“The Celebrity” magazine recently featured Girls’ Generation for its July issue. In it, the members of the group discuss their upcoming comeback and are each asked about their plans for their tenth anniversary.


Charismatic Actress Yoona

‘I don’t have charisma yet. Hahaha.’ Yoona laughed cheerfully. As a singer and actress, the charisma that dominates the stage and screen are Yoona’s fantasy. Her charisma, which she humbly said is not complete, is currently developing. What’s clear is that she is intensely and distinctly going towards that. ‘Before, I would simply wear what other people would pick out and accepted what was given to me. I didn’t know what I wanted myself, so I couldn’t help but be indecisive. Nowadays, I’ve been able to learn about myself and speak accordingly. I also pick things myself, and tell my opinions.’ In the name of self-love and self-acknowledgement, Yoona’s charisma is becoming complete. In the еrа оf саmеrа phones, people constantly сlісk аnd ѕhаrе their рhоtоѕ; thеѕе саmеrа рhоnеѕ аrе mаkіng реорlе еxроѕеd tо рhоtоgrарhу аnd tо vіѕuаl imagery in various forms. You can checkabout some of the best photographers at Best in Nashik. We lооk аt the рhоtоѕ ѕhаrеd bу оur frіеndѕ оn social media, wе see the аdvеrtіѕіng саmраіgnѕ on the ѕtоrеѕ; photography is uѕеd tо соmmunісаtе or tо еxрrеѕѕ to the vіеwеr. Mаnу реорlе click рісturеѕ еvеrу dау but, fеw оf them knоw that how thеѕе different photography tуреѕ hаvе bееn inspiring photographers? Whеn wе gеt tо know thе different рhоtоgrарhу tуреѕ, wе gаіn the knоwlеdgе оf dіffеrеnt gеnrе whісh mау fіt to our boudoir photography hаbіtѕ. You can visit Linton Studios to know about some awesome tips for photography.

The Celebrity: First, your blonde hair color stands right out.

– I tried dying my hair for the first time. Drama schedules always overlapped with album promotions, so I had to consistently have the same hair style for months, but the timing was right this time. I made a bold move to give myself a refreshing change at the same time.

The Celebrity: Do you like it?

– It’s still really not familiar. When I go out, it feels like I stand out more because of my bright hair color. I’m used to going out secretly, without being noticed, but after dying my hair, I don’t think I can even go out without any makeup on. Just like how I came to this morning’s shoot covering my face with my hoodie.

The Celebrity: It seems being active for so long has you [used to] hiding.

– I’m trusting my senior’s words that, “When some more time passes, you’ll be able to start going around naturally and comfortably.”

The Celebrity: There are things that have gotten better as the time has passed too, right?

– All the Girls’ Generation members have developed. We’ve made each other a foundation. We basically share each of the things we experience. We each have different talents, as well as areas of individual work. Those different talents and experiences become every members’ experiences.

The Celebrity: What did you give to your other members?

– Because I started acting first, when members who are just now starting to act ask for advice, I tell them about my experiences and this and that.
The Celebrity: Within your group, what role do you play away from public activities? A dependable adviser?

– It may seem like that, but I’m actually the second oldest. I’m the only 1990er, so I’m right in the middle. Sooyoung unnie is [born in 1990 as well], but her birthday is fast.

Editor’s note: “Second oldest” is in the context of birth years, for which Yoona is in the middle since she was born in 1990, while the others were born in 1989 or 1991. By saying Sooyoung’s birthday is “fast”, Yoona means that Sooyoung’s birthday is early in the year 1990, before the Lunar New Year; in South Korea, everyone gets a year older once the Lunar New Year passes, making Sooyoung still one year older than Yoona.


The Celebrity
: You have the image of the eldest when it comes to the stage and acting, and the youngest when it comes to variety shows. It’s a bit of a twist that you have the role of the second oldest member.

– I’m told my easy-going appearance is unexpected a lot. Though, that misunderstanding has disappeared after experiencing a lot of variety shows.

The Celebrity: Do you have a cool personality?

