Another year has passed and another year that we’ve all grown older. It just seems like yesterday when we were introduced to the stoic, blunt member seven years ago. That’s right. Before the ice princess, Elsa of “Frozen”, there was the ice princess, Jessica of Girls’ Generation. Just like how Elsa “let it go” and changed into the wild and free princess, we also saw a change in Jessica in the past seven years. But what exactly lies underneath that icy cold exterior?


From the beginning, Jessica introduced herself to the public as “Ice Princess Jessica”.

That image has stuck with Jessica since her infamous incident on TV, where she was captured with a stoic face staring off into space. Her replies are also straight to the point, such as telling fans to go play by themselves, ordering them to learn English, or even picking her hated cucumbers over fans! But we all know this is her way of joking. In various interviews, Jessica herself has stated that her blunt replies and unfriendly looks have given her the ice cold image, but she really is quite the opposite. Let’s dive a little deeper to see the other side of Jessica.


Jessica commands her fans to learn English

Over the years, Jessica has shown more and more of her caring side. Peeling away the top layer, we can see that she is quite protective towards her members. While a lot of fans comment on other members’ support, Jessica takes a more subtle approach in supporting her members and you can see it if you pay attention. Jessica may do things such as saying the media has new meat to prey on in “Radio Star”, i.e. Yoona’s and Sooyoung’s dating, to tease them; however, she tries very hard to defend them and support them when the MCs drill Girls’ Generation about dating. Other times, she makes a small comment on how admirable other members are in supporting the group either by playing mediator or keeping their cool. She cares deeply about their well-being and happiness.

Seohyun feeling the love from Jessica.

She also has shown that same love and care towards her precious younger sister, Krystal. Whenever f(x) releases a new song and performs on various music stages, Jessica will be there backstage for support. Jessica even supported Krystal when the younger sister was on “Kiss & Cry,” the idol skating variety show. The love and care that she shows towards Krystal just pours out when she kisses her on the cheek after congratulating Krystal for making it to the next round. Even the “friendly” banter between them during magazine interviews and on Jessica’s personal Weibo shows the softer side of Jessica.

Speaking of Weibo, Jessica opened hers less than a year ago, in June of 2013. While she did not explicitly state why she opened Weibo, it is obvious that she did so in order to communicate with SONEs more easily. She held unofficial and informal Q&A sessions periodically, and her comments towards SONEs have also softened; gradually, Jessica seems to have opened up with her own feelings. Her comment below speaks for itself:

Jessica: I am blessed because of the good people in my life, including my faithful fans that accept everything about me. Thank you for all your support, many hugs!


But not everything has changed. She is still the same, the same old Jessica that we know from seven years ago; still always sleepy, still disliking cucumbers, and still never running.

Jessica: 난진짜..일찍 일어나는게…세상에서..제…일….시…..러 (Translation: I really hate..waking up early…the…the…entire….world)

Jessica: 오이는 몸에 해로워
(Cucumbers are harmful to [my] body)

Jessica: 난 백만년만에 런닝머신에서 걷고잇음.. 뛰진못하고 걸어여..ㅋㅋㅋ
(After a million years, I’m walking on the treadmill.. I can’t run, so I’m walking.. kekeke)

Going past the surface, we see a much deeper and thoughtful side of Jessica; she is truly a kind and sensitive soul. Yet, her quirks will always be there to make us smile. In the end, Princess Jessica remains as adorable as ever.

We wish you a happy 26th birthday!!

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