yuri guitar

Yuri is
first and foremost
A member of Girls’ Generation
That unforgettable cafe barista
Who debuted in August of ’07.

She grew in leaps and bounds, of course
In directions we may not have predicted.
And now there she stands, as high as can be
But can we really say it was unexpected?

Then how do we describe this woman
Who so swiftly captured our hearts?
The phrase “Yuri is…” seems so little
But a definition’s a good place to start.

yuri lemme hear you

Yuri is
quite the force on stage
Whether it’s singing, rapping, or dancing.
The way she moves just makes our heads spin
Her voice turns every note entrancing.

So it’s no wonder she’s already done so much:
She’s an actress, a model, an MC.
She performs what’s asked and even some more
Being flawless? It’s all a breeze.

She’s a person simply beyond stunning
Taking the entire world’s breath in a beat.
With just one look, one fleeting glance
She can make anyone feel the heat.

yuri casio

Yuri is
undeniably off the charts
When it comes to being considered “random”.
But if you can’t say that’s her most endearing trait
Are you really a part of this fandom?

Because who wouldn’t love her antics? For one:
The vocalizations of this language master.
“English, a little bit?” will only make us say,
“I love so much!” even faster.

Really, this crazy “kkab Yul”
Won’t let image become a problem.
Why not make faces and goof off as you please?
It’s fun! So have fun often.

yuri chicken feet

Yuri is
simply a smile
Happiness, just like that, personified.
Watch her a moment and then you’ve forgotten
With what you were previously preoccupied.

Through good times and bad, everyone knows
Life is full of ups and downs.
But why should you dwell on those gray cloudy days
When you could giggle instead? Don’t frown!

To her, it’s clear how to handle the stress
As for the very best she strives.
For every punch, there’s a laugh, a kick gets a grin
And when she wins, she gives a hi-five.

yuri smile

Yuri is
another year older today
But it really is hard to remember
That with time should come age, the old should make way for the new
Once every passing December.

Though people can change, some really don’t
They never forget who they are.
As the years go by, they only get brighter
’Til they shine, the most brilliant of stars.

To Yuri, a person so amazing,
So difficult to try and describe
SONEs can offer a birthday wish
And a promise to stay by your side.

yuri peace

Sources: “No Breathing”, ONLYYUL, CASIO, kwonyuri125, [email protected]
Written by: moonrise31@soshified

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