– I’m the complete opposite of ‘cool’ and worry a lot. Even though I’m not going to listen to others, if there’s something I’m worrying about, I look for advice from many people. Because I can forget my worries while being consoled.

The Celebrity: How do you solve your troubles yourself?

– I try to just brush them off. I’ve been trained. I prepared for this album by comfortably settling myself down, not clinging to anything.

The Celebrity: Are you aware that Girls’ Generation’s 10th year anniversary is right around the corner?

-Wow, you’re right! Technically, it’s our 9th year this year, but according to the official counter, it’s our 8th. I think I’ll feel really great when we reach our 10th anniversary. I hope we have the appearance of great seniors like I felt looking at Boa unnie and Shinhwa oppas. I think Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary will become an amazing record many people will be jealous of!

The Celebrity: Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Yoona’s plans are?

– We had a pool party with the members on our 5th anniversary, it was loads of fun, we swam with a giant unicorn inflatable island raft from the Floatys and the pictures were too priceless. But, on our 10th anniversary, I want to try having a special event that will allow us to approach fans in a more friendly manner. Not transparent concerts or fan meetings, but something that’s as special as the 10 years of love we’ve received thus far!



Rebellious Teen Taeyeon

It may be hard to believe, but Taeyeon is already 27 years old. Today, she returned to her teenage years. It could be because of her wearing a ponytail and posing like a delinquent, but she joked like this. ‘I always did this, so I was able to do it without much difficulties. (laughs)’ Having debuted at 19, most of her memories of her teenage years consist of singing and practicing. ‘I honestly don’t feel old even now. I feel like a teen. I don’t think I experienced adolescence either.’ It would even be fair to say that she lived for Girls’ Generation, but Taeyeon didn’t make a fuss. ‘I think, rather than feeling sad for not being able to do what I wanted, I accepted it as my life.’ There is something that even she couldn’t give up though. ‘If I was a teen right now, I would want to wear my school uniform and go to the amusement fair with friends. I like thrilling things.’ Find more info at millsriversdaschool .

The Celebrity: What did you think of the most while recording this album?

– When including our Japan activities, we’ve shown so many concepts and made so many transformations. This time, I wanted to show ‘this is us’. I hope the general public would look at this and feel ‘yeah, this is Girls’ Generation’.

The Celebrity: What appearance do you think is Girls’ Generation?

– Girls’ Generation is always cheerful. When we wore uniforms and sang ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, it was like girls noisily chatting. And even when we came out with a strong concept with ‘Run Devil Run’, girliness was still soaked in it.

The Celebrity: If you were to say one thing about this album, what would it be?

– It’s a song that’s nice to listen to in this season.

The Celebrity: What kind of music do you listen to during summer?

– I actually don’t care about the seasons. I listen to carols in summer too. (laughs) You feel comfortable and your mood gets better when you listen to carols. Every now and then, I listen to carols that have been rearranged in jazz styles, as well as ones that sound like they’re sung by a choir in church.

The Celebrity: What do you think sets Girls’ Generation apart from other girl groups?

– I sometimes see my members from the position of the third party, and they’re interesting, precious, and I appreciate them. I think the many talents the members have is our biggest weapon. I learn a lot from looking at my members. For instance, posing to my heart’s content is something awkward for me to do. But, when I see my members creating great results like models, they’re like people from another planet.

The Celebrity: Do you feel like you were born to sing?

– I’m still working at becoming better. It makes me think if this is the right way to sing. I keep getting more confused. Still, I’m more confident in singing than in anything else. When I watch audition programs nowadays, I realize how there are people that can express something with their natural born talents. So I think I have to do better. I get stimulated too.

The Celebrity: Is the reason you don’t do individual activities aside from TaeTiSeo and musicals because you want to focus on singing?

– That’s right. I feel like there’s nothing that I’ve done properly as a singer yet. I think I’m going to start gaining interest in other areas once I properly do something and get some free time.


The Celebrity
: Of the things your parents have passed down to you, what do you like the most?

