Seohyun and Yuri wore Korean football jerseys to support the team in the 2013 Asian Cup.

The interview is from the end of last month at a photoshoot. The two promotional models Yuri and Seohyun wore the players’ jerseys and shouted “fighting” loudly. The photoshoot lasted three hours and they were energetic and lively throughout. Even though they were tired due to their packed schedule leading up to the photoshoot, they wore bright smiles and livened the atmosphere in the studio. Wearing the national team’s jerseys that were tailored fit for women, they had an air of ‘football goddesses’.

Daily Sports: The team that secured a spot in the World Cup for the 8th time in a row will be competing in the 2013 EAFF East Asian Cup.
Seohyun: To the players making Korea shine, who we are so proud of, the sweat that was poured by your efforts has led us to the World Cup for the 8th time in a row. Thank you, you have worked very hard. I really hope that nobody will get hurt, and everybody will stay healthy during the East Asian Cup as well. I will always be supporting.
Yuri: Please don’t forget that the people of Korea are behind you, supporting you, just like we are. We hope that you will show us great matches. All of our members will be watching and cheering you on during the East Asian Cup. Fighting!


Daily Sports: Do you usually enjoy watching football?
Seohyun: I’m not very good at football, but I do love watching the games. Every time I watch a match, I think I gain energy from the players who run with everything they’ve got.
Yuri: I can’t watch football games very often but I am sometimes able to watch foreign matches when they air during late nights. I really enjoy football.

Daily Sports: Do you have any good memories involving football?
Seohyun: I don’t have any memories of myself being involved in the sport, but my fate changed during the 2002 World Cup. It’s because I was cast into SM Entertainment that year and took my first step toward my dream of being a singer.
Yuri: I have memories of wearing matching Red Devil [Editor’s note: the Korean national football team’s mascot] T-shirts with my friends and going to city hall to passionately cheer all night during the 2006 Germany World Cup before our debut.

Daily Sports: Please say words of support for our national team.
Seohyun: To the players who make feel so proud as Korean citizens, though you receive so much love and interest from the entire country, I think you’d feel just as much pressure. I will cheer you on hard so that you can play while having fun and without any injuries. I love you, national team players.
Yuri: Coach Hong Myungbo! I know that this is your first match as the national team’s coach. The entire country has much pride in you after seeing you lead the Olympic team to a bronze medal in London. We will cheer you on again. Please show us that Hong Myungbo-leadership.


Source: Daily Sports
Translated by: taengbear@soshified
Edited by: Grizzlei@soshified, kt9823@soshified

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