On August 10th, Girls’ Generation performed on the second night of “KCON 2014” in Los Angeles. Girls’ Generation was the final act of the two-day event, which featured multiple artists and a large convention with well-known retailers, companies, guest panels, and fansite booths. A Soshified booth was also open at “KCON 2014”, selling various items and passing out fansigns for a special event during the concert.


The members of Girls’ Generation began their appearance at “KCON 2014” at the red carpet, answering questions from Viki host Eric Nam. Tiffany mentioned that the group had just finished its third arena tour through Japan and that the members were now beginning their solo activities. She also spoke about a unit album that would be coming soon, saying that they were confident fans would enjoy it even more than “Twinkle”.

During the concert, Tiffany made a brief appearance in front of the crowd to thank staff and fans for making “KCON 2014” possible. She also introduced the next artist to perform, Jung Joonyoung.

Girls’ Generation performed five songs to conclude the show. The first, “Mr.Mr.”, was followed by a short segment where the group spoke to the audience and Tiffany explained that Sooyoung was unable to attend due to her drama filming. At this point, fans raised signs with words in Hangul reading, “Indestructible” and “Unbreakable”.

부숴지지 않을
끝이 없는 인연
Happy 7th Anniversary

Afterwards, Girls’ Generation performed “Hoot” and “Genie”, and then stopped to address the audience once more.

Seeing the signs raised earlier, the members of the group thanked fans for congratulating them on their seventh anniversary and sang an acapella version of “Into the New World” for their own congratulations to fans for being with them on their journey.

For the last song of the night, Girls’ Generation then sang the quintessential K-Pop song, “Gee”, with the entire crowd singing along.

Finally, “KCON” and Girls’ Generation have since been covered by several media outlets, including the “Los Angeles Times” and “NBC News”. The “Los Angeles Times” reviewed the second day of the concert, describing “MR. TAXI” and “Mr.Mr.” as “spry and adventurous”, and concluded, “Even though they were down one member for this show, the group members understand how their individual chemistry adds up to one of the most charismatic presences in K-Pop.” “NBC News” also briefly featured Tiffany and Seohyun in an interview, in which Tiffany says that K-Pop artists and fans inspire each other so that singers may create music.

Many photos of Girls’ Generation at “KCON 2014” are found in Soshified’s Photos Section. Photos by the press are seen below.

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