– My mom likes genuine and honest people, and she tries to be like that too. I think that’s something I’ve gotten from her, so I’m grateful. Also, my dad’s singing abilities. (laughs) I was in awe whenever I saw my dad singing when I was little.

The Celebrity: You always stress natural flowing, but is there something you stubbornly do?

– I really don’t go out. I don’t like going to crowded places either. Tiffany takes me out of that every now and then. ‘You have to come out. You have to do some shopping.’ Then, even if I don’t have any interest in shopping, I unwillingly follow through. I try to look at things like that, get some air in my nostrils, and forcibly wake myself up.

The Celebrity: Are the times you spend at home increased due to the exhaustion created by your popularity, making you keep your distance?

– Of course, getting recognized is something I should be grateful for and happy about, but you create a shield in order to have me-time. I feel most comfortable staying at home. I draw at home too.

The Celebrity: Out of all your songs, which Girls’ Generation song do you like the most?

– From our Japanese songs, I like ‘Stay Girls’. It’s a song about staying as girls even if time goes by and changes. The lyrics are really nice. I think I cried every time we sang that during our Japan tours.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Taeyeon’s plans are?

– It’s okay if we don’t go far, I would just like for us to gather in one place, and spend time together.



Animal Lover Sooyoung

‘When I go home and sit on the sofa, four of them come running.’ Four of them? Sooyoung, who brought four of the dogs she has to the Girls’ Generation shoot, called them with personal pronouns (translator’s note: Sooyoung uses pronouns meant for people as opposed to pronouns meant for animals). Sooyoung’s dogs, Suri, Cherry, Bori, and Mori, sit on her lap, get on top, and lean on her, like family consoling her mind and body. The concept Sooyoung chose that’s most like her current self was an animal lover (‘I did think that I should have chosen a pretty and cool concept like the other members.’). She gave up training the dogs beyond potty training, such as teaching them ‘paw’, which is fun for people. Rather than giving them that stress, she just lives with them. She smiled brightly at that natural and comfortable appearance.

The Celebrity: While shooting, I could naturally picture you walking your dogs, and stopping by your neighborhood supermarket.

– I really am living like that. I like comfortable and natural things in real life.

The Celebrity: Do you not mind other’s eyes at all?

– It’s to the point where friends get surprised. I go to bars with friends and eat chicken and drink beer, and my friends always ask, ‘Is it okay for you to go there?’ It’s fine.

The Celebrity: Was there something that created this tolerance towards others’ attention?

– My mind was able to be changed thanks to my school life. While living as a student, which is how I would’ve lived if I didn’t become a singer, I was able to think about my life. Through my school friends, I was able to understand how people outside of my group worked hard and looked for jobs. My life will probably always be within Girls’ Generation, but knowing and not knowing the life outside of it is a world of difference.

The Celebrity: Has living a normal life helped with your acting?

– Of course. If it’s not acting as an actress, I’m almost always living life as a normal girl. While encountering other people’s lives at school, imagining ordinary first loves, meetings, and trips returning home are all things I would be doing in life is the beginning of understanding characters.

The Celebrity: Although you may not encounter unemployment problems like your graduating class, you must be proud with graduation coming up.

– I feel proud of myself just on days that I go to school. The life where I go to school is my real life, and I think of it as my day job. Girls’ Generation is a job that I do. I stopped getting as stressed with being a Girls’ Generation member when I thought of it like that.


The Celebrity
: If you were to compare your life as a celebrity to life as a [regular] worker, you were accepted and were promoted really quickly. To the point where it’s hard to believe how much stress you said you experienced.

– Of course, I consider the experiences and time spent living as Girls’ Generation is precious. When listening to lectures at school, there were things that I was good at like a veteran, that I learned through Girls’ Generation activities. At times like that, I always think. ‘I’m an expert in this area’. It’s a kind of pride I feel as a Girls’ Generation member that’s different from the pride you gain from school. Up until not too long ago, I lived without properly seeing the important things I had. When ‘Gee’ gained explosive popularity, I was like this. ‘You like Girls’ Generation? Do you want me to get the girls’ autographs for you?’ Now, everything is ‘my stage’, ‘my music’, and ‘my acting’. I think they’re all times that will never come again. If I realized this much earlier, I would have been happier a bit faster. They were days that passed by so unfortunately.

