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: Not too long ago, Yoona showed a strong appearance on ‘1 Night 2 Days’. A ‘drama-like incident’ happened when Joo Won grabbed your wrist when your hand was about to get cut with a knife while cleaning eel.
Yoona: That was a real situation. My glove was stuck under the knife and almost cut my hand. He got surprised and said ‘babo’ (translator’s note: ‘fool’ or ‘stupid’) to me without realizing it, but I didn’t know what I should do with that situation. (hah) If it was a situation that the production crew made up, I would have shown some kind of reaction, but it was impromptu, so I also thought I was watching a drama. (laughs) That day was the first time I met Joo Won, and he looked after me well, so I was really thankful.

High Cut: Like what you’re known for(?), you ate with a pleasantly plump face. Is there one food that you have confidence in for ‘meok bang’? (translator’s note: ‘meok bang’ is short for ‘meok neun bangsong’, which means ‘eating television’ in Korean)
Yoona: I really eat everything well. I’ve been thinking about my health lately and have been avoiding flour-based food, but something I keep eating is fruit. Anyway, I ate really well while filming ‘1 Night 2 Days’. I got chosen for the eel restaurant and built up my health properly. I was full to the point where I couldn’t film. And, it must have been because I was trained through ‘Family Outing’ in the past, but I quickly got used to it without many problems.


High Cut
: Yuri is busy filming the movie ‘No Breathing’, right? And you’re busy practicing guitar because the role you play, Jungeun, is an aspiring singer.
Yuri: It’s fun, and I’m happy to the point where I always look forward to the days I go on set. There are two songs that I play the guitar and sing to in the film as Jungeun, and I’ve been working hard, practicing them lately. I actually bought a guitar about a year and a half ago because I thought, ‘I should try an acoustic live at a concert’, and just took it in my home. Because I’m able to take this opportunity to learn guitar and singing together, it feels like I’m killing about ten birds with one stone. While practicing, even though I’m getting blisters on my fingertips, it, oddly, feels good. (laughs)

High Cut: It turns out [your role] is one of an aspiring singer who falls into a love triangle with childhood friends Seo Inguk and Lee Jongsuk. Here, a mischievous question. Normally, of the two people, who do you have a little more interest in?
Yuri: (while bursting out laughing) Both of them are actually close with Girls’ Generation members. (Seo) Inguk starred in ‘Love Rain’ with Yoona, and (Lee) Jongsuk has been close with Hyoyeon since a long time ago. There wasn’t a time where I met them through private meetings, but I heard so much about them that it felt familiar. As expected, I met Jongsuk for the first time when we did script readings. He wittily did the military salute from ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ first. We got close quickly thanks to Hyoyeon. I actually told Yoona and Hyoyeon to visit the set once, but it takes place in Daejeon, so I don’t think it would be easy.


High Cut
: There hasn’t been any word of a next project for Yoona yet. I feel that you would be a bit greedy towards wanting to play a different kind of role. Like a cold role that could make you completely rid yourself of an innocent image.
Yoona: A malicious role is still a bit… I don’t think I would be able to express it well enough for viewers to focus on. I played a lot of roles like Candy (from ‘Candy Candy’), growing up in a difficult atmosphere. I want to play a distinct role like the character in ‘My Sassy Girl’, so I’m waiting for a project. I looked at a lot of works, but there are still a lot of Candy-like characters, so I’m looking for a project that would suit me more.

High Cut: You’re really popular with your fresh smile. Is there like any secret(?) to smiling well like that?
Yoona: Aigo, to be honest, I laugh so broadly that my family tells me to cover my mouth a bit when I laugh. (laughs) While monitoring myself, there are times where it’s so immoderate that I ask myself, ‘Why do I open my mouth like that when I laugh?’ I actually laugh broadly because it’s really funny, but it’s difficult to laugh like that when I’m acting. Because it’s different bursting out laughing in an unknown situation and in one where I have prior knowledge to.


High Cut
: Yuri’s the original ‘conceptual pitcher’ with your underhand pitch. Do you have any intentions to do a new pitch to recover from Jessica and Tiffany’s ‘hurl-down pitch’?
Yuri: Um… I don’t think I could do it twice. (bursts out laughing) It’s normally not fun doing the same thing. I’ll research a new strategy, and if something comes up, I will think about it again. (laughs)

High Cut: You joined Mnet’s dance survival ‘Dancing 9’ as a dance master. In detail, what’s your role?
Yuri: For each genre, the best expert comes out and gives advice, and Hyoyeon and I have the role of giving advice in the K-Pop genre. We don’t teach them to dance and judge them, but teach them to study and learn on stage? But, while taking part in the show, we learned more. We cried from being touched by their passion, and it made us look back on ourselves on stage. There are really great contestants, so I wrote them down separately on a piece of paper. So I can receive lessons from them.


