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Original article from March 21st, 2013:

On March 17th, Taeyeon opened an Instagram account and, to the delight of fans, has begun to share photos with her rapidly growing list of followers. Instagram is a photo-sharing service that allows users to quickly take pictures and share them through the internet.

Taeyeon continues to upload new images to her Instagram, ranging from a snapshot of her shoes to a photo of a road in Japan. Taeyeon also posted a message in an image, in which she explained why she chose to begin using Instagram. Her message reads:

Everyone! This is Taeyeon from Japan~
I am always looking for ways to interact with you all, and I want to share happy news with you all the time!
I’ve always used the official homepage and UFOtown but I felt that was missing… something?
(There are lots of small things that I want to share from time to time)
But it’s not like I can spam the official homepage… that’s just not right ㅜ
and UFOtown is just me receiving questions to answer..
I thought… it would be nice if I could ask you questions as well ^^
I know exactly what everyone is worried about right now.
I also don’t want me or anyone close to me to be hurt..
The reason I started Instagram was to be closer with you all!
The time I spend outside of Korea increases
and because of that, the number of international SONEs increases.
I wanted to… share more simple, interesting, trivial things.
I will uploads pictures like everyone else!
It’s very similar to the official page. The only difference is that the main topic is Taeyeon.
But remember that this doesn’t mean I will stop using the official homepage or UFOtown, so
whoever wants to ask me questions, use UFO >_<
Come play often SONE :)

Taeyeon can be found on Instagram under the username taeyeon_ss.

Check out all the photos Taeyeon has uploaded thus far and the captions included with them below.


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