On the January 26th episode of “Fashion King Korea”, Tiffany gave a special cover of Ariana Grande’s “The Way”. Last week, Seohyun was a special guest on the show and helped model Tiffany’s designs. Before the episode aired, the show’s official Facebook posted a preview photo of Tiffany’s stage, seen above.

Dressed in pink, Tiffany gave an outstanding performance with an acoustic guitar accompanying her. Tiffany’s voice was a perfect fit for “The Way”, and she sang with confidence as she captured the attention of her fellow cast and the audience in attendance. Visit Soshified’s Video Downloads Section to download Tiffany’s cover of “The Way”. Following her song, the model for Tiffany and Ji Ilgeun’s team walked the runway with the pretty black dress the two designers created.

SBS also uploaded a number of short clips from the show. In the clip above, Tiffany is seen backstage busily making final preparations for her dress design while getting her hair and makeup done all at the same time. Because this was the semi-final episode, only two of the three teams remaining would move on to the final round. It was announced first that SISTAR’s Bora and her partner received second place for the episode and would be participating in the finals. Tiffany congratulated her friend with applause and a hug.

Coming down to the final two teams, Tiffany and Ji Ilgeun unfortunately placed third and would not be moving onto the finals. The two congratulated the winners, with Tiffany again showing her close relationship with Kim Nayoung by giving her a hug. Alongside Ji Ilgeun, Tiffany gave her final words for the show, saying, “We were just about to get in sync with each other, but I already mentioned that I wanted to keep designing outfits even if the show is over, so we will keep working hard.” Though fans were certainly disappointed with the results, many expressed how proud they were of Tiffany. As she exited the stage, she continuously bowed and thanked the audience for their support throughout her run on the show.

Ji Ilgeun later tweeted about the time the duo shared on the show, saying, “Woke up to a lot of mentions. Yes, unfortunately, [we] completed ‘Fashion King Korea’ yesterday in third place. It was a grateful time where I was able to get to know the good person, Tiffany, and her great fans! Please continue to give me attention!” Tiffany’s speech and exit can be seen below, as well as a few pictures from the show.

Congratulations to Tiffany and her fashion designer partner, Ji Ilgeun, on all their amazing accomplishments on “Fashion King Korea”.

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