On December 1st, Sunny hosted MBC FM4U’s “Good Morning FM” in place of regular MC Jun Hyunmoo as part of MBC radio’s “Family Day”. 

At the Newsen interview that took place right after her (radio) broadcast ended, when asked how it felt to have gone to work earlier than usual, Sunny replied, “I’m tired. To be honest, even though it’s morning, because it is still a radio [schedule], I thought it would be the same. But its personality is really different from our program. I think it’s a bit difficult because the segments are all structured for every hour, and you have to constantly go through it according to those specific segments.”

She also expressed her respect for Jun Hyunmoo. Sunny said, “I wonder how Jun Hyunmoo oppa does this so well. ‘Good Morning FM’ doesn’t have any segment where you can talk about yourself. The occupation of a DJ is one where you have to talk, so, naturally, you start talking about yourself, and want to. But, again, I express my admiration for the way he always silently holds back on doing that, and progresses through with his role.”

With all the love DJs receive from listeners, the affection they have for the radio is special. Sunny laughed while stating, “I always listen to the radio while moving [to schedules]. After this ends, I’m going to do another recording and then am planning on delivering coal briquettes as volunteer work with my SBS ‘Roommate’ members.”


Regarding what she always has with her when DJing, Sunny chose earphones and a pen. She revealed, “I always have my pen and earphones. I use a three-color pen. To be honest, it doesn’t matter if I have a different pen other than this one, but I do need one to check and mark things during the broadcast. Earphones are actually my support tool. They are earphones the ‘FM Date’ staff presented to me, so they’re valuable.”

When asked what talents a DJ needs, she couldn’t answer right away. Because she’s a DJ who lacks in talents, she is careful when answering this. Sunny said, “I honestly don’t have any talents and talking about talents a DJ needs sounds a bit arrogant, so I kind of avoid it. I think what a DJ needs are quick reactions. One needs to be able to remain calm and react quickly to unexpected situations. Because there are lots of live broadcasts in radio, I think you’d have to be able to handle situations at that moment smoothly so there isn’t a mishap.”

When discussing the fact that she is the only female idol DJ, Sunny stated, “I think that is my forte. If you look at it one way, it could seem like a weak point, but because of my 8 years [as a celebrity], I think I could hide my weak points a lot (while DJing). I’m grateful for the time I spent as a celebrity and idol. I think I showed that off to my heart’s content today.”

Lastly, Sunny was asked to recommend a song she would want to have her listeners hear. She said, “I want to turn on lots of happy music. I want to play Zion.T’s ‘Yanghwa Bridge’ for them. I got stuck on the lyrics, ‘Let’s be happy, let’s not hurt.’ The prior and latter lyrics of that line are words said to his family. I think they are lyrics that would apply to any family and person. I think everyone who listens to those lyrics would think of the person who is most precious to them. I then think of the listeners who are listening to it. There were lots of difficult and hurtful things that went on this year, so I want to tell people that it’s okay to be happy and not hurt now.”

Source: Newsen
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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