The Celebrity: Last year, you showed us a more developed you as an actress through the drama ‘My Spring Days’. Is this from the same changes?

-‘My Spring Days’ was a very satisfying attempt. I think my changed heart showed on screen too. At the time, the director firmly planted in my head that ‘this is your set’.

The Celebrity: Now that your mentality has changed, I guess your comeback this summer as Girls’ Generation will remain as a happy memory.

– I’m excited and my heart is fluttering. Now that all the members have matured, I think we will be able to have fun and enjoy it comfortably. Because we can enjoy it boldly and honestly with this comfortability.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Sooyoung’s plans are?

– 2017 August 5th! On our 10th anniversary, I think we’ll be having a party with fans like we’ve been doing every year. Also, after the fan meeting is over, I want to spend some quality time between just us. Drinking champagne, talking about the things we’ve been through… It sounds like a date that’s far away, but it’s 2 years away. I’ll be waiting for it filled with emotions!



Tanned Surfer Yuri

Yuri’s healthy skin tone that looks like she’s wearing coffee-colored stockings. Adding onto that is a surfer concept, where she looks like she just came out of the ocean; nothing can suit her more. If it’s Yuri, you’d think she would go out to the sun warmed beach every day, and skillfully ride the waves. “To be honest, I don’t know how to surf. I’ve never even tried.” However, her reality was an unexpected confession. “Close unnies I know surf a lot, so I have a lot of interest in it. When you think surfers, there are the ocean, water, and sunlight. It consists of all three things that I like, so I thought it was a concept that suited me.” Though, not yet, after they complete their summer comeback activities, I feel like Yuri will go to the ocean to make her fantasy of becoming a surfer come true.

The Celebrity: Your tanned skin is charming. Do you go tanning?

– I’ve never gone tanning before. I get tanned easily, and I like going outdoors where the sun is blazing. I go bike riding, running, and occasionally go camping.

The Celebrity: You could look nicer if you were to go tanning then.

– I want to try so I can tan a bit more evenly, but I haven’t been able to make an easy attempt. (laughs)

The Celebrity: Because all your other members are so light-skinned, you do look a bit more tanned in comparison.

– Haha. As a matter of fact, when I wear shorts or skirts, it feels like the spotlight isn’t on just me. So I worry about my skin tone standing out during our performances. I think I’d become greedy if I performed by myself.

The Celebrity: It seems you have gotten a little more tan after coming back from Jeju Island.

– I went to Jeju for 3 nights and 4 days to film an OliveTV show, ‘MAPS’, which will start airing on the 28th. It’s a show where I ride in a small car with Kanghee unnie and slowly ride to places in Jeju. With just a map, we rode through Jeju’s country roads at under 40 km/h. We also lodged on bunk beds in a guest house. I learned a lot. Later on, I want to live a bit more lightly and slowly like that. I want to live on Jeju Island too.

The Celebrity: Wouldn’t it be difficult for Girls’ Generation’s Yuri?

– When promoting, we go overseas, and we always get ‘treated’. I unconsciously thought of that matter-of-factly, but after going to Jeju, I realized that was a really special life. After realizing those things I forgot, discomforting things in everyday life aren’t really problems. Rather than that uncomfortability, the enjoyment earned is much greater, and I’ve been able to realize that’s valuable again.

The Celebrity: How is it living as Girls’ Generation?

– It’s special but ordinary. There are days I feel happy hundreds of times a day, there are also times that are so hard that I can’t take it.

The Celebrity: I feel like preparing this album must have brought back some memories.

– Album preparations always make my heart flutter as if I’m going on an adventure. I feel like that heart fluttering feeling is the most enjoyable part of life. But I think that feeling and enjoyment only come when it’s well-prepared. When heading out for an adventure, you have to carefully prepare before leaving. I enjoy adventures and challenges, but I get afraid once I try to make my move, so I become cautious.


