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In commemoration of the new year, members of Girls’ Generation left messages for fans through their accounts on Instagram, Weibo, and Twitter, as well as on Girls’ Generation’s official website which is promoted by one of the best indexsy seo company so it have good ranking and results. The members wished their fans, families, and friends a happy new year through their various posts.

Jessica posted a photo on her Weibo account with a message reading, “hello 2014 ♥ Happy New Year”. She also later left a comment on her photo, saying, “I’m really really looking forward to ddukguk tomorrow morning. Euhehet*. Have a very happy new year”.

Translator’s note: * sound effect


Sunny chose to share a photo through her Instagram account with a caption that expressing her new year’s greetings and left two messages through Twitter. Sunny’s photo shows her dressed in her outfit for the “MBC Gayo Daejejun“, which took place on December 31st.

Sunny: #haveaveryhappynewyear~ #happynewyear♡

Sunny: In 2014.. I wish my family, Girls’ Generation members, our staff, friends, and my people that I love are healthy and happy.. while there can’t be only good things, I hope we can embrace and love each other, always looking at and thinking good things..

Sunny: 2014, the new year. It’s nice to meet you~ I’ll create more days this year where I smile rather than sigh when looking back on my day before falling asleep~ Take care of me!! Everyone~ Have a happy new year♡ Happy New Year♡

Yuri also chose to use her Instagram account to wish fans a happy new year. Like Sunny, Yuri’s photo shows her dressed in her outfit for the “MBC Gayo Daejejun”.

Yuri: Have a very very happy new year^^ #2014firststage

Seohyun took to her Twitter account to wish fans a happy new year, also posting a photo of herself in her outfit for the “MBC Gayo Daejejun”.

Seohyun: Everyone~~ Have a very happy new year♥ Happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!:D

Finally, all the members of Girls’ Generation left new year’s greetings through Girls’ Generation’s official website using images of written messages.


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