sunny is a hot grill

On June 29th, Sunny held another chat session with fans through her Instagram account. Her original replies are below, with the English translations in italics underneath.

Sunny: 그냥 #불판
(Just because #hotgrill)
Translator’s note: “hot grill” is slang for “new post that will have a lot of posts, i.e. will be on fire”.

Sunny: 헐 나 1등 마즘?!
(Heol, did I get first place?!)
Translator’s note: she means “first comment”.

Sunny: 세상에나마상에나
(What in the world, what in the world)

Sunny: 일단 모여봐 그리고 봐봐 나의 1등을
(First of all, everyone gather and look at my first place)

Sunny: 나 대박이지ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Aren’t I daebak?! Hehehehehehehehehe)

Sunny: 역시 모든건 타이밍 ;)
(Of course, timing is everything ;) )

Sunny: 어제 잼나씀 주탱이 생파 쫭쫭
(Yesterday was fun. Jutaengie’s birthday party)

Sunny: 어제 나는 노래방 가서 노래 안 부름
(I didn’t sing a song yesterday at karaoke)

Sunny: 고기불판은 고기불판이고 우리불판은 우리불판이고
(Hot meat grill is a hot meat grill, our hot grill is our hot grill)

Sunny: 주인공 옆에서 박수치고 바운스바운스 해주는 걸로 만족스러웠음
(I was satisfied enough clapping and bouncing, bouncing beside the guest of honor)

Sunny: I have both hair short and long :D

Sunny: 생일빵을 깜빡했네
(I forgot to give her a birthday punch)

Sunny: 아….아쉽다
(Ah….I regret it)

Sunny: 아….오늘 냉부해 아님?! 뭐야 다들 까먹음?!
(Ah….isn’t “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” on today?! What is this, did everyone forget?!)

Sunny: 본방사수해 성규친구 편이지만 나도 계속 나오니까
(Watch it live. It’s the episode featuring Sungkyu-friend, but I continue to appear)

Sunny: 공부할수있을때 미리미리 해둬 나중되면 머리가 굳어서 못해 나봐
(While you can still study, do it. Your head hardens later and you can’t. Look at me)

Sunny: 나도 보고싶네 소원
(I want to see you too, SONE)

Sunny: 얼마전에 나 놀리는 기사 봐뜸 공황패션ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Recently, I saw an article making fun of my airport fashion, hehehehe)

Sunny: 나도 꾸미고 다녀야됨?!
(Do I have to decorate myself too?!)

Sunny: 그거야 머리 가리느라 그런거지!!!!!
(That was to hide my hair!!!!!)

Sunny: 아니 데이트 가는 것도 아닌데 뭐하러…..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(I’m not even going on a date so what’s the point…..Hehehehe)

Sunny: 그래 일단 숸들 의견을 반영하겠어
(Yes, I will reflect on SONE’s opinions first)

Sunny: 그래서 우리 데이트할땐 차려입잖아 #써니의FM데이트
(So when we date, I dress well #SunnysFMDate)

Sunny: (보이는 라디오때만ㅋㅋ 속닥속닥)
((Only when it’s viewable radio, hehe. Whisper whisper))

Sunny: 그래그래 이 콩깍지들아
(Yes, yes, you peas-in-a-pod)

Sunny: 암튼 다 좋데 콩깍지들
(You like everything regardless, peas-in-a-pod)

Sunny: 이 험한세상 어찌 살라고ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(How are you going to live in this treacherous world, hehehehe)

Sunny: 눈세개뭐왜뭐
(Three eyes, what? Why, what?)

Sunny: 올 영화추천임?! 계속해봐
(Are you all recommending movies?! Continue)

Sunny: 이봐 콩깍지들 나도 니네 다 이뻐 뭔짓을 해도 이뻐
(See, peas-in-a-pod? You’re all cute to me. Whatever you do, you’re cute.)

Sunny: 그니까 그냥 내곁에 있어라
(So just be by my side)

Sunny: 이뻐해줄때
(While I still think you’re cute)

Sunny: 대신 공부는 해
(Instead, do study)

Sunny: 그래야 오래오래 엄빠한테 안 혼나고 우리 같이 붙어있지
(Yes, let’s not get in trouble with Mom and Dad for a long, long time, and let’s stick together)

Sunny: 내가 무슨 박력분이냐 박력 넘치게 그냥 살살 말한거야 소심하게 속닥속닥
(What do you mean, I’m soft flour? I just said it softly and timidly, whisper whisper)

Sunny: 그래 영화추천이나 계속해봐 나 드라마 보는거 한편 남았다고
(Yes, continue to recommend movies. I have one episode left of the drama I’m watching)

Sunny: (최고의 사랑을 벌써 3번이나 다시 봤다고 한다)
((I re-watched “The Greatest Love” 3 times already))

Sunny: 이러다 대사 외우겠어 빨리 영화 추천해줘 징징
(I’m going to memorize all of the lines at this rate. Recommend me movies, wah wah)

