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On August 28th, KBS2’s “Happy Together” aired a “Long Legs, Short Legs” special. Sunny appeared on the show as a member of the “Short Legs” group, along with former professional StarCraft player Hong Jinho and comedian Hwang Hyunhee. Meanwhile, the “Long Legs” group consisted of Choi Hongman, volleyball coach Kim Sejin, and anchor Do Geyongwan.

During the episode, the guests and regulars covered several topics, most of which encompassed the advantages and disadvantages of being their respective heights. Along this thread of discussion, they also got into a variety of antics, such as racing to see whether Choi Hongman (217 cm) or Sunny (158 cm) could bend down and pick up a coin the fastest. Sunny also revealed, among other things, her woes whenever the taller Girls’ Generation members decided to also wear inserts inside their shoes, thus causing the shorter members to add even more inserts to compensate for the continued discrepancy in height.

To watch these hilarious moments and more, check out the entire “Happy Together” episode below, which is the subbed version released by the KBS World TV YouTube channel on September 18th. You may also download the unsubbed version from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

Source: KBS World [email protected]
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