In the 2013 K-League (editor’s note: South Korean football league) official guidebook, Taeyeon was voted as the ideal type of K-League. Out of 755 players who voted, 540 voted for Taeyeon as their ideal type, naming her “Miss K-League”. Kim Taehee and Kim Sarang took second and third place in the poll, respectively. The official guidebook, titled “2013 Beautiful K-League”, also included an interview with Taeyeon.


The Woman K-League Loved, Taeyeon

We asked the somewhat cheeky question of “Who is your ideal type?” to players who will be playing in the 2013 K-League Classic and K-League Challenge. While married players didn’t answer with their wives in mind, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon, who received enthusiastic support from unmarried players, beat actresses Kim Taehee, Kim Sarang, as well as another girl group member, miss A’s Suzy, and became “Miss K-League”. We had to hear from Taeyeon, who received a generous amount of love from the K-Leaguers.

Beautiful K-League: Passing prominent candidates, Kim Taehee, Suzy, and Kim Sarang, you have become the number one ideal type amongst K-League Classic and Challenge players. How do you feel?
Taeyeon: I can’t believe it. (laugh) But I feel really good. Thank you.

Beautiful K-League: Are you, by any chance, used to soccer players’ affections? Why do you think Beautiful K-Leaguers chose you as their ideal type? I want to hear your honest, inner thoughts.
Taeyeon: I’m not sure. I’m really not. I’m starting to wonder what that reason is too.

Beautiful K-League: Most of the players who chose you as their ideal type were born in the later years of the 1980’s. Looking at just those results, rather than ‘samchon (translator’s note: uncle) fans’, it seems the fan composition has changed to ‘friend fans’ or ‘dongsaeng (translator’s note: younger) fans’. Is that how it really is?
Taeyeon: I think the type of people who like Girls’ Generation is always diverse. If we gain fans who are good at sports, I think it would be very nice.

Beautiful K-League: In 2008, there were performances at various soccer matches, from a Korea-Japan all star match, to a Manchester United visitors match, to a Peace Queen Cup. Is there a difference between concerts and other events?
Taeyeon: I always perform at concerts happily, but there has been a moment where I worried about the soccer field grass being damaged.

Beautiful K-League: If you were to choose an ideal type amongst soccer players, who would it be?
Taeyeon: When I see players sweat on the grounds, they all look hard-working and cool, so it’s hard to pick just one person.

Beautiful K-League: Which Girls’ Generation member has the most interest in soccer?
Taeyeon: All my members are active, so I think they all like soccer. Personally, I sometimes play Winning 11 (translator’s note: football game). (laugh) I like soccer!

Beautiful K-League: K-League has been met with its 30th anniversary. Could you give the players and fans a line of encouragement?
Taeyeon: I think it’s most appealing seeing you focus and sweat during each match. I will continue to look forward to great matches. And please love Girls’ Generation lots!

Sources: Sosiz, Osen
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Edited by: bhost909@soshified

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