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CJ Entertainment Uploads Video for the November 6th Release of “I AM”

CJ Entertainment uploaded a video featuring Seohyun, f(x)’s Amber, and Super Junior to promote the November 6th release in the United States of the “I AM” documentary on DVD and Blu-ray. Seohyun speaks English in the clip, briefly introducing herself and mentioning the movie’s release.

SM Entertainment Releases Footage of “S.M.ART” Exhibition

S.M. Entertainment recently released footage from their “S.M.ART” exhibition held in August. In the clip, various fans are seen interacting with S.M. Entertainment stars as they tour the new technology. Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, and Yoona make an appearance at the 5:13 mark of the video.

Burberry Uploads Video Featuring Yuri and Sooyoung

Burberry’s official YouTube channel uploaded a celebratory video for the “Burberry Pacific Flagship Store Opening Event” in Hong Kong. Yuri and Sooyoung, guests at the event, were both shown in the clip.


Hyundai Releases New Photo and Behind-the-Scenes Video Featuring Jessica


Hyundai released a new photo featuring Jessica to promote their “Premium Younique Lifestyle” campaign. Jessica poses cutely for the camera in this advertisement promoting the i30 model. Behind-the-scenes footage for Jessica’s filming with Hyundai was also released, revealing all the different scenes and shots she worked on for the promotion.

Hyundai Uploads Behind-the-Scenes Footage for “MAXSTEP”

Hyundai uploaded behind-the-scenes footage for the filming of “MAXSTEP”, the theme song for the “Veloster”, one of the car models for the brand’s “Premium Younique Lifestyle” campaign. The clip shows Hyoyeon and her fellow S.M. Entertainment artists taking part in filming the “MAXSTEP” music video.


“Catch Me If You Can” Releases Sunny’s Performance Dates for December

With Sunny reprising the role of Brenda in the Korean musical production of “Catch Me If You Can”, the producers of the musical released her first performance dates for the month of December. Sunny is scheduled to make her first appearance on December 15th and will take the stage again on the 19th, 22nd, and 23rd.

“Legally Blonde” Uploads New Photo Featuring Jessica

The official Facebook page for the Korean musical production of “Legally Blonde” uploaded a new cover photo featuring Jessica. The three main actresses playing Elle Woods are all pictured in the photograph, including Jessica, Choi Woori and A Pink’s Jung Eunji.

Hyoyeon to Be Featured in “Oh Boy!” Magazine


Hyoyeon will appear in the 32nd issue of “Oh Boy!” magazine, in collaboration with Puma. Hyoyeon will be featured alongside many other stars for the magazine, including her labelmates Chanyeol and Sehun from EXO, seen in the first photo.

Yoona to Appear on “Strong Heart”

Yoona will appear on the November 6th episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”. The episode was recently recorded, and SBS uploaded official photos, which can be seen in Soshified’s Photos Section.

Tiffany Attends Carolina Herrera Launching Event

Carolina Herrera recently opened its first flagship store in Asia in Cheongdam-dong. Tiffany attended the launching event and looked dazzling in a red dress. For more pictures, check out Soshified’s Photos Section.

Sunny Uploads New Photo and Message on Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Mobile Fansite

Sunny uploaded a new photo and message for fans on Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite. In the picture, Sunny cutely poses with a playful angry face for the camera. In her message, Sunny explains that the photo was taken during Girls’ Generation’s CF filming for Casio’s Baby-G watches. To read the full translated message, visit Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Yuri Answer Questions Through Girls’ Generation’s Japanese Mobile Fansite

Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Yuri recently answered some questions through Girls’ Generation’s Japanese mobile fansite. Topics for the questions included what language Tiffany wants to learn, how Hyoyeon gets rid of her nervousness, and what kind of sport Yuri likes the most. To read all of the questions and their answers, check out Soshified’s Translated Goodies Section.

Tiffany Wishes SONEs a Happy Halloween

On Halloween, Tiffany uploaded three photos onto Girls’ Generation’s official website. In the photos, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun are making various poses and cute expressions in their Halloween costumes. Tiffany also wished SONEs a happy Halloween and added a bonus picture of herself, Seohyun, and TVXQ!’s Yunho.


SMTOWN GLOBAL Tweets Two New Photos Featuring Hyoyeon


SMTOWN GLOBAL recently tweeted some behind-the-scenes photos of the “MAXSTEP” music video filming for Hyundai. In one of the photos SMTOWN GLOBAL tweeted, Hyoyeon was seen posing with her fellow labelmates Luhan and Kai. The second photo SMTOWN GLOBAL tweeted included all the artists featured in “MAXSTEP”.

SMTOWN GLOBAL Uploads a Photo of Hyoyeon and Yoona in Wedding Dresses

Photos of Hyoyeon and Yoona were uploaded onto the SMTOWN GLOBAL Twitter account. In the photos, Hyoyeon and Yoona are both wearing wedding dresses for an Ace Bed photoshoot.

Yoona Uploads New UFOtown Profile Picture

Yoona changed her UFOtown profile picture and uploaded a new four-framed photo for fans. In each frame, Yoona shows a different cute pose for each picture.

Yuri Uploads New UFOtown Profile Picture

Yuri recently updated her UFOtown profile picture. The picture consists of four frames in which Yuri cutely hides behind a bag of flowers and candles.

New Sets of Pictures

Ace BedTaeyeon1, Taeyeon2, Jessica1, Jessica2, Sunny, Tiffany1, Tiffany2, Tiffany3, Hyoyeon1, Hyoyeon2, Yuri1, Yuri2, Sooyoung1, Sooyoung2, Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3, Seohyun1, Seohyun2, Seohyun3Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Group5, Group6, Group7, Group8, Group9

banila co.Jessica1, Jessica2, Jessica3 Jessica4

Innisfree – Yoona1, Yoona2

Lotte Department StoreYoonaGroup1, Group2, Group3, Group4

“Love in Asia” Official Recording Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Group5, Group6, Group7

Mamonde Yuri1, Yuri2

“Strong Heart” Yoona1, Yoona2, Yoona3, Yoona4, Yoona5, Yoona6

Girls’ Generation Travels Abroad and Back

• 10/30: Arrived at Gimpo Airport in Seoul – Fantaken Images

• 10/31: Yoona left Incheon International Airport in Seoul, arrived in Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong – News Photos and Fantaken Images

• 11/1: Yoona left Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul

• 11/1: Yuri and Sooyoung left Incheon International Airport in Seoul, arrived in Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong – News Photos and Fantaken Images

• 11/2: Yuri and Sooyoung left Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, arrived at Incheon International Airport in Seoul – Fantaken Images

SONE Picture/Video of the Week


At the 2012 K-Pop Dance Cover World Festival held on October 28th at Changwon Square in Changwon, South Korea, a Czech Girls’ Generation cover dance team won by performing “The Boys”, winning 10,000,000 won as a prize. Over 50,000 participants from 32 countries took part in the competition.

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