In the early morning of February 25th, Yuri held a brief chat session with fans on Instagram over a cup of coffee. Topics for the session included Yuri’s cake and coffee preferences and habits, a certain American film she saw recently, and some of the music she has been listening to. Her comments and their translations (in italics) can be seen below.

Yuri: 나 커피 조아해요 요즘
(I’ve been liking coffee lately)

Yuri: 아메리카노. 드립 . 에스프레소 ..엄청가끔
(Americano. Drip. Espresso ..Really often)

Yuri: 아포카토 이쁘고 귀엽고 마싯쪙
(Affogato is pretty, cute, and tasty)

Yuri: 근데요샌 매일 네스프레소캡슐 선물반은걸로 먹고이써여 행보케여
(But lately, I’ve been drinking Nespresso capsules I received as a gift every day. I’m happy.)

Yuri: @sintop_999 루왁왁왁왁 …!!!! >< (luwak-wakwakwak…!!! >< )

Translator’s note: “luwak” refers to “kopi luwak”, beans of coffee berries once they have been eaten and excreted by the Asian palm civet. The name is also used for marketing brewed coffee made from the beans.

Yuri: @dyvod 2013 크리스마스 캡슐 …ㅎㅎ 이제 다마셔서 하나두 없지만 … ㅜㅜ
(@dyvod 2013 Christmas capsule…ㅎㅎ. Although, there aren’t any more left now because I drank them all …ㅜㅜ)

Yuri: @rihyang_93 스타벅스에선 .. 아메리카노!!! 기분이 좋은날엔 차이티라떼
(@rihyang_93 From Starbucks .. Americano!!! When I’m in a good mood, chai latte.)

Yuri: @snsd_dafa 흠 …. 왜지 ?!!! …
(@snsd_dafa Hm …. Why is that?!!! …)

Yuri: @park_yuri21 오늘 영화 봤찡 !! 아메리칸허슬 !!!!!!!!!!!! 두번세번네번 봅시다우리
(@park_yuri21 I did watch a movie today !! American Hustle !!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s all watch it two, three, four times.)

Yuri: @kuner9 코코아는 … 눈오는 날에..^^
(@kuner9 Cocoa … on a snowy day.. ^^)

Yuri: @pjj0530 엥엥엥 ??!!!! 왜왜왜왱????? 뭘. …무엇을 보구?? 어떤점이요??
(@pjj0530 Engengeng ??!!!! Why why why why????? What. …after seeing what?? What about it??)

Yuri: @ttaeyoungk 너무 가혹한건 아닌가 싶기도 하고 …?!
(@ttaeyoungk It does seem a bit harsh too …?!)

Yuri: @gg4536 뜨거운거
(@gg4536 Hot)

Translator’s note: Yuri is probably referring to drinks.

Yuri: @hmmy_99 뭘좋아하는지 잘모르게썽게솓 찾아보구있고알아가구잇는중예영 캔들조아요
(@hmmy_99 I’m not sure what I like. I’m constantly searching and am looking into things. I like candles.)

Yuri: @ggex999 지금듣는건박지윤환상.달빛의노래.잘못. 엄정화포이즌.초대.하늘만허락한사랑. 하림출국. 4-49빈방. 정준일안아줘.쿨벌써이렇게
(@ggex999 Things I’m listening to right now are Park Jiyoon’s ‘Fantasy’.’Moonlight Fantasy’.’Mistake’. Uhm Junghwa’s ‘Poison’.’Invitation’.’A Love Only Heaven Permits’. Harim’s ‘Heaven’. 4-49’s ‘Empty Room’. Jung Joonil’s ‘Hug Me’. Cool’s ‘Already Now’.)

Yuri: @janicexiaodui 찹쌀 탕수육만조아
(@janicexiaodui I only like chapssal tang soo yook.)

Translator’s Note: “Chapssal tang soo yook” is deep fried pork in sweet and sour sauce, with the batter coat being made with glutinous rice.

Yuri: @kangmuy 케이크 같이 먹는건 시러
(I don’t like eating cake together [with coffee])

Translator’s note: The “with coffee” is implied.

Yuri: @j891205 당근단근 봐쬬!!! 케이트블란쳇 참 조아해요 엉엉엉 ㅜㅜ
(@j891205 Of course of course I watched it!!! I really like Cate Blanchett eong eong eong ㅜㅜ)

Translator’s note: “Eong eong eong” is a crying sound.

Yuri: @nanini_ss 케이크조아해요 레드벨벳.치즈케키.고구마케키. 기쁜날케키먹는건 뭐든 다 좋지멀
(I like cake. Red velvet.Cheesecake.Sweet Potato Cake. Anything is good when you eat cake on a happy day.)

Yuri: @tamtam22222 내가 그여자를 참 조아해요 엉엉엉
(@tamtam22222 I really like that lady eongeongeong)

Translator’s note: It is unclear who Yuri is referring to without seeing the question that she is responding to.

Yuri: @ram876e 지금켜고있는건 펜할리곤스. 이것두 선물받운거 ^^
(@ram876e The one I have lit right now is Penhaligon’s. I received this as a gift too ^^)

Yuri: @tkdals111 안해 ㅡㅡ요
(@tkdals111 I don’t ㅡㅡ)

Translator’s note: It is again unclear what Yuri is referring to without the question to which she’s responding.

Yuri: @mk_ggyr 안해…요 ㅡㅡ… 근데 꾸준히 모아는 두는데. 안먹어서 다 썩어….ㅎㅎ
( I don’t… ㅡㅡ… but, I do collect them consistently. They all spoil because I don’t eat them…. ㅎㅎ)

Yuri: @bomi_ss 안만둘아요.. 저번이 처음이자 마지막 … ㅋㅋ
(@bomi_ss I don’t make them.. the previous time was my first and last time …ㅋㅋ)

Yuri: @famous0111 아이 … 조아
(@famous0111 Ay … I like it.)

Sources: Yuri’s Instagram, SNSDTV
Contributor: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: DWGKD@soshified, moonrise31@soshified, bhost909@soshified

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