Sunny: 영화관 가서 보는거 말고 영화관 같이 갈 친구가 없어
(Not ones you need to watch at the movie theater. I don’t have a friend I can go to the movie theater with)

Sunny: 멜로 말고 로맨틱코메디 말고 그냥 코메디라던가 드라마라던가 호러 스릴러 추리물 뭐 이런거
(No melodramas, no romantic comedies. Just comedies or drama or horror, thriller, mysteries: movies like this)

Sunny: 내가 좋아하는 영화를 알려주지
(I’ll tell you movies I like)

Sunny: 인셉션 메트릭스 리미트리스 사이드이펙트
(“Inception”, “Matrix”, “Limitless”, “Side Effect”)

Sunny: 리미트리스도 3번 봄 최근에 티비 돌리다 하는 거 다시보고 끝 장면에서 크으~~~~ 역시!!!!!
(I re-watched “Limitless” 3 times recently while flipping through the TV [channels] and the final scene was wow~~~~ of course!!!!!)

Sunny: 아글구 인터스텔라랑 킹스맨도 티비로 돈 내고 봤는데 겁나 잼썼음
(Ah and I paid to watch “Interstellar” and “Kingsman” on TV, and it was scary fun)

Sunny: 패닉룸도 쫭쫭
(“Panic Room” is awesome too)

Sunny: 왜 하다보니 나만 추천하고 있냐능
(Why am I the only one recommending movies?)

Sunny: 다들 뭐하냐능
(What is everyone doing?)

Sunny: 블랙스완 봤지 비행기에서 봐서 볼만한 장면 다 짤렸어서 아쉬웠지….만 그래서 브이오디로 다시 보고 극뽁 잼썻어 잼썼어
(I saw “Black Swan” but I saw it on the airplane so all of the watchable scenes got cut, which was too bad….so I saw it again on VOD which redeemed it. It was good, it was good.)
Editor’s note: VOD is “Video on Demand”.

Sunny: 인타임 봤지!! 근데 쪼꼼 아쉽
(I saw “In Time”!! But a little regrettable)

Sunny: 나 옛날 영화도 짱짱 좋아함
(I really like old movies too)

Sunny: 흑백 영화만의 묘미가 있지
(There’s a beauty unique to black-and-white movies )

Sunny: 페이퍼문
(“Paper Moon”)

Sunny: 나 은근히 영화 많이 봤구나…. 대부분 본 영화라능
(I guess I secretly watched a lot of movies…. Most of these are movies I’ve already watched)

Sunny: 폰부스 소스코드 콘스탄틴 다 잼께 봤징
(“Phone Booth”, “Source Code”, “Constantine”: I saw all of these and liked them)

Sunny: 알써 천천히 댓글 복습하고 보고싶은 영화 생기면 보고 후기 알려줄께
(Okay, I’ll slowly study the comments and if there’s a movie I want to watch, I’ll watch it and let you know what I thought)

Sunny: 우리 소중한 소원들이 내 생각해서 추천해준건데 다 봐야지
(These are recommendations made by precious SONEs who thought of me, so I have to watch them all)

Sunny: 근데 멜로는 추천하지마
(But don’t recommend melodramas)

Sunny: 나 영화보면서 우는거 시졍
(I don’t like crying while watching movies)

Sunny: 난 나름 바빠서 영화 안 본거 많은 줄 알았는데ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다봤어 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 나 잉여력 쪌어ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(I thought I was busy so I didn’t think I had watched a lot of movies, hehehehehe. But I watched them all, hehehehehe. My superpower is awesome, hehehehehe)

Sunny: 다들 잉여력을 키우던가…..는 아니야~ 그냥 능력치를 키워
(Everyone should grow their superpower…..that’s not right~ Just grow your capabilities)

Sunny: 쉬는건 불판때만 해
(Only rest when we do “hot grill” )

Sunny: 일해라 일 채찍채찍 쫙쫙
(Do work, work! Whip whip!)

Sunny: 이부장님이 나도 빨리 일하래
(Boss Lee is telling me to hurry and work)

Sunny: 오늘 불판은 짧고 굵네
(Today’s “hot grill” is short and thick)

Sunny: 모다?!

Sunny: 다들 이제 일상으로 복귀해
(Everyone, go back to your daily lives now)

Sunny: 마지막말 잊지말고
(Don’t forget the last words)

Sunny: 모다?!?!

Sunny: 그래 나도…
(Yes, me too…)

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sunny: 사랑해
(Love you)

Sunny: 사랑한다고!!!!
(I said love you!!!!)

Sunny: 사랑한다 아주 많이
(I love you a lot )

Sunny: 사랑해애애애애애애애애
(I love yooooooooooooou)

Sunny: Love SONE

Sources: Sunny’s Instagram, SNSDTV
Translated by: SonexStella@soshified
Edited by: moonrise31@soshified

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