The modifier ‘beautiful’ will probably be added to Hyoyeon, who is the most skilled in dancing amongst Girls’ Generation members and has cheerfulness. Rather than a young girl, she stood in front of the camera in an alluring, refined appearance and captivated everyone with her characteristic rhythmic sense and showed off a modern beauty.

“I look at male artists more than females, and I copied them! However, I also think that it would be nice to be able to show a feminine charisma like Lee Hyori unnie. I want to learn the stage mannerisms of Beyonce or Rihanna as well.”
I didn’t think an explanation was needed. This is because in Girls’ Generation, who everyone knows, Hyoyeon has a definite image of the good dancing, cheerful member. However, the woman, rather than a girl, standing in front of the camera with a captivating and elegant appearance, makes you want to give a new explanation about her even more. Also, she isn’t impatient, and her story about waiting until her confidence slowly grew is like a confession that can be told to all girls in the world. As always, she laughs awkwardly when she receives a compliment and talking about every single detail about herself and not Girls’ Generation could also be unfamiliar. However, by saying, ‘If I don’t talk about myself, who will?’ it made Hyoyeon’s decision to become a bit more confident make her seem like a flower blooming at the right time. She will be letting us know exactly about Girls’ Generation today. When we didn’t take notice, the girls did not stop and continued growing.

I feel today’s outfits were really different from your own usual style.
Hyoyeon: They’re completely different clothes. Personally, I like clothes that are simple, yet give off a flashy feel, but these were classic but flashy clothes, so it was fun.

Your overall styling seems a bit more mature than Girls’ Generation[’s image].
Hyoyeon: While promoting as Girls’ Generation, there was never a time to wear modern clothes like this. But, while doing a recent photoshoot in Hong Kong, I attempted a style, similar to today’s. The UK-native photographer and stylists took my photos in a way completely different from Girls’ Generation[’s image]. It was an innocent concept of exuding a feminine beauty, so I even thought, ‘These people really don’t know me’. When I look at the photos now, it still doesn’t look like me; it’s still awkward.

But you struck feminine poses well today.
Hyoyeon: They told me to do it like I was dancing, so I think I found my own method.


I can’t help but think that your appearance in ‘Dancing with the Stars II’ helped.
Hyoyeon: That’s definitely it. While doing dance sports, I learned a lot of feminine lines and poses. Personally, I liked rumba the most; it’s a really sexy and sad dance. It’s a dance where you have to express and feel things one by one to your fingertips, but I was really lacking in those areas. While doing sports dance, I realized what an S-line is and what you have to do for it to look pretty. So yesterday and the day before yesterday, I searched rumba online and watched videos of it. I’m going to try image training while continuing to learn that feeling.

Are the powerful and just as feminine feelings in ‘I Got A Boy’ performances thanks to that know-how?
Hyoyeon: If you saw it like that, that’s a huge relief. What’s interesting is that while promoting, I think I kept learning. I feel that I learned more sexiness from this album than the previous, but there have been many changes in my fingertips and expressions. In the past, even when I watch sexy stages, it didn’t really hit home as my own job. Looking sexy was awkward too, and there wasn’t anything I did to decorate myself other than working harder at dancing. But after starring on ‘Dancing with the Stars II’, I learned a little more about how the general public likes seeing [people] on-screen. I feel I’ve discovered leads for many of the worries I have. I’ve gained confidence.

Then your role model must have changed from your debut days and now. You said you wanted to learn the the power of command that Missy Elliot has on stage before you were in your twenties.
Hyoyeon: I even watch male artists more than females, and I copied them! Of course, I still do like masculine dances and want to learn more. However, I also think that it would be nice to be able to show a feminine charisma like Lee Hyori unnie. I want to learn the stage mannerisms of Beyonce or Rihanna as well.

It’s like you gained more know-how’s than you worked for.
Hyoyeon: Other people say it’s difficult dancing with power, but I’m the opposite and have difficulties dancing without power. And so, for a while, trying to match Girls’ Generation’s color was homework for me. I thought I could capture the hearts of the general public if I worked hard, but things were so different from what I had in mind, so there were times where I had difficulties. I felt that the genre was somewhat different. Now, I think I’m capturing the balance between my thoughts, Girls’ Generation’s feel, and the public’s eyes.


You must have had times where you needed more personal effort aside from Girls’ Generation.
Hyoyeon: But I’m not the type who puts in a lot of effort in a moment. Instead, I tend to do it consistently. I just didn’t give up until it was solved naturally.

I don’t think you only changed on stage. You had an image of saying the wrong things for a while, but rather, I saw you clearing up sensitive topics or delivering deep stories on recent talk show appearances.
Hyoyeon: I didn’t think like, ‘I’m going to speak out at this moment’. I just said what was on my mind depending on the situation, but I was probably able to reply naturally because my members were with me. People close to me probably wanted to hear me say a few more words, so they’ve been a bit satisfied lately. (laughs) To be honest, it took me a long time to show a comfortable appearance on broadcasts.

