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Movement has always been something to admire; whether it’s the bustle of an early morning in the city or the gentle waves of a grassy field as a breeze blows across, the feeling and the concept of heading somewhere — anywhere — always leaves just the slightest itch in our feet and the tiniest push forward. We can find movement and the motivation that comes with it everywhere, from inspirational posters tacked onto the walls of bland offices and hallways to the rippling music notes of any orchestral score or the precise arch of a ballerina’s form.

We admire movement because that’s what we’d all like to do: to get to somewhere that’s not where we already are. We talk about reaching for our dreams, jumping into the next big thing, dashing forward into the future. It’s right there in front of us — a paper airplane launched off of a rooftop or the spray from a paint can onto a graffitied wall, a thoughtful piece of latte art or a pink motorcycle undergoing its last repairs before it’s ready to ride.

tiffany glass

Tiffany has never been one to sit still. She moved halfway across the world at fifteen after a successful audition and some help from PowerPoint. As a trainee, she worked her way to the top — learning a language and a culture to depths she had never thought she needed to reach, singing until her voice ran hoarse and repeating routines in the mirror that she very well knew she would perhaps never get right — not because she knew she would be there, but because she wanted to be.

It takes more than dogged persistence to get to where Tiffany has managed to achieve so far. Because the thing with persistence is that eventually, the goal will be reached. But it takes another drive entirely to switch gears and move again, in yet another direction. Because what does it matter that you’ve finally summited the tallest mountain? The rest of the range still stretches wide on all sides, each rock and cliff still unexplored and unique; and who’s to say that nowhere out there, hidden among the clouds, stands an even taller peak?

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This is where Tiffany finds herself now: on the upward trek towards her latest endeavor. Daring to go where few have gone before, on her own terms and with her own voice. It’s more treacherous in some ways, even on familiar soil, but still she pushes on — not because she knows she will make it, but because she wants to.

And regardless of the future, Tiffany has already found sure footing on what some might call a slippery slope. Already, she is releasing albums and holding concert tours, embracing a new identity without ever forgetting her old one. Because a part of moving forward is looking back, too — not only to trace footsteps and pitfalls and small moments when you stood taller than the rest of the road, but to remember that there are others: those right behind you, following your tracks, and others pointing out all of the paths still ahead.

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Whether at home or her home away from home, Tiffany feels confident enough in where she’s been to always look forward to where she’s going. Because she’s got strong hands at her back to support her, and others pulling her higher still; but most importantly, she has an itch in her feet and and the push of her next big dream, built on the seat of a faded pink motorcycle forever ready to ride into something new.

Happy birthday, Tiffany. May the road ahead of you be as clear as possible, and best of luck on your journey ahead. But we know that regardless of the dips and turns that may await you, you will take them all in stride and keep pushing on, towards the bright and infinite.

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Written by: moonrise31@soshified