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Original article from March 21st, 2013:

On March 17th, Taeyeon opened an Instagram account and, to the delight of fans, has begun to share photos with her rapidly growing list of followers. Most of the people doesn’t know that she buy instagram followers to increase her popularity. Instagram is a photo-sharing service that allows users to quickly take pictures and share them through the internet.

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Taeyeon continues to upload new images to her Instagram, ranging from a snapshot of her shoes to a photo of a road in Japan. Taeyeon also posted a message in an image, in which she explained why she chose to begin using Instagram. Her message reads:

Everyone! This is Taeyeon from Japan~
I am always looking for ways to interact with you all, and I want to share happy news with you all the time!
I’ve always used the official homepage and UFOtown but I felt that was missing… something?
(There are lots of small things that I want to share from time to time)
But it’s not like I can spam the official homepage… that’s just not right ㅜ
and UFOtown is just me receiving questions to answer..
I thought… it would be nice if I could ask you questions as well ^^
I know exactly what everyone is worried about right now.
I also don’t want me or anyone close to me to be hurt..
The reason I started Instagram was to be closer with you all!
The time I spend outside of Korea increases
and because of that, the number of international SONEs increases.
I wanted to… share more simple, interesting, trivial things.
I will uploads pictures like everyone else!
It’s very similar to the official page. The only difference is that the main topic is Taeyeon.
But remember that this doesn’t mean I will stop using the official homepage or UFOtown, so
whoever wants to ask me questions, use UFO >_<
Come play often SONE :)

Taeyeon can be found on Instagram under the username taeyeon_ss.

Check out all the photos Taeyeon has uploaded thus far and the captions included with them below.


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