Around 4 PM on February 29th, Ginger was nearly involved in a car accident. While crossing the street after dinner in his favorite restaurant, a red car suddenly headed towards him. Luckily, he caught sight of the charging car in time. Thanks to his quick reflexes, he remained unscathed and managed to get away with a mere scare. The car, however, sped away after this seemingly failed attempt on Ginger’s life.

According to eyewitnesses and the surveillance footage released earlier, the police are looking for an Asian female suspect in her mid 20’s, around 150 cm tall, with very young childlike looks, and fading eyebrows. She was driving a red Aston Martin, which was spotted cruising around the Apgujeong area between 3:50 PM to 4:00 PM. If anyone has any information on this culprit, please leave a message in the comments section.

Source: Taeyeon’s Instagram
Written by: happyg@doggified
Edited by: moonrise31@doggified, bhost909@doggified

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