking towards the same destination, and all depending upon each other for such a long time…
Now, we have a new challenge again! Girls’ Generation’s 3rd album is out! ^^ There are many people who are on our side, who are on my side… cheering us on, cheering me on.
Thank you God, for always watching over me [us], whether I’m [we’re] happy or going through difficulties.
To my parents, who allowed me to see light in this world and raised me with undying love—I love you. Thank you always, Hyewon unnie, for helping me walk the path to becoming a singer and being my strength.
To my aunt who is like a mother to me, Yeokyung unnie, who is like a sister (to me), and the dongsaengs I’m so proud of who are studying in America – Woori, Dongkyu, Areum, and Donggeun! Thank you~!
My former teachers, whom I am thankful for and who taught me so much! I’m so thankful to Professors Gong Yoongju, Shin Youngseob, Lee Eunhye, Choi Younghan, Lee Yooki, Lee Sangee, Cha Eunsook, Lee Donghoon, Teachers Lee Sookyung, Kim Jungah, Jung Uibong, Park Myungran, Director Yoon Dongkyu, and my awesome teacher Jung Minkyo~! (Early congratulations on your wedding!!)
To those whom I am thankful to for always cheering me on: Goong PD, Sungah unnie, Jina unnie, Jiyeon unnie! ^^ To Ock Joohyun unnie who has a voice I would like to have… and for giving me a dream; Shun Seunghoon sunbae, who is always supporting us; Teacher Joo Hyunmi, who is thoughtful and considerate; Lee Seungchul sunbae; Jisun unnie, who is always cheerful; and Kyunglim unnie, who I miss… thank you so much! ^^
To my friends who I am so thankful for… Hwanhee, who has shared my dream since we were little; to whom I’ve promised to fulfill my future dreams, Eunji, whom I support and who supports me; Eunbyul, who makes me excited and whom I give excitement to; Roori, who always greets me brightly; Woosun, who supports me a lot; and Eunsun, Jinjoo, Shimji, Hyejung, Eunjoo, Mirae, Sanghui Goeun, Gahee, Sora, and Jieun, whom I all miss…
To the 51st class of Dongguk University Theatre Studies whom I am proud of, and who have given me many good and unforgettable memories!!
Moonyoung, Anna, Jaehee, Hyunah, Jiwon, Hyeyoon, Heejae, Jinwook, Heohyuk, Joonhee, Hyungbeom, Imbyul, Jinhyuk… Sorry for not being able to write everyone’s names. ㅜㅜ I am strengthened because of you guys!! Thank you so much!! ^^
SMTOWN sunbaes and hoobaes who I can rely on and I’m always so proud of! Seungil oppa, who gives me strength all the time ^^, and angel-like Jeunghyun unnie~! Cookie Hyungkook oppa, whom I miss~!! Author Lee Jisung, who helps me through wonderful books. And my life mentor whose mere existence brings great strength to me, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon!! Thank you so much! ^^
Also… to my eight unnies… I want to say that I am most thankful to you and I love you all the most… This very moment that all nine of us are together is so precious to me and it makes me so happy~! Let’s always trust and cherish each other ^^
And lastly… you know my heart, right? The reason that us nine girls exist… all the SONE♡fans, thank you very much, I love you ♥
We’ve only come 4 years! Haha! Let’s be happier and create more enjoyable memories than we have up until now!! ^^
I exist because of the love and support from all of these people. I will endlessly try my best in order to repay the great amount of love that I’ve been given!!
Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!

Always giving members advice and strength,
Teacher Lee Sooman, President Kim Youngmin, thank you~!
And Directors Jung Changhwan, Na Soyoung, Han Saemin, Lee Jongin, An Soowook
who went with us during the Girls' Asia Tour ^^
Director Yoo Youngjin, who gave Girls' Generation another great song ^^ We learned so much from working with you!!

