“… share the love with those around you.” – Sooyoung


In the spirit of Girls’ Generation’s generous and charitable nature, Soshified will be holding an event for fans to give back to their communities in the name of SONE and Girls’ Generation. At the end of the event, we’re going to be compiling all the acts of kindness into a video to show to Girls’ Generation. 

From January 17th through January 25th, for nine days, head out into your communities continuing your daily lives, but there is a special mission: commit a random act of kindness and tell us about it. Let us know why it’s important to give back and care about the people and places we walk by every day.

A few ideas are:

– Clean up graffiti
– Clean up a park
– Donate used books to a library
– Give care packs to the homeless
– Give elderly the gift of music
– Help someone with yard work
– Volunteer at a local homeless shelter or food kitchen
– Help build a house for someone in need with Habitat for Humanity
– Pay for a stranger’s meal

The possibilities are endless.

We suggest leaving a note or post-it with the good deed that says “SONE 9 Days of Caring for Girls’ Generation” and maybe have them check out “I Got A Boy”.

Once you complete your good deed, head over to the event’s thread and post about it with the following information:

City, Country:
Video/Photo (use an external host such as imgur.com or mediafire.com):

(Make sure to post the information in the forum thread and not the comments!)

Time period: January 17 – January 25!

After you post, tweet us (@soshified) your act of kindness as well with the hashtag #9DaysofCaringForGG

If you submit a video please make sure it’s no longer than 20-30 seconds. We’re trying to fit as many SONEs and good deeds as possible in the video! (By submitting in the thread you are giving us permission to use the content that you post.)

Girls’ Generation always goes out of their way with charitable ventures such as blood drives, donations to the needy, and charity auctions. Let’s show the girls how much their work means to us by giving them a great video showcasing SONEs from all over the world doing good deeds in their communities.