In July, you begin your appearance as a judge on Mnet’s ‘Dancing 9’. Won’t you be able to show a presence different from other variety shows?
Hyoyeon: I’ve always been the one being judged. There hasn’t been a time where I did the judging, so it wasn’t easy trying to figure out what to say. There were also experts, so I was careful with what I said because how could I, who isn’t perfect, dare to say anything. In my opinion… I think I’ll get around three minutes of screen time up until episodes two and three each. (laughs) To be honest, after seeing BoA unnie judge, I got the thought of wanting to sit in a position like that one day. The problem is that opportunity came too soon, (laughs) and so I’ve been watching reruns recently and have been reviewing BoA unnie’s charisma.

You need to adjust to a new role. Isn’t it even more awkward because you’re appearing with your group member, Yuri?
Hyoyeon: That’s right, that’s right! Yuri’s really playful, so if I get swayed, there are times where I can’t get my head straight. (laughs) But Yuri’s the type who says what she wants to say firmly. So a positive is, there are times when I don’t remember what I want to say. At times like that, Yuri helps me from the side to organize my words. Because she knows my ideas and the way I talk well.


When you try to give an accurate judgement, you must worry about hurting them as well.
Hyoyeon: There are times where it’s difficult to say something to people who have records of winning at large competitions in case their pride gets hurt. However, I’ve also danced for a long time, and have seen things for a while, I can see exactly what would be good to change. If that can lead the person into a good direction, I believe that it’s not hurting, but helping them.

Because, even if you aren’t a professional dancer, you are a professional as a singer.
Hyoyeon: I keep thinking about that. I’m a singer, and so my point of view could be different.

Is there not any chance to see those professional stages anytime soon? I heard there aren’t any solo stages in Girls’ Generation’s world tour this time around.
Hyoyeon: The members’ individual stages did receive a good response at the last concert. But I was the member who suggested we take solo stages out this time and center it around showing stages with the nine members together. This was because I’m confident that, right now, the performance our nine members can show is really great. I don’t think there would be enough time to perform the stages we performed at our Japan arena tour, or other songs on our album.

The member who initially had difficulties fitting in with the group’s color is now the member who believes in the power of the group the most.
Hyoyeon: Talking about myself like this in interviews or shows, separated from Girls’ Generation, was impossible. Everything was just about Girls’ Generation, and I’m always with my members.


Seeing you through SNS, you seem like the member who has a wide range of acquaintances. It also seems like you have a lot of foreign friends.
Hyoyeon: I think I do get close well with friends I meet overseas. Unlike the strong appearance I show on stage, people really like me because of my bright personality. You know, there’s a feeling of honesty between friends. I’m not fluent in English, but we got close quickly with the feeling of wanting to become friends.

You looked so natural in the photos that I thought you were fluent in English.
Hyoyeon: There were other people who said that to me! So now I’m in a really difficult situation, but I’m actually just conversing with them in short words. (laughs)

Because, to be honest, communication isn’t with words, but with the heart.
Hyoyeon: Early into our debut, I guarded myself from people. Because it seemed like my thoughts and world were different, I put up a shield. But my personality isn’t like that, so I felt a bit sad. And so I started opening my heart up again. Everyone can feel it when you face them in a fake manner. So I try to act sincerely towards everyone.


If you gain more popularity and have more responsibilities, your troubles ought to increase as well. I think you maintain a healthy heart to an amazing degree.
Hyoyeon: I try to think optimistic thoughts a lot. And there really is a lot of energy I gain from my members. It’s a code that others don’t understand, but we always play around and laugh amongst ourselves. And recently, I’ve been working out a lot to give myself some energy. I can’t handle receiving fitness training confined in one place. So I learn golf, horseback-riding, and bicycling. Recently, I was having fun riding my bicycle, and it turns out I rode for 25 kilometers! I almost got to Incheon, and I kind of regretted my ride back, but it was fun. I think exercises that distinguishes the winner suits me.

Are you competitive?
Hyoyeon: It’s because exercise is a hobby. I normally hated competitions. Like dance battles; you get really nervous. I do have some greed in wanting to become the best, but it’s too tiring if you lose. I really want to be perfect at least in dancing.

You must be disappointed because you don’t have enough time to dance, which you love so much.
Hyoyeon: There were times like that. There was a time where I resented having to give up dance lessons I personally planned, wondering why they aren’t helping me when I’m trying to have my own time to grow. But, there were areas that I had to grow in as Girls’ Generation, and I advanced in places that I didn’t think of before, so, as a result, it wasn’t so bad. Also, thinking that there are a lot of dances that I still have to learn, I’m actually happy. You have no idea how great it is being able to study dance even more and for even longer.

Source: “1st Look” Magazine
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: kt9823@soshified

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