She brought light to this world on an overcast day,
May 15, 1989.
Born into a family of entertainers, she was destined to become
A superstar, one of the divine nine.
So at the age of 9, she began to train for debut,
And with passion and hard work, her talents, they grew.
And after some time, she joined a group of eight
To make Girls’ Generation nine and seal their fate.


She’s known as the fake maknae for her very short height
And the gift of CCP*, her trademark.
SoShi’s energy pill, she has a friendly disposition
And 1000-watt smile that drives away the dark.
Fans and non-fans alike tout that she’s one-of-a-kind,
With inner beauty and strength that are very refined.
She shows appreciation by often wearing presents from fans,
During shows and events, and even on her way to Japan.


Despite her small stature, she protects her members well,
Springing into action when she is most needed.
Her ninja reflexes are unparalleled –
No matter the circumstance, she cannot be defeated.
Still, fireworks and other loud noises scare her,
But she doesn’t let them deter her.
In sickness and health, she always shows her best side
And comforts others, while her own emotions, she hides.


At first, by no means did she stand out from the rest –
Only “the aegyo queen,” as she came to be known.
Eventually, a singer, MC, DJ, actress,
And many more talents still to be shown.
Through “Invincible Youth”, she showed her Soonkyu side –
She befriended a cow and caught chickens with pride.
Many came to adore her for her bright disposition,
And it was then that this Sunshiner caught the Sunny condition.


And so now we celebrate our brave superhero,
25 going on 50-years-old.
The grandmother who cares for her SoShi children
Will always shine brightest with her heart of gold.
This goes out to the girl who has risen to fame,
To the girl who is a pro at video games,
To the girl who is truly as sweet as honey,
To our beautiful birthday girl, our love, Sunny.


*CCP is cuteness that calls for a punch.

Image Sources: helianthus, usNthem, Peek A Boo, flying petals
Written by: Akino_Makoto@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified, letaengbutt@soshified