And our manager oppas, who always move before us!
Our trusty heroine Jungah unnie, welcome-back-to-hell Sungwoo oppa, dancing king Sungyong oppa,
Handsome Hojin oppa, cutie Yongduk oppa, state-of-emergency Jihyong oppa, and new face Byungchan oppa!!
You must be so tired, so thank you for always being with us with bright smiles on your face~!^^

Always working hard to complete a high-quality album,
Our Jenny hyung, Sungsoo oppa, Hyejin unnie, and the A&R team, driver Lee, driver Jin, driver Goo~!^^, our new driver Jung~!
Teddy Riley, who gave us a good song, Jenji unnie, Jinu oppa, Boomin unnie, Younghoo oppa, Taesung oppa, Sungjae oppa, Jaemyung oppa, composer Hwang Hyunjak,
Thanks to you, Girls' Generation’s awesome 3rd album was created!!^^

RINO & BEATBURGER!~!! You always bring out awesome performances and talent from us!
And Rino unnie always leads us with bright energy!! And Jaewon oppa always suffering because of us nine!! And Sanghoon oppa!!
Thank you so much!! We did it again!!

Heejin unnie, who worked hard imagining a new transformation,
Programmer Kim Taewoo, head stylist Sung Sookyung, who always tries her best to prepare a new, pretty outfit, Arim unnie, who will run with us again,
Our family's teamwork is almost as good as Girls' Generation's!!
Thank you for making the girls shine!^^

Our media promotion team unnies who always work so hard~! Eunah unnie, Sanghee unnie, Jisun unnie~!^^
New Media Productions team oppas, unnies~! Monitoring team Yoonjoo unnie, CRM Hyeyoung unnie,

And everyone else who works hard! Thank you^^
And all the SMTOWN employees who work behind the scenes
Even though you don't see us face to face, thank you so much~
We could only come here because you guys were here.

All our SM family who make us feel so much pride every time!
Kangta sunbaenim, BoA unnie, DBSK oppas, TRAX oppas, CSJH unnies~! Super Junior oppas, shining SHINee, maknae f(x)
And everyone else in the SMTOWN family, thank you so so much~!!
We SMTO~WN are spreading into the world!^^

And our SONE, who make us 9 complete♥
Thank you for always being there and protecting our sides.^^
We'll always be the strength of SONE~!

We want to spread to a wider and greater world
and through our music become the strength of many people~!

We'll try to become an always humble and hard-working Girls' Generation!!

Translated by: Meehyun, taengbear
Edited by: Shitro13, kakero, iTriscuit, MoonSoshi9, residentbenchwarmer
Thanks to: mirzapan
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#3651629 [UFO] Yuri replies to UFO about Soshified Gifts

Posted by Soy on 04 April 2011 - 09:33 PM

I've had this UFO account since around Soshified was started thanks to eemo (yes you need a Korean ID & mobile phoneO, but it wasn't until yesterday that I decided to send a UFO on my own. I wasn't expecting a reply from Yuri because the UFO was like all in English and I sent it around 2AM KST (far past her bedtime). But to my surprise, I opened up the UFO account today and found a reply from her! She is so nice to reply about the gifts we got her! Beginners Luck! I'm very happy right now!!

Posted Image

Yuri: "Yesyesyesyes^^ We're growing our boyfriends these days kekeke it's already been three days now.. he's become fat"

The "boyfriend" that Yuri was talking about was the toy we sent with the Soshi Travel Kit gifts:

Posted Image

I think it's funny that out of all the gifts she decided to talk about that one ... typical of our kkabyul!

This will be moved to the Support area in a few days but I thought it would be nice to share with everyone! It looks like the gifts were a success and the Girls are enjoying them!! You can view the rest of the gifts HERE!! I'll try to send more UFOs in the future on behalf of Soshified.. =D
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#3694060 [TIFFANY] Tiffany on Soshified Shoutbox 2011-04-15

Posted by Leddy on 15 April 2011 - 03:03 AM

Posted Image

transcript (thanks unholy.D):

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#5111060 [MESSAGE] Thank you~ hehe (Jessica's birthday message)

Posted by cedge on 18 April 2012 - 06:36 AM

Posted Image

Is it okay for me to receive this much love+happy birthdays?
I'm very touched and thankful euang~
It'd be nice if I could express my feelings ㅠㅠ (express my feelings.. express it... express it... kekeke)
Because of everyone, today was the happiest day ever!

