On November 9th and 10th, Girls’ Generation performed in Hong Kong for their “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace”. It was reported that 22,000 fans were in attendance to enjoy the girls’ spectacular performances.

Before the concerts, Hyoyeon posted two photos of herself enjoying her night in Hong Kong.

Once November 9th came, the nine ladies took the stage with their usual amazing setlist that included hits such as “I Got A Boy”, “Gee”, “Baby Baby”, “Oh!”, “Into The New World”, “PAPARAZZI”, and many more. To go along with the performances, fans joined in on the fun, organizing a number of fan events for the girls to enjoy during the concerts. Just to name a few, during the first concert, SONEs held up signs that said, “My GG”, and later brought out the same posters again, this time flipping them over to reveal various childhood photos of the Girls’ Generation members on the other side. For the November 10th concert, fans held up pink and white banners that read, “We will protect you forever”, giving the girls a touching and emotional moment to remember. The ladies surely enjoyed each and every special event, which also included a number of songs which the ladies and fans sang together. And of course, the pink ocean lit up the concert venue. The childhood photos inspired Sooyoung, who later posted on Girls’ Generation’s official website with photos of “Young Sooyoung”.



Girls’ Generation’s official Twitter account tweeted a photo of Taeyeon backstage enjoying the cotton candy machine SONEs gave to the girls. Sunny and Seohyun also took to social media to express their happiness with their time in Hong Kong.

Taeyeon later posted a video of herself enjoying the cotton candy machine on her Instagram account. In the short clip, she is finishes making her sweet treat before trying some of it out.

Hong Kong was the last scheduled 2013 stop for Girls’ Generation’s world tour. The next stop will be in Bangkok, Thailand on January 11th, 2014. Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation is set to perform for “SMTOWN Week” on December 22nd. Check out SM Entertainment’s photos from the world tour stop in Hong Kong below. Visit Soshified’s Photos Section for more pictures from both the November 9th and 10th concerts.

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