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Soshified has fully subbed this episode of “Midnight TV Entertainment”, including Sooyoung’s MC cuts from the broadcast. Check out the video below or visit Soshified’s Soshi Subs Downloads Section to download and watch it.

Original article from March 6th, 2014:

Along with Sooyoung’s fantastic weekly MC segment on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment”, all nine members of Girls’ Generation were also interviewed on last night’s March 5th broadcast. The show provided an exclusive interview of the ladies before their official comeback schedules begin, the first taking place tonight on Mnet’s “M! Countdown”.

The interview began with the girls arriving together to a room full of food after their own individual schedules. After getting settled in, the members all began the interview by demonstrating part of the choreography from their newest hit and comeback song, “Mr.Mr.”. The segment then cuts into behind-the-scenes footage of the music video filming itself.

The Girls’ Generation members would then go on to talk and touch upon a variety of subjects. When asked which member sleeps the most, Jessica chose Yuri. Yoona added that it was impossible to watch a movie with Yuri at night because she’s sleeping by 10:00 PM. When asked if she wakes up early as a result, Yuri responded, “No, not at all. I’ve been sleeping a lot again lately, so I wake up at around 10.” She concluded, “Sleeping is quite a happy thing.” When the girls were questioned about the guys that make Girls’ Generation members’ hearts flutter, Hyoyeon was first to answer, “For me, [that person] from what I recently watched, ‘You Who Came From the Night’? ‘You Who Came From the Stars’. (Editor’s note: “You Who Came From the Stars” is a popular drama that recently ended. Hyoyeon said the incorrect name at first.)

Moving on to the individual comeback teasers, Hyoyeon said her, Yoona, and Jessica’s video showing the three dancing in the car was “really weak”. Kim Il-Jung, the interviewer, asked, “To what degree is it normally then?” Jessica responded, “A degree you can’t even imagine?” with Sunny also adding, “We have to raise our energy before getting on stage so that our usual energy is seen. We’re warming up.” Moving onto Sunny’s video, Kim Il-Jung questioned, “Your [chopsticks] were moving really fast,” to which Sunny admitted, “We get really stressed while preparing for a comeback, and I think we relieve it with food.” Taeyeon also interjected, “We really like late-night snacks,” to which Tiffany added, “Each meal is a basis, and we constantly started eating in between them.” Sunny finished by saying, “But we’re so active that there isn’t a big change in our weight. But we realize on our own, ‘Ah, I ate too much.'”

The final part of the interview moved onto the topic of the “Mr.Mr.” comeback and the girls’ feelings about it. Kim Il-Jung observed that the secret behind the consistent love Girls’ Generation receives seems to be their friendship and then asked, “Have you really never fought, Seohyun?” She surprisingly responded, “We fight everyday,” with Jessica jokingly adding, “Seohyun hits us everyday. If we have a bruise, you can just assume it was [because of] Seohyun.” Seohyun also admitted, “I have really pointy elbows. Even if it just brushes against you, it really hurts as if I jabbed you with it. I’m sorry.” With the interview coming to an end, Kim Il-Jung said, “I’m curious as to how you feel with your upcoming comeback?” Yuri informally answered, “Nervous?” Kim Il-Jung also replied informally with “Are you nervous?” prompting Sunny to respond, “I wish he would be in charge of us and our things [because he’s funny].” Sooyoung ended with, “He asked me before ‘What does SM C&C think about announcer Kim Il-Jung?'”, causing everyone to burst out in laughter. The broadcast ended with Girls’ Generation’s trademark “Right now, it’s Girls’ Generation!”.

Check out the entire interview below or head over to Soshified’s Video Download’s Section to download and watch the segment. Also make sure to tune in today at 10:30 AM KST to live-stream Girls’ Generation’s Google Hangout and subsequent first comeback stage tonight at 6:00 PM KST on “M! Countdown“.

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