Following the one in 2012, this is our second birthday party with Tiffany. Last year, around this time, we planned a photoshoot in light of her birthday, and we lent a helping hand to the society for abandoned animals through donations. And a year later, we have met with her again for the same reason. She showed off her eye smiles that are forever lovable and make you melt, as well as her different feminine charms. The fun and pleasant time we had during the ‘CeCi’ cover shoot with the most beautiful main party guest who confessed, “My wish has come true,” will now be revealed.


CeCi: How have you been after Girls’ Generation’s activities as a whole ended?
Tiffany: As always, Girls’ Generation as a whole has been having world tour concerts. I’m the type to engage in one thing, so I’ve been putting my all into concerts lately. When each one ends, I check over things I lacked in and what I’m satisfied with, and write a concert review in my own diary. We have completed 29 concerts so far (date of the interview was June 24th), and while each concert can’t be perfect, I work to make it perfect. Also, recently, in order to show Tiffany’s own appearance a little more to the public, I’ve done fashion photoshoots often.

CeCi: You’re more diligent and meticulous than I thought.
Tiffany: I don’t know about anything else, but I’m terribly meticulous. At times, it even feels like I’m stressing myself out. However, in order to show a better me, I think that it’s inevitable to lash myself.


CeCi: Then again, gradable adjectives that exist in this world all have ‘Girls’ Generation’ as the modifier. For example, nine fairies, nation’s greatest girl group, and Girls’ Generation that calms the world, amongst others. I feel that it could be burdensome at times.
Tiffany: You’re right. While we are very thankful to those who give us good assessments, all we can do is repay all that love with hard-working efforts.

CeCi: What about vacations?
Tiffany: I went to my home in L.A. Lucky for me, I also received an invitation from the L.A. Dodgers and was able to pitch, gaining an unforgettable memory.


CeCi: Do you normally like baseball?
Tiffany: I do. I think it’s because of memories I have of going to the baseball stadium often with my dad when I was little. But, me standing on that field and pitching myself was really amazing and exciting. Also, because PSY oppa came a week prior, it became a bigger issue. I think I was lucky. Though my pitch wasn’t perfect, Ryu Hyunjin gave me strength, saying I did better than Jessica. (laughs)

CeCi: Honestly, you can’t pitch as well as a professional, you are a member of a girl group. The way you smiled innocently after your pitch left an impression.
Tiffany: My family came to the stadium to watch it themselves. They gave me a slight tip to smile brightly even if I don’t pitch well. (laughs)


CeCi: What was the concept of your pitching look, styling?
Tiffany: A look that was most ‘Girls’ Generation’-like. I completed my own individual white look with a cat-like headband.

CeCi: You must have really been excited. Did you get close with Ryu Hyunjin also?
Tiffany: He coached me nicely and thanks to that, we got really close. I’m going to be visiting the L.A. Dodger’s home stadium once again at the end of July. A ‘Korea Day’ event is scheduled this time, and I am scheduled to go with Taeyeon and Sunny. Also, on the day of this event, the Cincinnati team Choo Shinsoo is on and Ryu Hyunjin’s L.A. Dodgers will be having a game, so I’m looking forward to it even more. Watching a big match like this alone is enough to get you excited.


CeCi: This is the second birthday party you’re having with ‘CeCi’. How does it feel?
Tiffany: This is my first cover [shoot] alone. Of course, there are times where I shot it with my members, but I mean all by myself. This moment, after waiting since last year, it feels like my wish has come true. The staff prepared a birthday cake and sang ‘happy birthday’ for me after the shoot today too, and it made me think about myeslf a year ago. There were lots of changes until now, but being able to be together like this alone makes it seem like my birthday wish has come true.

CeCi: I don’t want to give you soulless compliments. Honestly, I get the thought that Tiffany has a kind heart.
Tiffany: I thank you. If my sincerity touched you like that.


CeCi: Please introduce the canine you’re gently holding today.
Tiffany: I normally really like dogs. But, due to frequent overseas business trips, taking care of one was not that easy. Now, I felt that I’ve gained some clearance, so I adopted this cute puppy, Prince. Thanks to him, I don’t know how my days are going by lately.

