The physical “Mr.Mr.” mini album is now available through multiple retailers. A random sticker set and poster will be included. The album is available for order from:

Poster in tube: US$25.99
No Poster: US$18.99

synnara via Gmarket:
Poster in tube: ₩13,400 (US$13.19)
No Poster: ₩14,400 (US$14.17)

Rolled poster: US$15.24
Folded poster: US$13.04
Poster in tube: US$11.94

CDJapan: ¥1,597 (US$15.49)

Fans in certain regions around the world have also organized mass bulk orders of the album in order to reduce shipping costs. Take note that these bulk orders are not affiliated with Soshified in any way. Please use caution when purchasing from fan-organized bulk orders.

Europe (SONEurope) – Deadline: March 7th
Philippines – Deadline: March 4th
United States (With US SONE) – Deadline: March 6th


Update with digital purchase links:

Girls’ Generation has just digitally released the “Mr.Mr.” mini album through iTunes, MelOn, Olleh, and various other internet music portals. The mini album consists of six songs: “Mr.Mr.”, “Goodbye”, “Europa”, “Wait a Minute”, “Back Hug”, and “Soul”, with “Mr.Mr.” as the album’s title track. In addition, “Soul” is the Korean version of Girls’ Generation’s recent OST for the “Blade & Soul” video game.

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