Hyoyeon in "L'uomo Vogue"

Hyoyeon recently took part in a photoshoot and interview for “L’uomo Vogue” in an issue that featured multiple Korean celebrities, including actor Lee Byunghun, actress Kim Heesun, Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, and Park Wonsoon, the mayor of Seoul. “L’uomo Vogue” is the Italian men’s version of the international fashion magazine.


She is K-pop’s female emblem, dancer, model, and actress, greatly loved by fans: HYOYEON

She is part of Girls’ Generation, a group of nine lively girls with four albums under their belts.

“The Korean musical scene is full of young talents who, just as I was, are waiting to be discovered. The ones who dominate the charts are usually pop-dance idols, who are popular even on TV. I myself, for example, participated in the reality show ‘Dancing 9′, which is very popular in South Korea,” says Hyoyeon.

The singer, dancer, model, and actress, born in 1989, originally from Incheon, is the life of Girls’ Generation. The K-pop group with nine girls is very famous in its homeland and even in Japan and China, and is now ready to land in the United States.

“I have a passion for dancing that I discovered when I was still young; then, at 12 years old, I was chosen by SM Entertainment, the talent agency and label that let me be part of Girls’ Generation.” Having four albums under their belt, the most recent of them (“I Got A Boy”) being released this year, Girls’ Generation literally exploded back in 2009 with the hit “Gee”, which remained on the top of radio charts for weeks.

“I am very proud of what my members and I have managed to achieve until now. I think my career, outside of the group, will one day be in movies or on TV.”

In November, there will be a Girls’ Generation tour to promote the latest album. “In our shows, you can often see groups of nine girls dancing in the crowd: our fans are like that (translator’s note: she is referring to fans who cosplay).

Sources: L’uomo Vogue, StyleM, Astral@OneHallyu, Soshified Photos Section,
Translated by: LadyT14@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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