On December 4th, Yoona attended a press conference for her upcoming drama, “Prime Minister and I“. The event took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel in Seoul. Yoona’s costars, Lee Bumsoo, Yoon Siyoon, and Chae Jungan, were also present.

During the press conference, Yoona spoke about the ease with which she was able to act as her character, reporter Nam Dajung, saying, “I haven’t done many dramas but this character is one of the weirdest and shows a lot of weird sides,” and, “There is an easy side to it because I am actually weird most of the time. I had fun acting as this character because this character is more ‘Im Yoona-tic’ than any other characters I’ve played. Sometimes I even think, ‘Is it okay for me to be acting this way?'” Lee Bumsoo also mentioned that there is no lip-touching kiss scene yet, but to possibly expect one later.

yoona rice

Fans showed their support for Yoona’s latest acting endeavor by sending wreaths as well as rice donations. Overall, more than 15 tons of rice were collected. The many wreaths and donations on display at the conference can be seen below, along with news photos of Yoona and the other press conference attendees. Also visit Soshified’s Photos Section for more pictures from the event.

The first episode of “Prime Minister and I” will air on December 9th at 10:00 PM KST. Until then, check out the character profile for Nam Dajung, the role Yoona will be playing, as well as an interview Yoona did with TV Daily about her new drama. She also recently made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay Guerrilla Date”. The episode can be downloaded by visiting Soshified’s Video Downloads Section. KBS has released a number of new posters and video teasers for “Prime Minister and I” as the first broadcast is just days away.

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