I~ blew out many many candles on cakes^^ hehe
The members who sang for me together, I love you (heart)

Posted Image Posted Image

p.s Photographer Myong (Tiffany) right when I was about to blow the cake away! Snap!! Took the photo hehe
Even though it's not pretty, since it's my birthday... just...pass kekeke

Translated by jyhwang, ch0sshi
Edited by cedge

Source: Official Girls' Generation website
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#5765918 05 - Stay Girls

Posted by arghninja on 28 November 2012 - 11:12 PM

Stay Girls

Posted Image


Lyrics: Kenn Kato

Translation: arghninja, redsunset, SeraphKY @soshified.com/forums
Romanization: kkabbekky @soshified.com/forums

Japanese Lyrics


Wanna be, wanna be,素敵な
Gonna be, gonna be,大人に

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
心は hold on
Stay girls いつまでも
We wanna stay girls
We wanna stay girls


Every day, every day, ひとりじゃ
All the way, all the way ないから

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
むじゃきなpure hearts
Stay girls
ひたむきなbrave hearts
We're gonna stay girls
We're gonna stay girls

Wanna be, wanna be movin' on
Gonna be, gonna be only one
Gotta go, gotta go, wow wow

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
誓った one thing
Stay girls だからあなたも、

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
心は hold on
Stay girls いつまでも、
We wanna stay girls
We're gonna stay girls


anata to no deai de,
dono kurai watashi wa kawareta no darou?
jibun de wa mienai no
akogareta sugata ni chikazuiteru no?

Wanna be, wanna be,suteki na
Gonna be, gonna be,otona ni
nareru you ni itai, demo

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
kokoro wa hold on
yume miru kimochi wo
ushinawanai de iru kara
Stay girls itsu mademo
arukidashita hi no you ni
We wanna stay girls
We wanna stay girls

warattari, naiteitari
omoidashitara afuredasu kono memories
donna hi mo, donna toki mo
anata no koe ni sasaerareta

Every day, every day, hitori ja
All the way, all the way nai kara
tadori tsuketa, kono basho ni

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
mujaki na pure hearts
donna mirai ni itatte
kawaranai mama de iyou ne
Stay girls
hitamuki na brave hearts
hanasanai kara, zutto
We're gonna stay girls
We're gonna stay girls

Wanna be, wanna be movin' on
Gonna be, gonna be only one
Gotta go, gotta go, wow wow

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
chikatta one thing
yume wo kanaeru made,
akirametari wa shinai yo
Stay girls dakara anata mo,
sono hitomi no mama de...

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
kokoro wa hold on
yume miru kimochi wo,
ushinawanaideiru kara,
Stay girls itsu made mo,
arukidashita hi no you ni,
We wanna stay girls
We’re gonna stay girls


After meeting you
I wonder how much I have changed?
I can’t see it myself, but
Have I become closer to the person that I admire?

Wanna be, wanna be, I want
Gonna be, gonna be, to become
A wonderful adult, however

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
Hold on to our hearts
Because we haven't lost
The feelings to dream,
Stay girls forever
Like the days we walked forth
We wanna stay girls
We wanna stay girls

Laughing and crying,
When I remember, these memories pour out
No matter the day, no matter the time,
Your voice supported me.

Everyday, everyday, because I
All the way, all the way, wasn’t alone
I was finally able to reach this place.

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
Innocent, pure hearts
no matter what the future holds
Don't change who you are
Stay girls
Earnest, brave hearts
Because we will never let go
We're gonna stay girls
We're gonna stay girls

Wanna be, wanna be movin' on
gonna be, gonna be only one
gotta go, gotta go, wow wow

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
I promised one thing
Until my dream comes true
I will never give up
Stay girls so, you too,
Stay like that with those eyes...

