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Tencent Games recently announced the release of the new MMORPG game, “Blade & Soul”. The Chinese company launched a beta test for the game on October 29th. Previously, it had hinted that the theme of the launch would be “youth” and that there would be a game representative, but the identity of the representative was kept secret. Later, Tencent Games revealed that the spokesperson for “Blade & Soul” was none other than Girls’ Generation.

The girls have sponsored many games in the past, including “Dungeon Fighter”, “Maplestory”, and “Mabinogi”. For “Blade & Soul”, Tencent Games has released a CF, asking, “What is the color of youth?” The answer, of course, is, “Asia’s Popular Idol Group: Girls’ Generation”. There are several shots of the girls posing for a photoshoot before Taeyeon says, “I love ‘Blade & Soul’!” At the end of the CF, Yoona greets the viewers: “Hello, hello. Everyone, I’m Yoona. I’m waiting for you in ‘Blade & Soul’.”

Make sure to check out the CF below.

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