The Celebrity
: Rather than being whimsical, you’re more of a hard worker.

– Working hard has become second nature, it’s natural, and I feel uncomfortable if I don’t. It does show in the results, but I think the process is important as well. If I don’t feel honorable and am not satisfied during the process, I can’t persuade anybody.

The Celebrity: You’re currently enrolled in the department of theater and film at Joongang University with Sooyoung, which is known for its hard training. Does the school’s particular atmosphere act as a stimulant?

– There are times where I become nervous without even realizing it. Because everyone really works hard. I get motivated looking at my school friends. I also recall when I was as passionate.

The Celebrity: Are you planning on continuing on acting?

– I’ve always felt desire and burden when it comes to acting. While I did enter as a Girls’ Generation member, acting had been a dream too. I’m not impatient, but I would like to continue acting even when I get older.

The Celebrity: What do you think has been the foundation for Girls’ Generation to grow for 9 years?

– That it hasn’t always been nice. While experiencing that life isn’t all that smooth, I think the eight members were able to grow a bit more strongly and unite.

The Celebrity: Do you have any vacation plans after this summer’s comeback activities?

– I’m not the type to go on a planned vacation. If I have the time, I just leave right then and there. Maldives, Hawaii, Okinawa, Bali, Guam, Ko Samui… I like any place. If it has sunshine and an ocean.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Yuri’s plans are?

– I think it would be fun to release solo albums for each member to celebrate our 10th anniversary. If that’s difficult, an album filled with each of our solo songs would be good, too. How would it be to create a 1-hour show, combining a stage for each of our solo songs? Of course, the air date would be the day of our debut, August 5th!



Fashion People Tiffany

TaeTiSeo’s director and Girls’ Generation’s opinion leader, Tiffany. Checking her outfit and shoes after entering the shoot in detail, and her perfectionism is already well-known. She’s not disheveled when it comes to Girls’ Generation activities, nor is her life. She, who is also known amongst fashion people, directed herself as a ‘fashion editor’ in front of ‘The Celebrity’s’ camera. “It’s a ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ concept. The perfectionist Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) and the confused intern, Andrea Sachs (played by Anne Hathaway).”

The Celebrity: The way you focused throughout the shoot was impressionable. You drove yourself to the end of meticulousness and carefulness.

– I won’t tolerate mistakes. In order to make everyone happy with the results, you have to create good results. Even if the process is difficult, it has to be perfect.

The Celebrity: You’re really a hard worker and perfectionist.

– I do pester people, but I’m really exhausted myself. This may be inconvenient and tiring for some, but my members know my intentions so I’m thankful for that. They tell me, “Tiffany, something has improved through your suggestion.”

The Celebrity: There must have been lots of misunderstandings in the beginning.

– They all understood it later on. Because people I meet while working understand that I’m not trying to bully people with self-centeredness or malice.

The Celebrity: When news of your comeback comes about, the concept is always a hot topic.

– Even though Girls’ Generation has promoted with an iconic concept, in the end, I think they were all by chance. Girls’ Generation’s concepts were always just ones that suited our age. The motive was the growth of women of that age.

The Celebrity: What stage of development is Girls’ Generation in right now?

– I think we’re at the age where we think we know about ourselves, but actually don’t. So, in my case, I completely relaxed.

The Celebrity: How does it feel doing that?
– There’s a type of goodness that only comes from letting go and relaxing. A charm that can only be seen through honest appearances. Is this what you would call mature beauty?

The Celebrity: For a perfectionist to decide to relax must have taken some strength and an adventurous spirit.

– Haha, I do enjoy a challenge!

The Celebrity: What’s the most fearless attempt you’ve made in your life?

– Blindly coming to Korea in my third year of middle school. Just three weeks after passing SM Entertainment’s audition, I made my decision and came to Korea. My life was in America, and my parents thought I’d lost my mind. When I think about it now, it was a reckless attempt.


The Celebrity
: The temperature of your life is hot. Do you ever even rest lazily?

