Last week’s viewer ratings were 5.048%. This is enough to say that tvN’s “Grandpas Over Flowers” is more than a simple popular variety show. Along with MBC’s “Dad! Where Are You Going?”, it has been embarking on a new chapter in variety shows and has been receiving praise as an innovative program.

A variety show with “grandpas” in their 70s, Na Youngsuk PD is truly an intelligent adventurer, opening a new chapter for variety shows that surpasses stereotypes. Along with the editing that doesn’t give you the chance to become tense, it safely planted laughter inducing material here and there.

Of them, the representative cards are stories about Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, 4MINUTE’s Hyuna, and Lee Seojin. By placing talks about the very person who is both Lee Seojin’s ideal type and the person who made him have a mental breakdown in season one, Sunny and Hyuna, within the grandpas’ backpacking trips, it took care of the viewers’ laughter. Because of this, when it was informed one of the people that was talked about, Girls’ Generation’s Sunny, would be taking part in season two, people focused on the shoot’s behind story.


▶Sunny and “art school hyung’s” meeting, how was it possible [Translator’s note: “hyung” is what a guy calls another guy who is older than him]

This past weekend, news of Sunny making a surprise trip out for “Grandpas Over Flowers” season two (Taiwan episode) called forth a storm of clicks online. The reason was because Sunny was the first basis of explosive laughter on the show. Earlier, on “1 Night 2 Days”, directed by Na Youngsuk PD, Lee Seojin earned the nickname “art school hyung”. Lee Seojin was tricked into thinking he would be in a show called “European Art Trip with Art School Hyung”, alongside Sunny and Hyuna. He was instead cast in “Grandpas Over Flowers”. However, through the airport scene in the first episode, the truth was completely different. With the surprise appearance by H4 (Lee Soonjae, Shin Goo, Park Geunhyung, Baek Ilsub), Lee Seojin fell into a mental breakdown, and had viewers hugging their stomachs [from laughing].

And so news about this second season garnered even more attention, but Sunny’s surprise joining was not easy. As she is a member of Girls’ Generation getting called here and there, there was no way she had a relaxing schedule. Also, because she was scheduled to pitch at the Korea Day event at Dodger Stadium, she had a schedule in LA.

According to a source from Sunny’s company, SM Entertainment, Sunny was cast just a few days before the cast left for Taiwan. Her company was well aware of the popularity of the show, and wasn’t able to reject the offer easily, so they couldn’t help but hesitate. Also, even if it were squeezed into Sunny’s schedule, she could only appear for a day in Taiwan.

However, the “Grandpas Over Flowers” team readily said “OK” with the condition of her appearing for one day, and word of her participation quickly started flowing upstream.


▶This man slowly melted because of Sunny’s charms. Extended stay at the last minute as well

Then, who was most excited about Sunny’s surprise appearance in Taiwan?

If you shouted, “Of course, Lee Seojin!”, then you get a -buzzer sound- instead of a ding-dong-deng (correct sound). The answer is H4.

Although Lee Seojin the porter assisted the grandpas by playing all the roles of the navigator, guide, cook, and translator in the “season 1 – Europe vacation episode”, Sunny surpassed Lee Seojin with her killer charms, capturing the grandpas.

In last week’s broadcast, Lee Seojin stated, “I still think about (how it must have been if I went on a trip with Sunny and Hyuna) every now and then,” expressing his “Sunny feelings”. Before Sunny’s appearance, Lee Seojin had no idea about her joining. He was basically tricked by the crew again, but it was said he was just shy even after seeing Sunny, and that he just showed his characteristic “dimple smile” throughout the filming.

Instead, it is said that Park Geunhyung, who asked back, “Who is Lee Minjung,” when they learned about news about Lee Byunghun getting married, didn’t know what to do when he saw Sunny because she was so cute.

To be honest, Sunny is the best “lump of aegyo (cuteness)” among Girls’ Generation members. Early on, she took on the position of president of the G8 members in KBS 2TV’s “Invincible Youth” and showed off all of her natural born variety senses and quick reactions. Like a natural born “lump of aegyo”, as soon as she arrived in Taiwan, she was affectionate like a granddaughter and was able to capture the hearts of the grandpas.

To the grandpas’ hospitality, Sunny adjusted to the set’s atmosphere without any awkwardness, and she was able to enjoy her trip in Taiwan. Also, in the end, to the grandpas’ enthusiastic suggestions, who were sad about having to separate, she extended her stay for another day. Changing schedules unexpectedly isn’t something that happens easily for a global star like Girls’ Generation. However, as they are big seniors in the industry, and elders, Sunny could not reject H4’s suggestion, quickly adjusted her schedule, and actively participated in the trip with the grandpas. Taeyeon and Tiffany eventually left for the US first on the 26th, as scheduled, and Sunny had to take a plane at Incheon Airport to LA the next day on the 27th.

As of now, it has not been decided if Sunny will participate again in a third season.


Source: Sports Chosun
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: MoonSoshi9@soshified

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