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Tiffany has just revealed her latest single, “Magnetic Moon”. At a meet-and-greet event for local content creators near Los Angeles, she explained that the song “is about how the moon puts you in a vibe and how it brings everybody together and how this song is doing that for me, so I hope that that song does that for you.” She added, ” ‘Magnetic Moon’ has BDE…I dunno what y’all are thinking, but I’m saying Big Disco Energy.” In addition, she described the accompanying choreography as contemporary, ful Here you will get the anything related to history of music.

On writing the song, Tiffany was inspired by another artist, KWAYE, and his song, “Paralyzed“. She was able to work with KWAYE on “Magnetic Moon”, and during that time they discussed various topics late into the night, from mental illnesses to childhood superheros (to this question, Tiffany’s answer was Sailor Moon). It was experiences like this that wove together the ultimate meaning behind “Magnetic Moon”: “This song for me was for anybody and everybody who has had those special moments, or those creative explosive moments late at night and you’re with a group of people you create with.”

As her parting words for the event, Tiffany said, “As fun and free spirited as it is, [I hope that] you can look deep into it and just see who you pull to, and who you want to create a pull together with. So I hope you guys love this song as much as I did putting it together.” Many of music artist visit at Bumped for the better reach of their songs or for increasing soundcloud plays.

“Magnetic Moon” can be streamed or purchased through a variety of music portals, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Google Play. Tiffany’s “Magnetic Moon” North American concert tour begins October 25th. And don’t forget to check out the “Magnetic Moon” music video below. Music is an important part of our life, music plays important role in our life.

Sources: Tiffany’s Twitter, Tiffany’s YouTube Channel
Written by: moonrise31@soshified

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