High Cut
: Starting now, I’ll ask both of you questions. The ‘bad picture’ with Yuri, Yoona, and Hyoyeon (translator’s note: they are referring to this photo from Yuri’s Instagram) became a hot topic. You probably have even worse pictures on your cell phone that you can’t post on SNS, right?
Yuri: All the photos with my members I gathered for over 10 years probably exceed 500. There have often been ‘upload bad photo’ battles in our group chatrooms lately, and those photos are all dangerous. Sooyoung is always high in the ranks, and, when she wants to, the one who makes us burst out laughing to maximum levels is Hyoyeon. Yoona’s high in the ranks as well, and Taeyeon’s always cute even when she embarrasses herself. Tiffany really tries hard, but she’s funny two times out of 10. Seohyun! Tries excessively hard. I wish she wouldn’t try so hard. (laughs)
Yoona: To clear things up, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon unnies are in the finals, Yuri unnie and I are in the upper ranks. The people who want to do well in these things but don’t are Tiffany unnie and Seohyun. And Jessica unnie doesn’t participate well, so we take pictures of her while she’s sleeping and forcibly make her participate.


High Cut
: Since summer’s nearing, I’ll ask you things about your body. There are probably respective methods for when you have to quickly diet when comeback schedules are made, right?
Yuri: There are really a lot of different ways, and I do them all. First, I maintain basic posture. I strain my belly button, thinking about the posture of a string pulling from above prior, and practice that. Also, making sure to drink the vegetable juice my mom makes me these days. When I overeat or drink, the next day I either run or do hard training for 2 hours. I do anything straightforwardly.
Yoona: I normally don’t diet. Recovering my health right now is more important. (laughs) I didn’t think about my body, but starting late last year, I became anemic and my stomach hasn’t been in a good condition. My skin was normally nice so I didn’t manage it at all, but it completely changed early this year. How could this happen to me! After that, I’ve been taking vitamins and omega-3, and go to the dermatologist regularly. I’m going to continue working hard on exercising as well.


High Cut
: I’m curious as to what your troubles are these days.
Yoona: First of all, I think I have to be healthy in order to do everything. (Everyone burst out laughing because of her limitless talks about ‘health’) Something that always comes to mind when I have free time like these days is that I need to do something. I’ve been looking for something to do lately out of anxiousness. There have been a lot of things I’ve shown up until now, but there wasn’t much I had prepared. I received an opportunity before my members and enjoyed life unknowingly, but my members prepared during that time while waiting for a chance. When it’s time for my other members to show off what they’ve prepared, I’d have to unfold and go back to preparing again. To be honest, I’m forever thinking about it and not actually doing it, so there are times where I, myself, feel stifled.
Yuri: Um… When will I go and live in the mountains? After marrying the person I love, living a life together in nature is the romance I dream of. I want to go and live in Melbourne, Australia, but when will that be…. But I honestly want to keep working, so I’m thinking up ways to sing and act while living in Melbourne.


High Cut
: On the other hand, what’s something the two of you are currently hooked on? For example, a TV program you watch the ‘original broadcast’ of.
Yuri: Ah, I really like ‘I Hear Your Voice’ (SBS) lately. Jongsuk comes on as really cool in it. And emptying my heart.
Yoona: I’ve watched a little bit of every drama. I watch ‘I Hear Your Voice’, ‘The Queen’s Classroom’, ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘Goddess of Workplace’, ‘Shark’ amongst others; I’m curious so I watch them all. While wondering, ‘If that was me, how would I have acted it out?’ Also, ballads or medium tempo songs. I usually listen to the entire albums from musicians like Kim Dongryul sunbae, Epitone Project, Broccoli You Too, Autumn Vacation, Urban Zakapa, and Lucia. I liked finding better songs aside from their title tracks more.


High Cut
: Hereafter, I’m curious about how a ‘whole Girls’ Generation’s’ activity is going to take place.
Yuri: First of all, there are a lot of scheduled countries left in our world tour, so I think we’re going to go around the world doing concerts for the year. We’re also currently recording a new song. So I think a new album could release soon. It’s most fun when all 9 are gathered together.
Yoona: Because we keep having world tours, going to Japan feels like [going to] Jeju Islands. (laughs) We’ve seen most of the movies in the plane, so we always wait for next month’s update.
Yuri: I know. We’re rich with [air] mileage.

Sources: Sosiz, jekwon.tistory.com
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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