– Of course. I’m actually so lazy that I live diligently so I don’t get too lazy. When I’m lazy, I really don’t do anything. I don’t like myself being lazy.

The Celebrity: Is there a reason why you ran so furiously?

– Because I had the goal of becoming a singer that represents Asia like our senior, Boa.

The Celebrity: Are you going to continue running like this?

– Another challenge is waiting for me. In my 30s, I want to release a solo album in America. Attending the Grammys and performing at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has been a dream of mine for a long time.

The Celebrity: Who would you say is your role model?

– Jennifer Lopez. I want to become an iconic, female singer who has their own color, music, and lifestyle. While doing my own music, I could help juniors as a producer at the same time.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Tiffany’s plans are?

– I want to converse with fans and hear lots of opinions. It would also be nice to create music videos or stages by gathering songs that we haven’t been able to show. I also want to release an album that the members produce and write ourselves. All the profits would be used towards female students who are studying arts. Girls’ Generation members were initially like those female students, too. You could call it a fund for the next generation’s Girls’ Generation.



Strong Punk Hyoyeon

‘Hyoyeon, watching your shoot earlier…’ ‘I kinda did well, right? (laughs)’ I was about to say that. Hyoyeon was just an unapproachable punk today, making it hard to believe that she’s lived as a Girls’ Generation member for the past 8 years. “Rider jackets and studded heels, I like them all.” However, a question remains. What is with the various colored, cute handbags, large ribboned headband, and pajama set she posted on Instagram? ‘It’s nice if it’s pretty. There are times where I wear a sexy slip one-piece too. (laughs)’ Hyoyeon, who sparingly expressed herself, is now starting to realize what beauty is.

The Celebrity: What’s something you were sure of and were confused about while creating this album?

– Some things I’m sure of are choreography and our won energy. When we practice those appearances, I want to get on stage and hurry and show you all. We shot our album jacket photo for the first time in a while, and the feeling was peculiar,  Something that confused me, so whether doing cute gestures is still right, since we’ve gotten older now (laughs). But lucky I had a really good photographer with one of the best 360 camera that took all the best angles and wide pictures.

The Celebrity: What was the hardest thing for you while promoting as Girls’ Generation?

– I wasn’t sure how to fit myself into Girls’ Generation. I like strong styles, but Girls’ Generation had to have feminine, soft, and innocent appearances. I just wore what they put on me, and didn’t pay any attention to myself. While working on giving myself attention again, I started doing my own makeup. Now, I’ve become like Girls’ Generation myself, and I think I’ve found my own thing within it.

The Celebrity: Do you have plans of showing us that appearance in any project outside of Girls’ Generation? You said you’d be confident in doing music like that of Missy Elliot’s before.

– Hearing that now, it makes my fingers curl. (laughs) Please cancel out Missy Elliot. In the past, I looked for my dream in a place far away, but it turns out it was close by. What I like is what I’m doing now, dancing and singing on stage. I want to show a female warrior-like strong image through unit or solo activities. I think it would be fun to get on stage with a concept like today’s. Dancing hard on stage really makes you look sexy, unlike looking sexy from trying to look sexy.

The Celebrity: Is there any practice you’ve done in order to show that type of performance?

– I think I’m going to post videos of me dancing with friends on SNS. It’s not fun to watch it myself after practicing. Beyonce filmed her ‘7/11’ music video dancing wearing just her pajamas and knee socks in a hotel. I want to film something naturally like that while playing with friends. It’s like a day of reality.


The Celebrity
: Soon, ‘Hyoyeon’s 100 Million Likes’ airs and your book is scheduled to release. What do you think is the ideal look for a beautiful woman?

– Before, I used to apply 3cm of base on my face when going out. (laughs) On stage, that may look pretty, but I think I look most like my age and natural when wearing a thin layer of base with just a little eyeliner on. Even though I don’t like reading, I carry a book around and always try to read. People who work hard at developing themselves is also beautiful. I don’t like people who say ‘no’ or ‘I can’t do it’.

The Celebrity: Is there anything you want to do other than getting on stage?