Be ladies, but we
Stay girls
Hold on to our hearts
Because we haven't lost
The feelings to dream,
Stay girls forever,
Like the days we walked forth
We wanna stay girls
We're gonna stay girls


Lyrics: Kenn Kato
Translation: arghninja, redsunset, SeraphKY @soshified.com/forums
Romanization: kkabbekky @soshified.com/forums

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#4269407 [OTHERS] Sooyoung's Mother's Message on HwaSuEunHwa Fan Cafe

Posted by cedge on 30 August 2011 - 07:15 AM

Sooyoung's mother left a message on HwaSuEunHwa fan cafe. T_T

Translated by ch0sshi @soshified.com

You all worried a lot, didn't you..? hehe Yesterday,the day before were hectic.. Sooyoung is doing better than expected~ Of course she is feeling a little pain, but she's okay because she's taking painkillers..
Because so many people have been enduring the pain with her, and have been so worried, I realized just how much love my daughter's been receiving.. And so I'm starting my day with a full heart..
Sooyoung is still the one reassuring family, members, and friends with a bright face, so you don't have to worry~ There are many others who are really hurt... Because she's sorry about being in her room, she said she's not in pain, and that she's okay..
Like what Sooyoung said, about always being there no matter what..I will keep my word~

So.. Please watch over her with a light heart, and the other members.. Please cheer them on~ They tend to become awkward when one person isn't there... Thank you.. From Mom..

Credit: 화수은화/HwaSuEunHwa / Bestiz
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#5481740 [MESSAGE][From. TIFFANY] It's a little late, but..

Posted by cedge on 05 August 2012 - 08:22 AM

Whether Girls' Generation is wearing rubber gloves on our hands.. or our feet..
Because there are SONEs who love us unconditionally...
It really makes me look forward to what else we can make happen next together (personally) Keke
You're so precious... I'm so thankful... I love you so much…………happy 5th♥

Posted Image

Translated by ch0sshi

Source: Official Girls' Generation website
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#5824605 [MAGAZINE] SNSD - AnAn magazine

Posted by Kkabbekky on 22 December 2012 - 02:48 AM

Posted Image

Individual interviews


Wanting to relax but can’t part with Japanese beauty goods.

Yuri, whose beauty exudes from the inside. Her beauty secret is yoga that she continued for 5 years.
“I wanted some time to clear my mind and heart, so I started together with Tiffany. But Tiffany gave up after two weeks (laughs). The pose that gives me the best feeling is called Shavasana (Corpse pose). Facing upward, you draw out the strength from your whole body, while being in a meditating state. It has the result of sufficient relaxing sleep for one night!”
Furthermore she recently is crazy about vegetable juice.
“I put boiled vegetables in the mixer and drink it. More than boiled and raw vegetables, the vitamins and the absorption coefficient of nutrients are 90% better. When I add strawberries or banana, it becomes easier to drink.”
The thing she can’t part with in the airplane when going abroad are Japanese beauty goods.
“When changing into a jersey and missing my makeup, in Japan I always buy a large amount of hot eyemasks and put it on! It’s really an excellent thing.”


Fashionable and UV care (life)!
Now I’m dreaming of driving in my beloved car.

When going abroad, the member who is rumored to have the most luggage is Tiffany.
“I can’t relax if my hotel room is not reproduced like my own room. In the bathroom, I set up my makeup in a row and stuff my clothes in the closet. And because I want to change my shoes and bags every day my suitcase is filled to the brim. Packing is hard, but I can’t stop being fashionable. (laughs)”
The same importance as being fashionable is skin.
“UV care is important with winter treatment. You’d think the sunlight is weak and the UV rays are only few in winter, but actually it’s a lot. Because of measurements against dryness, sunscreen throughout the year is a must!”
Recently she got her long-awaited driver’s license! She took the members for a ride and drove to the Han river.
“My beloved car is a pink small (motor) car with hello kitty cushions placed inside. Glancing at the members getting excited listening to music, I focus on driving with my undivided attention.”


Simple is best is my motto. The energetic source and smiling face of the members.

