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Y-Star News Features a Short Segment on Tiffany

Y-Star News recently aired a short segment featuring Tiffany. The clip talked about Tiffany’s well-known love for the color pink and how it is involved in her everyday life, especially in her fashion style.

“The Boys” and “I Got A Boy” Played in “ASAP”

Two of Girls’ Generation’s Korean hits, “The Boys” and “I Got A Boy”, were both used for a production number in “ASAP”, a Filipino musical variety show, on January 6th. Ella Cruz, one of the actresses who danced to “I Got A Boy”, is a SONE. Thanks to lee_snsd for sending in the tip.

Girls’ Generation Appears on Mnet’s “WIDE”

Girls’ Generation made a short appearance on Mnet’s “WIDE”, and the members were asked what their wishes were for 2013. Tiffany’s wish was to go to Las Vegas while Sunny wanted Girls’ Generation to have a vacation. Tiffany wrote on the board: “Go on vacation with the members without contact from managers and to have fun.” Tiffany later added, “That ‘I Got A Boy’ is successful.” Seohyun then took the marker to correct Tiffany’s spelling of “to have fun”. To conclude the segment, Tiffany and Seohyun asked fans to give lots of love to “I Got A Boy”.

Girls’ Generation Releases New LINE Video

On January 9th, Girls’ Generation released a new LINE promotional video through Naver and its LINE application for computers and phones. In the video, the girls interact through the LINE application by sending messages and photos to one another.

Girls’ Generation’s “V Concert” Reported on SBS 8 NEWS

Girls’ Generation’s “V Concert” was recently featured on SBS 8 News. The report talked about the positive response fans gave after attending the event and the increasing popularity of the advanced technology. Download the English-subbed version of the “V Concert” from Soshified’s Soshi Subs Downloads Section.

Girls’ Generation Wishes Everyone a Happy New Year

In this short clip, Girls’ Generation promoted their new album, “I got A Boy”, which was released on January 1st. They also wished everyone a happy new year in both Korean and Mandarin.


Mamonde Reveals New CF Featuring Yuri

Mamonde revealed a new Chinese CF featuring Yuri and Super Junior’s Siwon. The newest advertisement promotes Mamonde’s “Pure White 2x Effector”. A shortened version of the CF was also uploaded on Mamonde’s official YouTube.


Naver Releases New Application for Girls’ Generation Phone Tones

Naver created and released a new Android phone application for fans to obtain Girls’ Generation tones. Fans can download the application and receive special morning calls from each of the members. For more information, visit Naver.

Girls’ Generation’s Official Facebook Holds a Cover Contest

Soshi fb contest

From January 3rd to January 29th, Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook will hold a cover contest for “I Got A Boy”. Contestants can apply by recording their own video clip (singing or dancing) and uploading it via Winners will be announced next month on February 7th.

“I Got A Boy” Places Fifth on John Sakamoto’s “Anti-Hit List”

Girls’ Generation’s latest hit, “I Got A Boy”, continues to draw rave reviews from various musical sites and critics. John Sakamoto’s “Anti-Hit List” seeks out songs outside of mainstream radio and “I Got A Boy” placed fifth on his list for January 5th. When talking about the song, he concludes, “The result — arguably among the most adventurous pop music being made on the planet — both invites resistance and makes it difficult to summon any up.” Thanks to reggy9sone for sending in the tip.

Girls’ Generation Leaves a Message and Photos on Official Website

official message 130112

On January 12th, Girls’ Generation left two photos and a short message on their official website. Their message was simple, but sweet: “S♡NE!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥”.

Girls’ Generation Wins Two Awards at the “Japan Golden Disc Awards 2013”

Girls’ Generation received two awards from the “Japan Golden Disk Awards 2013” for their Japanese releases over the past year. They received “The Song of the Year by Download” award for “PAPARAZZI” and Girls’ Generation’s “First Japan Tour” was given the “Best Music Video” award.

Nyoy Volante Praises Jessica’s Performance of “Someday”

Nyoy Volante is the original composer and writer of “Someday”, the song Jessica and f(x)’s Krystal performed at Girls’ Generation’s “Romantic Fantasy” comeback show. Volante expressed his happiness over his song being performed by the two sisters. He also stated that he would be happy if Jessica released “Someday” as a single as well.

“Rolling Stone” Reviews “I Got A Boy”

“Rolling Stone” writer Nick Catucci wrote a brief review of “I Got A Boy”. The author highlighted the many different complexities of the song, comparing “I Got A Boy” to a “musical gymnastics routine”. The magazine gave the song three and a half stars out of five, while the “Rolling Stone” community gave it five stars out of five.


Ha Jiyoung Tweets a Photo of Herself and Girls’ Generation from “Midnight TV Entertainment”

hajiyoung v concert

Ha Jiyoung, one of Sooyoung’s fellow MCs on “Midnight TV Entertainment”, tweeted a photo of Sooyoung and herself interviewing the other Girls’ Generation members on their show. Her tweet read, “Ha Jiyoung’s tell me your wish~~today’s edition is Girls’ Generation^^ This album is too good!! Just my style♥♥”.

Shim Jaewon Tweets a Photo with Girls’ Generation


Shim Jaewon, a dance choreographer for SM Entertainment, recently tweeted a photo of himself with Girls’ Generation. The photo was taken during the music video filming for “I Got A Boy”. All nine girls are posing in front of the camera with Shim Jaewon.

Travys Kim Tweets a Photo with Sooyoung


SBS announcer Travys Kim recently tweeted a photo of himself with Sooyoung. In the picture, Travys is holding a signed CD given by Sooyoung. His accompanying tweet reads, “This is Girls’ Generation’s CD, signed by our beauty MC Sooyoung with a personal message!! Ah hot hot!! Would be disappointing if I didn’t upload a photo. ^^ I’m going to go home and listen to it in bed ㅋㅋ”

New Sets of Pictures

Girls’ Generation Japan Official Facebook Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, SeohyunGroup

KBS – SunnySooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Sooyoung3, Sooyoung4, Sooyoung5, Seohyun

KBS Hello – TaeyeonTiffanyYoonaGroup1Group2Group3Group4Group5Group6

Lotte Department Store JessicaSooyoungYoonaGroup1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Group5

SBS InkigayoGroup 1, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, Group 5, Group 6, Group 7, Group 8, Group 9, Group 10, Group 11, Group 12, Group 13, Group 14

STONEHENgE – Jessica1Jessica2Jessica3Jessica4Jessica5Jessica6Jessica7

SONE Picture/Video of the Week

group fanart

taeyeon fanartjessica fanartsunnyfanart
tiffany fanarthyoyeon fanartyuri fanart
sooyoung fanartyoonafanartseohyun fanart

New concepts nearly always inspire drawings and paintings from fans, and “I Got A Boy” continues the trend. The photos seen above, drawn by D.Shuyu, show adorable chibi versions of the members of Girls’ Generation in their “I Got A Boy” hip hop outfits.

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