– I have a lot of interest in fashion design, so I’ve been learning illustration. There aren’t any color combinations or prints that I like. I want to create something myself one day.

The Celebrity: Out of Girls’ Generation’s songs, which do you like the most?

– ‘The Boys’ and ‘Into the New World’. There were a lot of funny things that happened during ‘The Boys’. We promoted in the US and had a world tour. I also had confidence on stage. Also, ‘Into the New World’, because it’s a song that helped us make our dreams come true.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Hyoyeon’s plans are?

– I want for us to make a fan song ourselves. We may need help when working on it. (laughs) I think expressing the thanks we have towards fans would be most touching as a song. I don’t cry much, but I get choked up when I hear H.O.T senior’s ‘Celebrate’ and S.E.S. unnies’ ‘Running’.



Elegant Ballerina Seohyun

‘I probably would have lived a life completely different than this one.’ Seohyun was honest. She didn’t think of glamorizing a dream that didn’t come true. ‘I remember how hard it was. (laughs) I miss it as well.’ Instead, she grew up with Girls’ Generation. While other people shared memories and feelings that are difficult to imagine. ‘I have a lot of happy memories. Honestly, there are times when I don’t like them. How could things always be good. I got even more attached because of that. We’re probably the only ones who know that feeling.’

The Celebrity: It’s already been 9 years since you’ve debuted. What do you think has changed the most since debuting?

– I have a lot more confidence now than I did before. And I’ve become more casual. If in the past, I thought that I would show this after practicing, now, I’ve shed myself of that obsessiveness and just relax.

The Celebrity: There are areas you’re interested in that you have been pouring your time into lately, right?

– Acting! I appeared in ‘Passionate Love’ for a moment, and it was really nice. Because of my busy schedule, I would go to the set after getting only 1 hour of sleep, but I had lots of energy. I want to continue acting for a long time. Which is why I don’t want to rush into it.

The Celebrity: Up until recently, you took on the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the musical ‘Gone with the Wind’, and acted and sang. How was it acting out her developing story?

– I was really happy. The image the general public has of me is proper, innocent, and kind. Everyone seemed to think that I suited the role of Melanie more than Scarlett. But I was more drawn towards Scarlett. Because I have many different sides to myself as well. So I had a greater desire to hurry and show that side of me. The role of Scarlett is one that I want to do again next time.

The Celebrity: You’ve written the lyrics for one of your songs before. If you were to write a song about Girls’ Generation, what would you write?

– I want to write about our story. Things that happened to us, and I want to express chats between women. I wrote a lot of lyrics for this album, but they were all dropped. (laughs) They were dropped, but I think of it as good experience. I’m thinking of composing my own music for those lyrics later on. It’s nothing large scale. Just while strumming a guitar. (laughs)


The Celebrity
: While preparing for this comeback album, what kind of appearance did you think would be good?

– Whenever we release an album, we always say we’ll show a new us, and that applies to this one as well. We thought about how could we sing to make this song a bit more new, refreshing. We made many different attempts.

The Celebrity: How far do you think the boundaries for Girls’ Generation’s music reaches?

– Honestly, when we heard ‘I Got A Boy’, we all thought, ‘How could we do a song like this?’ We’re reaching 10 years, so we can’t just pursue cheerful things. We wanted to show a more adventurous move as a singer. If we only made safe choices, I think we would have had feelings of doubt. I think you have to make various attempts, and if they fail, try to figure out why and grow from there.

The Celebrity: Do you have any personal goals, aside from Girls’ Generation?

– I want to take a trip around the world one day. I can’t go anywhere freely right now, and am always left in a familiar place. When vacationing, you can break that shell and are able to see things in a big way.

The Celebrity: It seems like you have a good balance between life as a celebrity, and your personal life. How is that possible?

– I don’t consider my life as a celebrity as my everything. While it is what I have to do my best at right now, when I look at my entire life, I don’t want to live tied down to this job. I want to enjoy my life and see the big picture.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Seohyun’s plans are?

– I want to go on a trip together. I want to film us being free and treasure it. After a long time has passed, I want to watch it again reminiscing how we had memories like that.