Sunny is an open-hearted girl, who doesn’t worry about small things. When traveling she also prefers simplicity.
“For a one night and two days trip I don't bring a suitcase. My luggage is very minimal. Whenever I look at Tiffany's suitcase, I wonder what is in there? On the contrary, it's very mysterious (laughs).”
During The Boys promotions she tried short blonde hair, it was a major change to a sharp matured woman.
“It was the first time after being born that I had short hair. I actually wanted to cut it really short,
but after talking with the staff we settled on this length. I'm pleased with it, but there are also members that think it's better to go back to long hair, so I'm thinking what to do next.”
In Girls' Generation she is always full of energy. What is the source of that energy?
“Even when I feel down, whenever I look at the members smile, I naturally become happy.
Being together with the members is my source of energy.”


Keeping all the busy members together, the slightly strict older sister.

Taeyeon who is slightly older even among the 6 girls born in the same year in this group of 9.
"I feel that even though everyone is close in age and we have conflicts at times, everyone is pure and considerate of each other, so as the days continue to add up, our bonds continue to strengthen. Though I might be the oldest, instead of being the one to stand in front, I'm the type to look before taking each step. But when it comes down to the critical moment, I will clearly say what needs to be said. If I compare it to a family, I think I'm a bit of a father figure."
With stable singing skills and a voice that is full of feelings, she also has solo activities (OST songs) in Korea.
"When singing, you need performing skills and a bit of imagination. You have to treasure the emotions, and to not deviate from the colour of the song while pouring your heart into it."
To Taeyeon, what is her most treasured song?
"'Into the New World' probably. It was our first song we received after our long training period and if this song never existed, I don't think I would be here right now."


Hot chocolate is my stress relieving item.

Famous as a fashionista, Jessica has a strong interest in Japanese fashion!
“Japanese style has an impression of taking unique items and putting it together well. It’s not a feeling that it’s aiming for something weird, rather it’s like showing off something cute. I also study fashion while looking through Japanese magazines. On the contrary, in Korea, [fashion] all together feels more simple. I’m not saying which is better, but I do love both [styles]. Recently, we have more oversea schedules and maybe it is due to riding airplanes for a long time, but anyhow, I think I have more comfortable casual styles.”
How does Jessica relieve stress?
“I eat sweets. I especially love chocolate! Every time I come to Japan, I pass by a store that has a rich hot chocolate drink, but previously, when I went with the other members, it seems the chocolate was too rich and some of the members didn’t like it (laughs).”


Secret of maintaining the perfect style is doing pilates two times a week!

Sooyoung the member that is proud of her tall figure. Please tell us your secret to maintain that excellent style!
“Because I have a body that doesn't gain weight fast, I didn't feel the need to exercise.
On the contrary I lose weight too much which is why my clothes don't fit well or my dancing doesn't look pretty...which is why I thought I needed more muscles. Because I heard that pilates is hard, I was scared at first, but when I continued doing it, it felt like I received a muscle massage. I'm really pleased with it!”
Sooyoung who is famous of being proficient in Japanese and even MCed a concert in Japanese.
“A Japanese word I use a lot is 'nervous' (laughs). Also, I use a lot of gratitude words like 'thank you'. I also watch Japanese dramas without subtitles. My favorite dramas are 'Bara no nai hanaya’ (Flower Shop Without a Rose) and ‘Nobuta wo Produce’ (Producing Nobuta). The trick of studying is memorizing! When memorizing a sentence structure, with changing just the words, I can use it many times.”


“Using my time wisely”, that’s my rule.

Although the youngest, Seohyun is famous for being reliable. Does she have a rule for herself?
“In the past I always endeavored to ‘try to use my time well’. If you’re a student then it’d be good to spend time according to school, however now I need to manage myself. If I don’t decide what I’ll do at what time, then I’ll be washed away with busyness. I make an effort to not be lazy, but it’s very hard. (laughs)”
As they promote in different countries, it seems like Seohyun was surprised at how the passion of the cheering fans was not any different.
“Especially during concerts, even if the language is different, the sense of communication through music is the same no matter what country. Why the fans’ energy is the same is very mysterious.”
Then, what is her impression of Japanese fans?
“During last year’s Japan tour, there were fans who came to all 14 shows! I was very surprised! I’m very thankful.”