CeCi: Are there not any moments where you get mad? Suppose you were to fill in a ‘Tiffany user manual’.
Tiffany: It’s something that I’ve been asked often recently. Early on, we were so active so I thought I was showing a lot of my image, but there actually wasn’t much about me that was exposed to the general public. There wasn’t any moment when I become particularly edgy, aside from work. There’s just having to feed me at the right time. (laughs) Because anyone will bite if they get hungry. It’s the same for me. So I always eat my meals and carry around candy, chips, and snacks in my bag.


CeCi: Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany’s user manual is too simple, isn’t it?
Tiffany: You’re right. I’m really simple. Oh! I remembered another thing. Putting a pink-colored item in my grasp is another method.

CeCi: It’s been established long ago that pink = Tiffany’s color. You’re bound to have some kind of unique view when it comes to the color pink.
Tiffany: I think I hit the highest point when the ‘CeCi’ shoot was revealed last year. After that, anything pink has become mine. (laughs) They aren’t all the same just because they’re pink. However, it’s been a while since I could read what colors suit me. If you’re a pink maniac, this is a fundamental. Also, it’s not that I like the color pink, but now, I naturally regard it as my own color. Thanks to that, I receive lots of pink-colored items as gifts, and they produce special edition [items] for me, as well.


CeCi: Then, do you own any unique pink item?
Tiffany: Ah~! I have something like that. It’s something that made all my members say, “Even this is pink for you.” It’s a hair item called a tail comb. When I went to Japan, I had some yen left at a pharmacy so I bought it without much thought. I remember laughing for a long time because of my members’ reactions. It’s my representative pink item that I’m currently using well.

CeCi: I remember you going on a business trip to Thailand on your birthday last year. Is a surprise party being prepared this year by any chance?
Tiffany: Last year, I had a solo advertisement to shoot so I was sent to Thailand. I remember it as being the first birthday I spent alone, without my members. I don’t have anything special prepared for this year yet. I don’t know how my schedule is going to be like, so I haven’t been able to think about it yet. My members have had so many individual schedules lately, so I momentarily thought about having a comfortable pajama party at home. I think it would be fun together with Girls’ Generation members as well as close friends in other girl groups.


CeCi: You can choose pink as the dress code.
Tiffany: Haha! That could be fun. If we do it, I’ll make sure to leave a photo for proof. (laughs) Without a doubt!

CeCi: If you were to add a modifier to Girls’ Generation on your own, what would it be?
Tiffany: ‘Long-run Girls’ Generation’. We’re going to do this until the girls become women.


CeCi: While living as a girl group member, diets seem like predestined tasks. Are you exercising?
Tiffany: I really have no talent in exercising. Other than yoga, I don’t do any intense exercises.

CeCi: Is there any episode or incident from Girls’ Generation’s solo world tour concert you can tell us?
Tiffany: It’s just starting out so there aren’t any special incidents, but there is something I’m looking forward to the most. While we have gone to L.A. for a SMTOWN concert, if we were to have a concert with the name ‘Girls’ Generation’ in my hometown, it would feel really overwhelming. It’s something I’m most looking forward to.


Behind the Scenes

Just as she’s always done, not even ten minutes after the arranged meeting time, a familiar voice resonated in the studio. The owner of the voice, Tiffany, who was hugging and carrying in the canine, Prince, who is now a new member of her family, walked in with a bright face. She greeted each staff member while kindly smiling and kept marveling at the set produced for the shoot. As expected, she hadn’t changed. Her proper, kind personality, and her bright smile that clearly shows these characteristics. Because makeup started late in the afternoon, at the same time, she made the impatient editor asking to choose the dinner menu ruminate memories from a year ago. Eventually, the menu we chose was the same as the one from the previous year. For some reason, it felt like a corner of my memory was being filled. In a studio that was crowded with various fancy flowers, Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany emitted an even greater beautiful light and lead the photoshoot atmosphere in a fun mood. Now that I think about it, a strong feminine beauty radiated from her in just one year. After the long shoot ended, she gathered her two hands in front of the birthday cake prepared by staff and prayed. If her wish comes true, I’ll carefully hope Tiffany and ‘CeCi’’s great memories will be created once again next year.


Source: “CeCi” Magazine, 801DAYZ, [email protected], DC Gallery
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: kt9823@soshified

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