Intelligent Movie Director Sunny

While the other members joked around, Sunny seemed to be engrossed in some thought. Like a film director, lost in thought from behind the camera. When you listen to Sunny’s words, you could tell she wasn’t trying to force this concept. ‘If I was a director, because I have an interest in works that have to do with the mental world, I think I would be a director making films like ‘Inception’ or ‘Side Effects’.’ Sunny imagines a quiet, ordinary life apart from celebrity life in front of the camera, although she does looks really good in all these photos, you can see more if you visit this blog for more info. Of course, you can’t leave out the next imagination. ‘I think it would be fun to make a superhero movie with Girls’ Generation members as the leads. We would be emphasizing each of their strengths to create a female version of ‘The Avengers’.

The Celebrity: How have you been spending your time lately?

– I’ve been focusing on myself. After debuting, I think I’ve always lived as a celebrity. I’m looking for an internal place where I can go to rest and recharge my energy when I’m busy. I’m basically looking for a place to keep my heart. Fortunately, I’ve been healing a bit thanks to my cat.

The Celebrity: If you got to play any music you wanted to for a day on your radio show, ‘Sunny’s FM Date’, what kind of music would you play?

– I think it’d be mostly R&B and hip-hop. I like that kind of music. I would start lightly with ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mike Ronson and Bruno Mars, and I think it would be good to end it with Blackstreet’s ‘Happy Song (Tonight)’.

The Celebrity: Are there any musicians you want to work with?

– I think it would be fun to work with rappers who talk about their own lives.

The Celebrity: The anticipation for this album is quite high; do you think preparations are going well?

– I think satisfaction honestly is relative. While preparing the album, I’m not able to feel satisfied enough. That’s why I’ve been pushing myself into it. Because I would like for it to be touched up more, and was a bit more perfect.

The Celebrity: How would you judge Girls’ Generation right now?

-Rather than a group at the very top, I think we’re a group that has experienced a lot. We’ve gotten through lots of time and incidents together. I think we’re a big group that has strength that only comes from experience.

The Celebrity: What might be Girls’ Generation’s next step?

– I’ve thought of this before, but it never works out. I’m probably going to just go with the flow. Whenever I try to do something forcibly, it becomes unnatural and it feels like I’m in someone else’s clothes. I think Girls’ Generation will also do what’s fitting at that moment, and do what we want.


The Celebrity
: Is there something that you, personally, want to do away from Girls’ Generation?

– Ordinary person Soonkyu, not celebrity Sunny, doesn’t really go well with challenges. Celebrity Sunny isn’t afraid of anything. Living like that for 9 years, I want to do personal activities to its minimum, and want to just have personal time. I suddenly have these thoughts. What is ordinary, I want to experience normalcy. Occasionally, I imagine myself going out without a hat, mask, or sunglasses, eating, shopping, and playing with my friends comfortably. Because I can’t do that now.

The Celebrity: If you were given a vacation for a month, what do you want to do?

– I’m going to go meet my family. My family is all spread apart. My parents are in the Middle East, my eldest sister and her family lives in Korea, and my second eldest sister lives in the US with her family. I think it would take a month for all of us to meet.

The Celebrity: Have you ever felt that your bright and optimistic images were uncomfortable or stifling?

– I think it’s okay because it’s not an image where I have to always be girly, but instead be comfortable and show my actual self. It’s not a made up image, but one part of me that the general public is capturing, so, fortunately, there isn’t any burden.

The Celebrity: Have you ever thought about life away from Girls’ Generation?

– One day, we could come into a situation where we can no longer sing or dance. But the members are still able to call each other ‘girl, girl’, joke around, and know what each other is thinking just by looking at their eyes. I think we’re just going to get older like this.

–Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary, Sunny’s plans are?

– I would like for us to go on a trip by ourselves and have fun playing. I think it would also be nice to have a photoshoot or create a video with the concept ‘free Girls’ Generation’.


Sources: ‘The Celebrity’ Magazine, Pocari8
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