How did you interpret Margo and Edith?

Taeyeon: I tried not to be different from the previous movie. I took out playfulness because Margo is a reliable first child. I just acted like me. Something like a simple and composed older sister.
Seohyun: Edith is a little brat and a punk, just like a boy. The fact that she is so playful makes her similar to me. I get really playful when I’m with a close unnie or friends. My facial expression turned into that of a brat when I was recording.

Wasn’t it hard acting out Margo, who was in love for the first time?

Taeyeon: I acted very blankly, using my experience of falling in love. Honestly, Antonio is not my type. Margo had many changes of emotions this time, so I had a variety of emotions to act out.

Is a boyfriend like Antonio not acceptable?

Seohyun: I’m sorry, but he is totally not acceptable. I don’t really like the greasy type. I wish he didn’t talk like that too.
Taeyeon: I wish his eyes had a bit more focus. They’re always so blank.


What directions did the audio director give?

Taeyeon: He asked me to be a bit more cheerful because there were times when I sounded too mature.
Seohyun: I sometimes sounded too young when trying to act Edith’s young voice. Every time I did that, the director asked me to get a bit older. It was comfortable and familiar working with the director because he was the same director from the previous movie.

Seohyun could take the youngest, Agnes’, voice.

Seohyun: I really wanted to. I can do a really good job. I want to actually have the cute Agnes as my sister. But I like Edith too.

Did you feel any attraction to the profession of a voice actor after you’ve tried it?

Seohyun: I actually wanted to be a voice actor since I was young. It’s a charming profession. I actually tried dubbing for variety shows along with other voice actors because I liked the job so much.
Taeyeon: I am interested in everything that has to do with vocals. I did want to try voice acting, but as I worked, it was hard synchronizing and there was a lot to be concerned with. I also think it will be hard interpreting different characters if I actually become a voice actor.


How did you prepare for the dubbing?

Taeyeon, Seohyun: We went and watched the previous movie to get into the feel. We were really good. It was a bit more burdensome.

How did you feel listening to your voices through the screen?

Seohyun: It was fun. I had no idea how it would be like because I recorded it separately (translator’s note: from the other voice actors), but it was fascinating to actually see the character in the whole movie.
Taeyeon: It was the same for me too. Honestly, there were a lot of parts where I was not happy with my work, because I didn’t know how the other voice actors would be linked to my voice.

What was the most memorable line?

Taeyeon: ‘I am Margo.’ Margo just blankly repeated this line no matter what Antonio said, because she fell for him.
Seohyun: The line I say to her after seeing Antonio. ‘I can say this first right? Yuck!’

What was the most difficult aspect?

Taeyeon: I had to scream in surprise after seeing a minion, and that was hard. I moved to the back of the recording studio and screamed for no reason. I imagined I was on a ride in an amusement park.
Seohyun: Coughing. I had to hint at Margo but it was hard to do it with a changed voice. The volume had to be loud, I couldn’t make it too childish. It was hard in many ways.

Where was the most fun part?

Taeyeon, Seohyun: When the minions came out!


What are the charms of the minions?

Taeyeon: When the minions sing in the end, they sing something with the lyrics that say ‘stinky’. That’s the point. They roll around in the grass while singing and they’re really cute. Their language, which you don’t understand but get the gist of it, is also interesting.
Seohyun: They have the charms that you get from a pet. They are like a friend because they don’t always listen, and I think I wouldn’t be lonely with them. I would like the minions with two eyes if possible.

It has been said that you dubbed one of the smaller roles in the movie. What kind of character was it?

Taeyeon: The hostess lady in the restaurant that Gru went to to have his blind date. I say, ‘One moment’, with a greasy voice. I dubbed the character because the director recommended it, and I wasn’t upset by the fact that it was a lady. I was more comfortable with that character.
Seohyun: I was the bad redhead in Gru’s flashback. When the Gru pokes Lisa, the girl he likes, in order to confess his feelings for her, she screams, ‘Gru poked Lisa! Lisa is going to get cooties!!’ I totally changed my voice for it.

What do you think is the reason that ‘Despicable Me’ is so successful?

Seohyun: I get a ‘happy virus’ after watching the movie. It takes us back to our childhood, and it’s a movie that makes you laugh when you’re tired.
Taeyeon: It has a plot that a variety of age groups can relate to.

As a singer, please rate the minions’ vocal skills.

Taeyeon: They have a slight vibration that quivers. It sounds like Jung Hyungdon oppa’s low quality vibrations.
Seohyun: The have a unique vibration and a really charming voice. It has an addictive aspect to it.

If there is a ‘Despicable Me 3’, would you dub it?

Seohyun: I have a lot of attachment to it. It’s a movie that makes you happy. I would definitely like to do the next movie.
Taeyeon: I would definitely do the next movie too. I love the music, and it’s a movie that has many charming aspects to it. I’d like Margo to have more scenes. Our member Tiffany is a huge fan of ‘Despicable Me’, and she is really envious of us.

Sources: Magazine M, dcinside
Translated by: minigiglo@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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