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1) What do you think of the girls’ new style in the music video for “I Got A Boy”?
2) Who do you think suits this style the most and why?
3) Lastly, how do you think this concept and style compares to previous ones?


The girls’ style in “I Got A Boy” is certainly different. It’s colorful and bright and kind of crazy, but at the same time they look pretty dang cool. And the abs. Soshi abs are on full display and I can’t say I dislike that. The breakdown with the orange wigs and the girls all wearing the same jackets is pretty unique, but as far as style goes, that might be my least favorite, even though it is a cool effect in the story of the song.

When I first saw the style the girls were going for with this comeback, I thought for sure Hyoyeon or Yuri would be best suited for it. While they definitely look fantastic (Yul aviators!), the big surprise for me was Taeyeon. She exudes all kinds of confidence in her parts, especially in the first verse with the heavy bass. And then later she goes all diva on us during the breakdown. I never thought the kid leader could pull off this concept this well, but she totally kills it. I think she really loves the fact she doesn’t have to wear heels!

What I love the most about this concept compared to previous ones is the girls really get to show off their individuality. Each of the performances have their own themes for the outfits, but there is so much variety that the girls get to play around with to show off their own flair. It’s kind of like an extension of “The Boys” but with more room to experiment. I really like how the girls can individually stand out while at the same time showing they are one cohesive group. Their dancing is the best it has been since “Into The New World”, and that makes me love this concept even more.



I love it. It’s so cool that they’re willing and daring enough to try out something totally new. We’ve seen cute-shidae and sexy-shidae before, but never hiphop-shidae. I also love the fact that they’re mixing various concepts into the hip-hop theme too.

I think many people would agree with me when I say Hyoyeon, Yuri and Yoona. These three dancers are totally rocking it and it’s amazing that they can finally show off their dancing capabilities without having to restrict themselves to a certain image. In addition, I think Taeyeon also managed to prove that she can sing, as well as dance. Her dancing is really strong and she looks very in control of her steps. She totally owns it. I’m still waiting for the dance version of “I Got A Boy” to come out, SM.

Like I said before, this hip-hop concept is so cool because they have so many different personalities rolled into one. We get to see the strong, powerful dance, but there are also bits of cute and bits of sexy mixed into the layers. Imagine a rainbow cake whereby the different colours are the different styles, and the whole cake is the hip-hop concept. So to answer your question, I think this concept trumps the previous ones.


1) How has Girls’ Generation influenced you?
2) Which music video by Girls’ Generation do you visually like the most?
3) Which is your least favourite musical collaboration Girls’ Generation, or a member of Girls’ Generation, has ever had with anyone outside of the company?
4) Which members do you think has the best: a) eyes b) nose and c) lips?
5) Any members that you think have changed for the worst/better since debut?


Girls’ Generation has influenced me the most in making me more open-minded. Since I became a fan of the girls I very rarely say “no” to trying new things, whether it’s music, travel, language, culture, art, food, anything really. Because of them I feel more desire to learn more about the world outside of my own country. I’ve had many amazing experiences because of Girls’ Generation.

Visually…it’s “Genie”. I mean come on, those legs, those military uniforms. It’s amazing and you know it. OK just kidding. I actually really love “I Got A Boy” and its bright colors, but what is most visually striking is the choreography. The girls’ dancing is just too much fun to watch here. My least favorite collaboration outside of SM can barely be classified as a collaboration, but it’s bad enough to warrant a mention. “The Boys” remix featuring Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion and his biscuits was just plain not very good.

Eyes: Sooyoung’s eyes are so gorgeous I can’t even begin to describe.
Nose: I am quite fond of Yoona’s cute nose.
Lips: Sunny’s lips are so kissable and nice and…yeah I like Sunny’s lips…

I think Tiffany has improved a lot as a singer since debut. While all the girls have improved, for me Tiffany’s voice has just gotten so strong and unique as the years have gone on, especially since her musical, “Fame”. Also, I think Hyoyeon has become more and more comfortable as an entertainer. After watching her on “Invincible Youth 2” I feel like she is a real hidden gem of comedy and cuteness. I hope she gets more chances to show everyone how funny she is.



Well apart from them turning me so totally un-straight for them, nothing… haha, I kid. I can’t quite think of any off the top of my head now, but I think i’ve started to subconsciously buy more pink items. Looking around at my things, I see a lot of baby blue and baby pink. I think i’ve also started to become a lot more positive as compared to before. I find myself trying to see things in the positive light and I also think their determination and drive has rubbed off a little on me. Though Maknae’s academic prowess has yet to infect me.

It’s impossible to choose because they all have different eye-catching points. I like “Echo”, mainly because we get to see the girls being their cute selves and enjoying their time together unlike the usual music videos where they have to dance, etc. I also like “Twinkle” a lot, because of the gazillion outfits they have, but I don’t think that counts. Some of my favourites are “I Got A Boy”, “Paparazzi”, “Tell Me Your Wish”, “Gee”, “Dancing Queen”, “Run Devil Run”, “Flower Power”, “Into the New World”… i just about listed all of the music videos, didn’t I?

I can’t think of any that I don’t like. But Jessica’s collaboration with Park Myungsoo was pretty entertaining.

I’m so incredibly biased when it comes to things like these…oops.
Best eyes – Tiffany
Best nose – Taeyeon (her nose is so adorable oh god)
Best lips – Jessica?

I think Jessica has become extremely hardworking over the years and I really admire her for that. Despite her nickname of “lazy girl”, she’s actually the complete opposite. I’m also very proud to be a fan of Tiffany because she’s still so caring and thoughtful even though she’s a celebrity. Unlike other celebrities who become conceited because they let their fame get to their heads, Tiffany is still so considerate.


Have you ever been ashamed of being a SONE because of the actions of other SONEs?


Usually when I make a wrong turn on the Internet and end up in YouTube comments I feel ashamed that some of these people call themselves SONEs and pretty much just give all of us a bad name. However, YouTube comments are generally known to be the utter bottom of the barrel in terms of quality, so what really makes me ashamed is when some fans insult members of Girls’ Generation. For instance, if someone’s bias doesn’t get enough of the spotlight or someone else’s bias gets too much and these fans insult the other members because of it, or someone drags a member into some stupid shipping scenario when it’s completely unrelated and uses them as a joke; all of these things bother me. How hard is to not belittle a member of the group you call yourself a fan of? I don’t want to get all preachy, but please just think of what Girls’ Generation members would think about one of their fans talking trash about them.


Haven’t we all? I hate the whole fan-war thing. Obviously, no one likes to be called names and be criticised, but I think that retaliating with verbal insults is definitely not the way to go. When we see others insulting our girls, of course we get the urge to stand up for them and protect them. After all, they’re our nine angels. It’s perfectly fine to point out to whichever hater that you think differently of their opinions, but it is definitely not fine to rebut them with insults. There have been instances when I’ve seen people replying to hateful comments on YouTube with responses which make me so embarrassed to be a SONE.

Let the anti-fans embarrass themselves. There’s no need for us to lower ourselves to that level whereby we spend time on the internet trying to tell others how much we hate someone.


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