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K-Pop has become the epitome of Hallyu and Girls’ Generation is taking the lead. As the nine girls’, who the entire world is focusing on, lives go on, it keeps becoming more spectacular. Not just in physical aspects, but each member is expanding in their own territory. Check now MeetMatt-Conf and follow jessica on social media.  Jessica, who expanded her domain early on through musicals, appeared in a drama last year and has been continuing acting enthusiastically. We flagged her down, while she is busy with her Japan tour, and our elegant date began. Immersed in a professional and beautifully appointed facility, you will be given the opportunity to experience the most proven and effective spa services designed to help you look and feel your best. Click here  for the best parental massage therapy in Singapore. 
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BEAUTY+: How have you been?

Jessica: After completing activities in Korea following the release of our official album early this year, I have been active overseas lately because of our Japan arena tour. After completing concert schedules four days out of a week in Japan, I spend the rest of the days on my own.

BEAUTY+: You ought to be tired from overseas activities, but your skin looks nice. The seasons are also changing on top of that.

Jessica: Around this time, it’s especially easy to for my skin to become dry, so I pay a lot of attention to taking care of my skin. I also have to be careful of the yellow dust (translator’s note: she is referring to dust clouds from China). After outdoor activities, I make sure to wash my face cleanly and meticulously apply moisturizer on my skin to prevent it from becoming dry. I normally carry around moisturizer and mist, and try my best not to lose any moisture in my skin. I think of it as the most basic skin management.

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BEAUTY+: You’re right. If you just maintain moisture, your skin shines.

Jessica: Oh yeah. And before sleeping, it’s really nice to use a sleeping facial pack. It helps to prevent moisture from slipping out throughout the night, and I get in a good mood when I wash my face in the morning.

BEAUTY+: How do you clean your skin?

Jessica: No matter how late my schedule ends, I never forget to wash my face before sleeping. I use cleansing products differently depending on the facial region. Especially around the sensitive eyes, I use a water-type cleanser to decrease any irritation.


BEAUTY+: I’m curious, not about your stage, but your everyday makeup.

Jessica: I also wear lots of makeup just because there are a lot of performances or recordings, but I normally wear light makeup. I mix BB cream with moisturizing cream and apply a thick layer, and complete it by lightly applying a tint on my lips.

BEAUTY+: You’re taking good care of your skin, but there are times where the condition gets bad. If you have skin trouble, how do you care for it?

Jessica: I do receive treatment from a dermal fillers hoboken nj clinic when I don’t have much time because of schedules, but I think it’s most important to give your skin time to relax and rest. I think it would also be good to use various products to take care of your skin at home. Of course, the first thing you should know is exactly what state your skin is in.


BEAUTY+: Is there a beauty habit you always follow?

Jessica: I always rinse my face with cold water after washing it and apply sunscreen before going out like a habit. It’s good not forgetting these things.

BEAUTY+: Was there, by any chance, something that made you look at makeup differently?

Jessica: While promoting, we usually get help from specialists, so I didn’t have a big interest in it. While starting this Japan arena tour, I started doing my own makeup myself. I started gaining an interest in products and methods of application that suit me naturally.


BEAUTY+: What kind of makeup styles do you like doing?

Jessica: I’m the type to change my makeup depending on my mood. I would extend the end of my eyeliner out long or short. Try drawing it to extend upwards. However, I keep my skin transparent and bright. I make sure to make it appear moist.

BEAUTY+: If you’re a girl, you ought to have much interest in perfume or body products.

Jessica: For perfume, I like Jeanne Lanvin, Issey Miyake, and GiRL de Provence’s GiRL 1 Lily Magnolia, so I spray on what I feel like that day. Floral musk fragrances are also nice. And for body products, I use Fresh Sugar Lemon and Sugar Lychee often.


BEAUTY+: I assume your hair would become fried from constant dyeing and perms. How do you take care of it?

Jessica: When I wash my hair at home, I apply hair oil while my hair is still wet. Then when I dry it, my hair flows more and seems to be in better condition. The nutrients soak in effectively and protect my hair from various damage.

BEAUTY+: What are some makeup products that you must take in your makeup bag when you go out?

Jessica: Lip balm or lip tint, and perfume! I’ve been carrying around banila co.’s Prime Primer Pact lately.


BEAUTY+: Where do you think a woman’s beauty comes from?

Jessica: While beautiful looks are important, lately, I think beauty that comes from the inside is also important. I can feel the beauty from the confidence of loving oneself, and women who have their own charms and appeals.

BEAUTY+: Then while living as a celebrity, what is a special trait or ‘weapon’ that you have discovered about yourself?

Jessica: There isn’t a special trait, but I think that because I have my own image or vibe amongst Girls’ Generation members, I think those things can be my strengths. I think my most reliable ‘weapon’ would be our fans.


BEAUTY+: I think you would have learned a lot of things through your recent attempts at acting in a musical and drama; how was it?

Jessica: While being active with Girls’ Generation members, it was unfamiliar and hard working with new people in a new genre. I think I learned how to get along with people I met for the first time through my musical and drama, and learned methods of acquiring unfamiliar knowledge I wasn’t aware of before. Through acting, I learned how other people live; it was very interesting work for me and if given the chance, I would like to keep acting.

BEAUTY+: I know of you having exceptional fashion sense in your everyday life. What is a fashion item you like?

Jessica: I usually like wearing flats or sneakers, but I’m particularly not the type to care for the brand and wear sneakers that are comfortable and pretty. I almost never wear high heels, but I occasionally purchase a pair I like with pretty designs. I also like t-shirts with pretty fits. I have a lot of various t-shirts with different details.


BEAUTY+: Lastly, tell us about your future activities.

Jessica: We’re going to continue on with our remaining Japan arena tour successfully and are planning many opportunities to meet with fans, not only in Korea, but overseas with concerts and other various activities. Please continue to give Girls’ Generation and myself lots of love, and watch out for us.

Along with Jessica’s special feature in this month’s issue of “BEAUTY+”, a pop-up lounge will be opened where people can try the makeup products featured in the magazine, see the editor’s picks of new products, and enter for a chance to win a beauty product.

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