On June 12th, Tiffany appeared in a special segment on SBS’s “Midnight TV Entertainment” to interview Brad Pitt, who had traveled to South Korea to promote his upcoming film, “World War Z”. The interview took place at Geunjeongjeon of Gyeongbok Palace.

Before the interview began, Tiffany presented Brad Pitt with a pair of wooden geese, a traditional gift for newlyweds meant to symbolize fidelity. In addition, Tiffany asked Brad Pitt to greet Sooyoung, who has been a fan of Brad Pitt for years and is the host of “Midnight TV Entertainment” alongside Yoon Dohyun.


During the interview, Brad Pitt revealed his experience in Korea, his thoughts on his career, and his motivation for making “World War Z”. Tiffany also taught him the word “daebak” in order to describe his film to Korean fans.

In the “Midnight TV Entertainment” studio, Sooyoung explained that the members of Girls’ Generation all know that she been a fan of Brad Pitt since she was younger, and so Tiffany said that she would be sure to ask him to give a greeting to MC Sooyoung. She continued, “I thought after, there would be an ‘I love you, Sooyoung.'”

Check out Tiffany and Brad Pitt’s segment on “Midnight TV Entertainment” below. The clip can also be downloaded from Soshified’s Video Downloads Section.

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