‘GET UP’: For Hyoyeon on Her 29th Birthday

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  1. SNSD john
    September 23, 2017

    Annyeonghaseyo 2 our Dancing Queen, Hyo noona. Wishing u a blessed Saeng-il chukha-hamnida.
    May the Lord continue 2 bless in every single aspect of yr life. May u continue 2 stay pretty,
    beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, strong, healthy n the list goes on. I will always pray 4 u noona
    everyday for yr overall well being. Chukha hamnida on yr solo debut with yr best n amazing
    hit song ‘Mystery’. I rly love that song so much that i always listen 2 it every night b4 i go
    2 sleep n in the morning after i wake up because yr song energizes and refreshes me with
    the funky beat n melody. The Lord has finally blessed with yr solo debut career and at last
    yr magnificent talents n skills r known to every1 around u now. Noona, u r an amazing n
    DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kpop artiste that know how to adapt in the Kpop world. Thank you
    4 all yr hardwork n dedication towards SO NYUH SHI DAE for so many donkey years
    especially in the dance choreography that u come up with 4 each songs of SNSD. Yr dancing
    skill is the most DAEBAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! out of any Kpop artise out there. I rly admire
    yr positivity, optimistism n most importantly yr Hyo swag in whatever u do in life. Yr humor
    n dorkiness r also the best part of yr personality of u, noona as u always cheer up every1
    around especially yr Soshi sisters. Yr presence always me laugh till my stomach aches n
    tears coming out of my eyes especially yr presence in countless K shows. Thank u for all
    the humor, laughter, hilarity, dorkiness n entertainment that u always portray no matter
    where u r. This is who u rly r, noona. Thank you always being yrself that is being funny n
    dorky everywhere u r that makes love n support u even more than ever b4. I also rly love
    yr own show ‘Hyoyeon’s 10m likes’ that rly expresses yr true personality n yr daily life.
    Through that show, i have learnt so many things from u,noona that i can use as a life lesson
    to be a better person in life. Noona, u r truly an amazing lady with so many hidden talents
    that have yet to be shown. Thank you 4 bringing SNSD to where it is now in the Kpop world.
    I know at times, things get a lot hectic n difficult but with yr presence, noona, everything
    always work out fine at the end of the day. Yr personality always bring me joy n happiness
    n it always make my day seeing u in K shows. So, noona, 2day is the dedicated 2 u to enjoy
    yrself to the max n also to just take a break from all the hard work for 4 totally deserve it.
    May 2day be a memorable n cherishable day with yr Soshi sisters and also with yr closed ones.
    Just know this noona that I, as a hardcore SONE will always love n support u n SNSD 4ever
    n ever. FInally, Hyo noona, SARANGHAEYO N HWAITING 4EVER N EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr_Mr_Taxi
    September 22, 2017

    Happy Birthday Hyoyeon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. thallyskings
    September 22, 2017

    Happy Birthday Hyoyeon Forever…
    Today is your birthday, but who celebrates me …
    I want to celebrate the pleasure of having you among my friends!
    That in this enlightened day you even more happy!
    Kiss with love

  4. jokensy
    September 22, 2017

    Happy birthday to you, my sweet and beautiful Hyoyeon.

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