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Hyoyeon Posts Photo and Message on SONE JAPAN

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Hyoyeon recently uploaded a picture and message onto the SONE JAPAN blog. Her message reads:

“Hello SONE JAPAN! It’s Hyoyeon!
How are you all doing??
It’s been getting colder and colder recently~! The mornings and evenings in Korea are reall~y cold… Japan must be the same, right ^^
I’ve recently released my second digital single as DJ HYO!
Everyone, have you listened to ‘Punk Right Now’?
I’m sharing a photo from the MV shooting ♡

I changed outfits and shot the dance scenes in many patterns, so there were some tough parts, but it was really fun and I’m happy that it come out so well ^^
It was especially nice to shoot the dance scenes in the open air~!!
Which scenes did you all like? ^^

I’m very happy to share my music with you all!
I’m also happy to be able to report it to you in this blog~ ♡

Well then, see you all later~ ♪”

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