Actor Kam Woosung and Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung will be starring in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Springtime of My Life” as the male and female lead.

With the first broadcast in September, “Springtime of My Life” will be about a terminally ill patient who received a heart transplant and meets the donor’s husband for a unique love story melodrama.

In the drama, Kam Woosung plays Kang Dongha, a man who is raising two kids alone after losing his wife in an accident and gets to live a new life, experiencing destined love after meeting the receiver of his wife’s heart, Lee Bom.

Sooyoung plays Lee Bom, a woman that has another chance at life after receiving a heart transplant. Lee Bom, with the thoughts that she’s living out another person’s life, thinks more than anyone else that she has no choice but to live an active and fierce life. She is a woman that is in a loveline with Kang Dongha.

In particular, it is based off of cellular (or body) memory (a phenomenon where the recipient of an organ demonstrates the personality or habits of their donor), which is sure to be unique and fresh material background for the heart-warming love story.

The drama is set to air in September after “Fated to Love You”.

Source: The Star
Translated by: Darkie999@soshified
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