We had some difficulties with schedules, but we are finally able to release this now for our February 2nd anniversary! It’s not an anniversary without a shout-out from Girls’ Generation to our members, right?

So better late than never! I hope you guys enjoyed the video! I was reading the 5th Anniversary post and realized how well-written it was and really was at lost on how to follow up on it…. so I’ll keep it simple.

6 years: over 2,190 days, 52,560 hours, 3,153,600 minutes, and every second for the 9 members of Girls’ Generation.

Hours, days, and years of the staff working hard to subtitle videos so members can understand Girls’ Generation in both Korean & Japanese, moderating a forum with over 280,000 members from spamming and malicious content, keeping us up-to-date daily with news articles and writing pieces, making sure our forum looks stylish, informing us about the styles of Girls’ Generation, making our days brighter with music on our Soshified Radio, and more. This really is not just another fansite but a home for all international SONEs.

As a community, we’ve raised over $100,000 for international charities over the years, held multiple meet-ups in Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Philippines, London, Seoul, and other cities around the world, founded a place for members around the world to call their home for Girls’ Generation fan-fiction, art, music, general discussion, and so much more. How could you not be more proud? Thank you everyone, our hard-working staff and our relentless members, for sticking with us for so long. Let’s continue to show the world how special Girls’ Generation is through Soshified!

Leave a message to celebrate this moment, thank the staff, and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back for making the community what it is today.