I want to try the role of a rich young lady or appearing in a love comedy.

With a mysterious aura surrounding the charming cool beauty, Yoona has a surprising side.
“Actually, I love pulling pranks! Up to now, I can’t count all the pranks I pulled on the members. Every member is a victim. (laughs) Recently...I really pull so many pranks that I forget what I’ve done. The details of the pranks are trivial, but I’m also good at imitations! I have a huge repertoire and I can imitate the other members too~.”
Appearing in dramas like “Love Rain”, Yoona also is active as an actress. What role does she want to play in the future?
“Until now since I’ve played many characters that are quiet and do their best to live in underprivileged environments... Next, I wonder if a role from a rich family would be good? During a drama, I want to try wearing a lot of cute and pretty clothing as well. This time in “Love Rain”, I loved playing the cheerful and lively character Hana, but next I want to try challenge myself in a love comedy!”


I’ve loved dance from an early age! I may indeed have talent (laughs).

“From an early age, I just really loved dance. At first I started it as a hobby, but it seems I was born with talent. (laughs)”
Hyoyeon, who demonstrates magnificent dances in Girls’ Generation. Please tell us how you practice dance!
“In the past I would watch TV and practice mimicking the dances of popular artists at the time. Recently, I’m studying the dances of the artist, Chris Brown. Everything about his stage from the energy felt to his performance and voice, is perfect!”
This year it’s been 5 years since debuting as Girls’ Generation. Looking back it’s really been a flash.
“Throughout the time of 5 years, I think our bonds have become stronger. We have come to know the different sides of each other and we have deepened our understanding of one another. Generally, if we’ve been together for 5 years, I think it wouldn’t be that strange if we get into fights over trivial matters, however, we have gotten along better.”

Main Interview

With refined performances and beautiful slender legs like a barbie doll, Girls' Generation created an instant sensation in Japan. This year it's their 6th year since their debut in Korea and they are active in places all over the world, as well as reaching a debut in America! A close-up of Girls' Generation, who are building a new generation while emitting a bright aura.

If you look back on the days from your debut until now, [what do you see]?

Seohyun: While running around the world happily, 5 years has passed already. I don't have any feeling that it has been that long.

Sooyoung: To the people around us it seems like we had a hard time, but we definitely don't feel like that. Maybe all of us are really tough (laughs).

Jessica: The fact that I was able to keep on going these 5 years is because of the members. Our strong bond is our weapon.

For the first half of this year you mostly worked abroad, so do you feel a difference in fans of different countries?

Tiffany: In Korea, singing the chorus together is the basis and because the majority are male fans a lower tone resounds. Because Western fans dance and sing together with us, it feels like the concert hall turns into a club! Let's party!

Hyoyeon: Japanese fans are focused on our performance throughout the song and when the song is finished the cheers are so loud that the concert hall is shaking.

Seohyun: I’m happy that the fans respect us as an artist.

In busy times, how do you refresh yourself?

Seohyun: There are lots of members that love to use aromas. I sleep with aroma oil applied on my temples.

Yoona: I also apply plenty of aromatic body mist when I go to bed. If I do so, I can sleep soundly.

Taeyeon: I'll say to myself 'There, there, you are a good kid Taeyeon,' and I cure myself. (laughs)

Sunny: It's only for something emotionally, but it makes me happy. Also, there are a lot of times we go eat something delicious.

Jessica: Our regular place is a patbingsoo store that has red bean on top of shaved snow. It’s slightly sweet and it heals us.

Sooyoung: Lately, it's a trend among us to drive together to the Han river. While listening to music, we drive and relieve our stress.

Yuri: We went for a ride with Tiffany driving, but she is still a beginner so I was honestly scared.(laughs)

Tiffany: Hey! (gets angry)

Girls’ Generation’s 2nd Japanese album, “GIRLS’ GENERATION II -Girls & Peace-” was released on November 28th.

