“Prime Minister and I” has revealed a character profile for Yoona’s role in the upcoming romantic comedy, which is set to begin airing on December 9th. The drama will revolve around a country’s prime minister, Kwon Yul, played by Lee Bumsoo, and a young female reporter, Nam Dajung, played by Yoona.


Nam Dajung


Age 28, a reporter for a third rate newspaper,
Covering ‘relationship’ scandal news.

A quick glance at her makes you think she’s smart, but a second look, and she’s clumsy.
Another look would make you think she’s absurd, but makes you laugh when you turn around.
She once dreamed of being an author like Jane Austen.
But in a world where literature doesn’t ‘feed’ you, this is a far away dream that she doesn’t dare dream about.
In the end, with the writing skills that swept writing contests,
And photography skills that she trained as a fangirl for H.O.T.,
She became a reporter of relationship scandals. It doesn’t matter if people look down on her,
Saying that a ‘third rate paparazzi’ isn’t even a reporter.
For her father, who is in a nursing home because of his dementia,
She must earn money like crazy.
Her father’s dream is to walk her down the aisle at her wedding… but she doesn’t have time to build a relationship
When she’s busy digging through other peoples’ love lives.
Thinking only about breaking news and bonus pay, working day and night digging through Kwon Yul’s relationship rumors,
She unexpectedly gets herself into the the middle of them.
Dajung, who is ‘accused’ against her will of climbing the social ladder,
from a third class reporter to the wife of the Prime Minister!
When will she get rid of this unwelcome title of ‘Cinderella’?

Source: “Prime Minister and I” Official Website
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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