Taeyeon: From cool club sounds to sweet numbers, it’s an album filled with uptempo songs that will get you thinking of Girls’ Generation singing and dancing!

Tiffany: Recently I re-listened to our first album, “GIRLS’ GENERATION”. Honestly I thought, “We can’t make an album better than this”, however this album can top that. I recommend all the songs!

It’s amazing that all the songs are recommendations! What’s your favorite song?

Everyone: Hmm~ I can’t choose~!

Somehow pick one!

Taeyeon: If I have to choose, then it's 'Stay girls'. A girl who perseveres into becoming a wonderful matured woman is the main character of the beautiful lyrics. When hearing the refreshing melody, my mood becomes brighter.

Yoona: 'Stay girls' is the favorite song of all the members. I also listen to it while walking.

Seohyun: 'Oh', our Korean song that was remade with Japanese lyrics is also recommended.
I think we upgraded our expressions and it is also cuter than the Korean version.

Jessica: I like 'Not Alone' because I can imagine myself singing it while a spotlight is shining on me on stage. Although 'Reflection' is refined, the beat has a retro feeling to it and is very addicting.

Tiffany: I like 'Reflection' too~! I always liked songs with a beat more, but this song's musical interval fits me so I can sing it the best.

It (the album) has all Japanese musical compositions. Did it go well with the Japanese?

Sooyoung: We have gotten used to it, but as expected since it's not in our mother tongue, the lyrics are translated so we could sing it while understanding the world view.

Sunny: There is a hiragana letter that whenever it comes out it's hard for me and makes me nervous. It's 'つ(tsu)'. I want to overcome my fear of 'tsu' soon. (laughs)

Hyoyeon: When rapping the 'ん(n)' is also very tough.

Jessica: I'm not very good in memorizing lyrics in Korean, English or Japanese to begin with. (bitter laugh) Anyway, I’ll earnestly memorize and sing it!

This is just one of Jessica’s hard working points. With the album clearly worn on your belt, the arena tour will start next year from February.

Sooyoung: We have an artist’s luck to start the new year with concerts.

Sunny: Because the amount of our Japanese songs increased, we could show a live performance with only original Japanese songs.

Yuri: We are steadily in progress of preparations. Personally in order not to run out of breath, I'll run or do weightlift training and try to build up stamina.

What do you look forward to during the Japanese tour?

Sunny: Unagi (eel). After eating hitsumabushi in Nagoya, we all got addicted to unagi. During this year's tour we had unagi for 3 days in a row.

Yuri: Yes right. Because I ate too much unagi one time, I couldn't stop glowing during the concert and I was very energetic, so it was tough (laughs). But surely during next tour I definitely want to eat only unagi.

Tiffany: Also Hiroshima Okonomiyaki! I also want to go to the onsen to get smooth skin.

Yoona: But what I'm looking forward to the most is the cosplay by fans! When I see them imitating our clothes and hairstyles, I get really happy! All the members always look forward to what cosplay they will come in next.

Yuri: Everyone~! We can definitely see it from the stage! Please keep on doing lots of cosplay~!

Taeyeon: When having a talk like this I want to meet everyone fast. I'm anxiously awaiting next year!

Credit scan: jessicachina.net/drjc
Translated by kkabbekky, arghninja, redsunset, SeraphKY@soshified.com/forums
special thanks to haljung and whimtwit

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#4031141 [UFO] Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona UFO Messages

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#5601222 [MESSAGE][From. TAEYEON] Bbuing bbuing

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Bbuing bbuing
SONEs that I love, hi???
I'm curious as to what you have been up to hehe
Us girls have been going to and from overseas

While working hard on this and that^^

(For all of you. Ehehe)

The weather's getting cooler lately, right?
Be careful of catching a cold from the changing seasons.
Spend the upcoming long Chuseok weekend to the fullest and have lots of fun!!
In light of Chuseok, Taengoo sends greetings in a hanbok.

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Let's meet again soon.
Have a nice Chuseok~~~~

I love you, I like you, SONE^^

Translated by ch0sshi

Source: Official Girls' Generation website
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